Signage for a Coffee Shop

coffee shop signs

Signs for a Coffee Shop

These retail signs were hanging in a coffee shop that I went to at the Jersey Shore last week. For not a lot of money, the shop was able to have attractive retail signs announcing their loyalty program.

These retail signs were printed on 3/16″ Gatorboard and matte laminated to give something durable as well as attractive.

Order a retail sign like this online and you can have them in your hands in a few days!


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Big Picture Honarable Mention for MegaPrint Inc.

Big Picture Award

MegaPrint Big Picture Honorable Mention

We recently received this Honorable Mention from Big Picture Magazine for a Museum Display we printed for our good customer the Maine State Museum.

The museum displays were a combination of wallboard vinyl and gatorboard displays. The wallboard vinyl is an adhesive backed 6 mil vinyl with a “sticky note” adhesive. Museum clients like it because it comes off easily leaving no residue on the walls, so it’s great for displays that will only be up for a short time.

For museum displays that hang on the wall, much of what we do is direct printing on gatorboard. The displays can be hung with foamcore clips, or any of a number of different hanging systems.



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Full Color Outdoor Banners

outdoor full color banner

Outdoor Banner

I saw this very nice outdoor vinyl banner in Boston a few weeks ago as we walked around the North End after a very fine meal!

The outdoor banner was tie-wrapped to the fence in front of Old North Church- of “One if by land, two if by sea” fame.

We sure do print a lot of outdoor banners like this! Call us and we’ll do a few for you.

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Large Format Maps

large map print

Poster Size Map

I took a cruise the first week of June up the Inside Passage in Alaska. Highly recommended! They had this glossy laminated poster on the wall on the ship.

One of the things they did on our cruise was to mark our progress on the glossy laminated poster of the area. It was really nice to see where we had been and would be going. They marked on the map with a wet erase marker, and when we were done, they wiped it off and started marking for the next cruise.

We like wet erase markers on glossy laminated posters for this kind of work. Wet erase markers erase completely and easily. You can also use dry erase markers, but we like the performance of wet erase better.


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Portable Displays

table top display

Portable Display

This is a great little tabletop display we did recently for our good customer Plymouth State University. It’s something they can grab and go to recruiting events with.

Portable displays like this are what you want when all you are given by the event organizers is a table. Even if you have a full size display, it won’t fit in that space. These are designed to show well on a table, and fold up to go into your trunk or back seat very easily.

Depending on what you are given, a banner stand is also an option for a portable display. They don’t go well on a table top, though! A table top display is the right thing for a table top venue.


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Museum Wallpaper

Museum Wall Mural

Corner Wall Mural

I came across this terrific custom wall mural at the Sitka National Historic Park during my recent vacation to Alaska. What I really like about it is the way the wall mural goes around an outside corner, but still fully shows the photo of a Native Alaskan potlatch gathering.

I can imagine the designer faced with the dimensions of the walls in the museum space and trying to figure out how to keep from cropping the photo too much. The brilliant answer: take the custom wall mural around the corner!

A side note- I saw a lot of great Large Format Printing during my museum visits in Alaska. The industry there is doing a very nice job!


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Museum Banners

museum banners

Banner Announcing Exhibit Dates

Here’s a vinyl banner we made for a museum that you see all the time in front of the building. This vinyl banner  announces a new exhibit and gives the dates. People going by now are aware of an upcoming event there.

A vinyl banner of this size, about 5×20 feet, needs to be against a building to keep the wind from getting behind it! Otherwise in a good blow it will be sailing down the street.

We suggest the use of our Across the Street vinyl banner material for applications like this. It’s a heavy 18 oz material, and we re-enforce the corners for extra strength.



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