Museum Adhesive Vinyl Graphics

museum wall graphic

Wallboard Vinyl

We saw these great adhesive vinyl wall graphics at the Museum of Communism in Prague, Czech Republic during a recent trip. Highly recommended!

Museums like our adhesive wallboard vinyl because it’s easily removed when the time comes to do a new exhibit. It has a “sticky note” adhesive that comes off the wall without leaving a residue.

There are a lot of ways to put do wallpaper displays in a museum, but adhesive vinyl seemed to be what we saw the most during our trip. If you are doing a museum display, give us a call and we’ll help you decide what material will serve you best.

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Window Graphics

one way window vinyl perforated

Perforated Window Vinyl

I saw these window graphics in the cafeteria at Dartmouth Medical Center a few weeks ago. They were being used to separate the cafeteria from the gift shop.

The window graphic material being used is what we call Window Perf. It’s a regular adhesive vinyl with 1mm holes in it. The material we stock is 60% vinyl and 40% holes, black on the back and white on the side to be printed. The adhesive is on the black side, of course, since we can’t print on the adhesive side without things getting gummed up!

What this material allows the customer to do is to create a window graphic that allows people on the inside of a store to see out, but people on the outside see the graphic and not the interior of the store. Sometimes that’s for privacy, as here, and sometimes for security.



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Sandwich Signs

sidewalk sandwich sign

Sandwich Sign

We stock these sandwich sign holders, and print 24×36″ coroplast signs that go into them. This one is for the Shackett’s Micro Brewery in Bristol, NH, which makes some really good beer in my experience!

They have a lower level location that isn’t easily seen from street lever, so a sandwich sign like this helps to bring customers in the door.

The sandwich sign holders are made of blow molded plastic, and when you use a coroplast insert, are completely waterproof



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Trade Show Photos

trade show photos

Trade Show Graphics

Here’s a trade show photo we printed for our good customer Lupine Pet for a recent trade show.

We print a lot of trade show photos, these were printed on our wallboard vinyl and applied to the customer’s booth.

We also do a lot of trade show photos laminated with our crystal laminate that will be attached to the carpet face of a booth with VELCRO® brand hook and loop fasteners.

However you want to have your trade show photos, we have the expertise and experience to produce the materials you need for your booth. Give us a call and we’ll get things done for you fast, affordably, and beautifully.

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Better Banners

vinyl banner needed

Not the Best Banner

So I went to a Cory Booker rally in Plymouth NH  a few weeks ago. He’s a very impressive guy and would, I believe, make a good president. But the banner at the rally really needed a better presentation!

It could be best described as a bedsheet banner. Not the kind of thing that inspires! What he really needs is a vinyl banner that he can take from place to place, that looks professional, and that inspires confidence in his campaign.

I try to go see most of the presidential candidates as they come through New Hampshire. It’s one of the fun and interesting parts of living here. We’ve even printed vinyl banners for a number of campaigns.

What you also see a lot at campaign events are banner stands. They are really easy to transport and you don’t have to worry about how you are going to hang them up.

retractable banner

Roll Up Banner Stand

Whether you want a vinyl banner or a banner stand, you can order them online on our web site and you’ll have them in a few days. Try us once, we’ll make you happy!



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Museum Display Holder

wood rail display holder

Museum Display Holder

Here’s a great way to hang museum display boards, which I saw the other day at the Wright Museum in Wolfboro NH.

The hanging system consists of two wooden rails, each notched on the back. The display boards slip up into the notched board on top, and then drop down into the notch on the bottom. The notch at the top is deeper than the one on the bottom, so that the top of the display board is still captured when the board drops into the bottom rail.

This makes it fast and easy to change the museum display boards. That’s important to museums who like to change their exhibits around. These boards are direct printed on 3/16 gatorboard, and can be laminated with plastic to enhance durability.

Call us and we can give you a sketch that shows you how to do this. And, we’ll print the boards for you fast and at a fair price!


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Photo Mosaic Wallpaper

picture mosaic wall mural

Photo Mosaic Wall Mural

There are a number of web sites that let you make a mosaic of photos. Here’s a fun way to use the mosaic- as custom lobby wallpaper!

You can make custom wallpaper from product photos, pictures of employees or customers, buildings or your factory.

You don’t need to limit yourself to a custom wall mural in the lobby either! Think about using them in conference or training rooms, cafeterias, or just anyplace where the custom wallpaper will have an impact!

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