Museum Graphics

museum graphics

Museum Graphics

We printed these terrific museum graphics for our good customer Castle in the Clouds in Moultenboro NH. If you are ever up this way, it’s worth a visit!

The museum graphics are displayed in the carriage house, which has been turned into a very nice restaurant with a spectacular view. The museum is in a corner of the building, and has a lot of historical photos and artifacts from the property.

We print museum graphics for people all over the country, let us do some for you!


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Office Photo Enlargements

photos in an office setting

Office Photos
credit: Jeffrey Ringel

We printed these fantastic photo enlargements for our good customer Jeffrey Ringel, who took them in Antelope Canyon, Arizona. They are 32×48″ in size, and printed on gloss paper. The customer is displaying them by mounting between sheets of plexiglass.

We do a lot of photo enlargements here! Often they are done for companies who want to show pictures of their products or buildings.

The good news is that most modern phone photos will work for going up to fairly large size. They take 12 megapixel images, which are roughly 3000×4000 pixels. You can print them at 36×48″ size quite successfully. When you want to do a photo enlargement from your pictures, give us a try! You can enter your order online on our web site.


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Trail Signs with Maps

hiking trail map sign

Trail Sign with Map credit: Equinox Preservation Trust

Here’s a trail map sign we printed recently for our good customer the Equinox Preservation Trust in Vermont. These were direct printed on OmegaBond, which is a sandwich of aluminum on either side of hard plastic.

I don’t know about you, but I often find myself at a trail junction in the woods without a trail map. We printed 15 of these trail map signs, and they put them at the trail junctions around the property. That makes life a lot easier for the hikers using the trails!

One thing I like to see on these trail map signs is the “You Are Here” designation. Sometimes you get to a junction, and you really don’t know which one you are at!

It’s easy to have trail map signs made! Send us the artwork of your trail layout, and we can do the rest. Lead time is a few days. Call us and we’ll help you get your trail map signs started.

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Retractable Banner Stands

Retractable Roll Up Stand

Pole Shadow on a Banner Stand

A customer brought us this banner stand a week ago, looking to replace the fabric graphic. It’s a great example of why we like to use a light blocking film when we make the banner stand graphic.

The film we use has two advantages over fabric:

  1. It has a black layer in it that totally blocks light from coming through. So, no shadow of the pole!
  2.  The film is more dimensionally stable, and doesn’t curl at the edges when put in tension, as happens with a banner stand. Our film stays flat for years!

We can replace your banner stand graphics with a high quality, flat and opaque film. We know how to do this on almost all of the banner stands on the market. Lead time is a few days.


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Funeral Photos

Photo Enlargement

Memorial Service Photo

It’s really nice to have a photo enlargement of the departed as part of a memorial service, as the one shown here. Usually these are printed on foamcore board, and we can add an easel stand on the back that lets you set it on a table.

You can do this all online at our photo enlargement ordering page. Most digital photos taken by modern phones or digital cameras will go up to a size like this without being pixellated. You just want to start with a nice sharp photo. This particular photo enlargement is 22×30″ size.

We ship photos like this flat between sheets of cardboard. Fedex can get it to you overnight!


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Museum Exhibits

Museum Displays

AUGUSTA, ME – MARCH 21: at the opening reception for “Women’s Long Road – 100 Years to the Vote” exhibit on Thursday March 21, 2019 at the Maine State Museum in Augusta. (Photo by Joe Phelan)

This attractive museum exhibit was printed by us for our good customer the Maine State Museum recently. The exhibit was designed by Prospect Design of Portland Maine, and celebrates the centennial of the right to vote for women.

The museum exhibit is a mixture of prints on gatorboard and wallboard vinyl. The wallboard vinyl is an adhesive backed vinyl that is applied directly to the wall, and things like the kiosk are made with direct printed gatorboard.

Typical lead time for a museum exhibit is a week. Give us a call when you are putting an exhibit together!


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Trail Map Signs

sign showing hiking trail maps

Trail Map Signs

We printed these trail map signs for our good customer the Green Woodlands Foundation. This is a huge natural area in Dorchester NH, and I finally found the time to check out the trails on my cross country skis.

The area is huge! There are 50 kilometers of cross country ski trails, which become mountain bike trails when the snow melts.

One terrific feature of the area is 42 trail map signs showing you where you are at most of the trail junctions. In my experience, when you get out on the trail you often come to a junction and wonder which junction it is. Having “you are here” on the trail map sign makes a big difference!

We printed these on 24×36″ pieces of Omegabond, which is a sandwich of aluminum and solid plastic. The Foundation made the very attractive and durable sign holders, and protected the signs with a clear piece of plexiglass.

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