Book Signing Graphics

Foamcore Poster for Book Signing

Book Tour Poster

We printed this book cover poster for a book signing at our good customer Innisfree Book Shop in Meredith NH. It’s direct printed on foamcore board, and we put an easel stand on the back so it sets nicely on a table.

If you are an author setting out on a book signing tour, let us make a book cover poster of your book cover to display. It will help you sell more books, and create a memory for the people who buy them.

We can generally turn your book cover poster order around in a day or two, and Fedex them anywhere in the country! Best of all, we don’t break the bank. This 24×36″ poster on foamcore is $68.


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Outdoor Trail Signs

Ski Map Sign

Ski Trail Map

Here’s a ski trail map we printed several years ago for the Holderness School. The trails are right across the road from our shop, and a few of us use them at lunch time to get a workout, and I took this picture to show how well it has weathered.

We printed this trail map directly onto OmegaBond with our UV printer. OmegaBond is a sign making material that is 1/8″ of high density polyethylene with a white painted aluminum face on both sides.

The work is attractive and durable, and since we print directly onto the material, it’s pretty affordable.

We also printed a number of “You Are Here” trail maps for the area, which they have at major trail intersections. It’s awfully nice to know where you actually are when you come to a junction! A trail map is nice, but knowing where you are on it becomes important when you are a few kilometers from a warm fire!

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Posters in a Hurry

scientific poster printing

Research Poster Printing

We print thousands of research posters a year! Our promise is to ship them the same day if we have your file by noon. Fedex will get them to you the next business day.

We have a web site devoted to research posters, Maybe it’s a bit confusing, but anything from is coming to you from MegaPrint Inc. We have the postersession web site to make it easy for you, since we print a lot of other large format products at MegaPrint Inc.

What you’ll find at is a complete setup for online ordering of your research poster, templates for creating it, and FAQ’s that will answer most of your questions. Of course, you can always call us at 603-536-2900 if you get stuck!


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Full Size People Cutouts

cardboard cutouts

Life Size Cutouts

This takes us back to the 2008 New Hampshire primary. We printed life-size cutouts of the contenders for an event sponsored by a major publication. It was a hoot!

We actually made two life size cutouts of Obama, and he lurked around the office for over a year. Gave me quite a start a number of times when I came in over the weekend.

Life size cutouts can be a lot of fun, from things like 50th wedding celebrations, take your picture with a star, etc. We print a lot of them, let us print one for you!


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Vinyl Banners for Winter

outdoor vinyl banner

Outdoor Winter Banner

Being in New Hampshire, we know a thing or two about winter weather. One is that regular vinyl banners become brittle and shatter at about 5 degrees below zero. Across much of the northern half of the country you will hit that temperature at least once during the winter. In ski country it’s a lot more than that!

Materials, including vinyl, have a temperature known as the ductile-brittle transition temperature. Think about a rubber band which stretches at room temperature, but if dipped in liquid nitrogen will shatter like glass.

Our matte outdoor vinyl banners have a cold crack temperature of 20 below, and our Across the Street Vinyl banners are 30 below. So, unless it’s really cold out, we can give you a vinyl banner that will last the winter.


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Machine Bolt Template Printing

template for machine placement

Machine Floor Template

We have switched technologies for printing machine bolt templates, from using aqueous printers to our new UV printer.

There are a couple of good reasons for the switch. First of all, we find the UV printers are more accurate, giving us very long machine bolt templates that are right on the required dimensions. We are able to hold within a millimeter in five meters, or .02% accuracy!

The other advantage is that the UV cured ink is not water soluble. In fact, it’s not even solvent soluble! On the off chance that the machine bolt template gets wet or oily, the printing on the mylar templates will not be affected.

If you need a template to make it easier to install your equipment, give us a call! We can make very large templates by fitting together panels of 36″ or 54″ wide mylar.


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Custom Yoga Mats

logo yoga mat

Custom Printed Yoga Mat

Our UV printers do a great job of printing on yoga mats! We can print logos, names, photos, you name it. The colors are bright and happy, and the printing is durable.

We put them in several high traffic areas of our shop, and they still look brand new after over three months of being crisscrossed all day.

We stock five colors of yoga mats: blue, green, orange, purple and red. Get us artwork and we’ll ship within a week.

Minimum order is 10 custom printed yoga mats. Pricing depends on quantity and the size of the printing on a standard 24×68″ yoga mat. Call us and let us price up a custom yoga mat for you!

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