Lamp Post Banners

double lamp post banner

Double Banner

One of confusing things about lamp post banners is when you ask for a “double” banner.

Almost all lamp post banners are printed on both sides. But, you can also get what we call a double banner hanger like you see in the photo, where a double set of banners are displayed on each pole.

I can get confusing! What we suggest is that you tell us whether your hanging system is set up to hold one or two banners. They almost always will be double sided banners, by which we mean printed on both sides of the lamp post banner.


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Using Vinyl Banners for Large Photos

large photo as a vinyl banner

Vinyl Banner Photo

Here’s an interesting way to do a large photo- print on a vinyl banner and then fixture it with aluminum hanger rails top and bottom.

For one thing, shipping a rolled up vinyl banner is a lot less expensive than shipping a 4×8 sheet of material. The chance of shipping damage is lower too.

Also, it’s easier to change out just the vinyl banner, you can re-use the aluminum hangers many times!

Give us a call and we’ll get a big photo done for you!


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Sandwich Signs on the Sidewalk

outdoor sidewalk sign

Sandwich Sign

We’ve been printing a lot of sandwich signs recently, it seems. Maybe because it’s foliage season here in NH, and that’s a busy time for the local economy. Or maybe the college kids just came back to school. Whatever the reason, sandwich signs like this are a good way to bring the public into your business!

The sandwich signs themselves are blow-molded plastic. They hold a 24×36″ coroplast sign on each side. They are designed so that the coroplast sign slips into the sign holder without tools, so they are easy to use, and the signs are easily replaced when the time comes.

If you can use a sandwich sign, give us a call! We stock the sign holders, and production of the coroplast sign takes a day or two.



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Banner Hangers

banner hanging method

Banner Hanging

I tell people every day that printing a vinyl banner is easy, but figuring out how to install it can be hard. Here’s a hanging system for a vinyl banner that I saw in Dresden on a recent trip.

They had anchors in a concrete block wall, and used conduit hooks to hold a piece of closet rod to the wall. They then held the vinyl banner to the wooden closet rods with zip ties.

When the time comes to change the graphic, all they need to do is print the same size vinyl banner. If it’s off by a few centimeters, it still works!

Call us when you need a banner printed!


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Outdoor Large Format Printing

outdoor color poster

Outdoor Sign

Here’s an outdoor large format print at the Koenigstein Castle museum in Germany. It was very helpful to have a map of the place, which was the size of a small town.

This outdoor large format print was printed on adhesive backed vinyl and then applied to a European version of DiBond. That gives vibrant colors and light-fastness.

You have several choices of materials for this kind of work, including vinyl banner material and direct printing on DiBond or similar sign making materials. We like direct printing because it gives a low cost outdoor large format print with about a 5 year life in sunlight.

Give us a call if we can print a few for you!

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Call Don’t Fall Ceiling Tiles

ceiling tile call dont fall

Call Don’t Fall Ceiling Tile

Hospitals want patients to call the nurse before they get up and use the bathroom. It’s a safety thing, since people who have been lying down for a long time can take a tumble when they get up. We’ve been printing a fair number of these “Call Don’t Fall” printed ceiling tiles to remind them to call the nurse before they get up.

We produce printed ceiling tiles with our flatbed printers. Generally, customers send us a pdf of the artwork they want printed, but we can do the design work for you if you require it.

Either way, producing a printed ceiling tile takes a few days and won’t break the bank! Give us a call and we’ll print ceiling tiles for you.


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Side-lit LED Museum Displays

LED lit museum display

Side Lit LED Display

Here’s a photo of some interesting museum displays from the Koenigstein Castle in eastern Germany. Rather than light the museum displays with overhead lighting, they have used small LED lights around the perimeter of the display cases. The lights were the size of miniature Christmas tree lights, and spaced about an inch apart all around the edges of the display box.

In many cases, you don’t want a lot of light on the museum exhibits, and this is a way to have well lit museum displays without putting a lot of light on the fragile artifacts.


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