Outdoor Poster Holder

Outdoor Poster Sign

Outdoor Sign Holder

This outdoor sign has a blow molded base that you fill with sand so it doesn’t blow away. I like it! It was outside the Christian Science Church in Boston, which is very much worth a visit.

The outdoor sign itself was a direct printed piece of sintra, which drops into a slot at the top. Usually they put an outdoor sign on both sides so people can read it whichever way they are walking.

We can give you advice on the best choices for outdoor signs. of which there are tons. Give us a call and we’ll get you going!

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Single Use Plastic

9 pieces of plastic

Single Use Plastic

So I bought a salad at the Baltimore airport on my way home from Florida. There were 9 pieces of single use plastic that came with my meal, including top and bottom of a plastic box, knife and fork, bag for the knife and fork, single serving pack for the salad dressing and another for some nuts, and the bag the whole thing was given to me in. Yeesh!

You would think that they could cut down on this. How about delivering it in a paper bag, and doing away with the bags that enclose the cutlery. Put the dressing on the salad before they give it to you.

At MegaPrint Inc. we work really hard to keep our plastic waste to a minimum, and to recycle as much as we can. I can only imagine how much could be saved if the fast food industry did the same.

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Trade Show Booth Backdrop

Trade Show Backdrop

Booth Backdrop

I went to see Tom Steyer the other day, and he did a nice job of presenting his vision for America. He used a trade show backdrop and a couple of banner stands as graphic backdrops.

Naturally, you don’t want to stand in front of a blank stage, and the trade show backdrop does a nice job of this. You also see a lot of banner stands at political rallies, they are super easy to use. I try to see the presentations of all the candidates leading up to the NH primary.

Portability is a big concern when you are doing a half dozen speeches a day, and both our trade show backdrop and banner stands fit that bill. You can take them down and put them back up in minutes!


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Flatbed Printing

printed sintra sheets

Flatbed Printed Sintra

Here are sheets of 1/2″ thick sintra, flatbed printed and computer cut to a surfboard shape. Which makes sense in a Tiki Bar!

Flatbed printing is a great way to produce graphics that stand out, are durable, and affordable. The UV cured inks we use are good for 3 to 5 years in sunlight, and are abrasion resistant too.  The colors are bright and accurate.

Our digital cutter allows you to have your flatbed print cut to whatever shape your heart desires!

Give us a call if flatbed printing might be the trick for your next project! Our prices are low, and our turnaround time is fast. We’ll get it done for you!



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Small Sandwich Sign

narrow sandwich safety sign

Narrow Sandwich Sign

I saw this sandwich sign in the airport the other day. It’s a narrow version of the blow molded sidewalk sandwich sign we usually sell, and a great option where space is at a premium, or where a wider sandwich sign wouldn’t fit.

It works the same way as a regular sandwich sign, except it takes a 12×24″ graphic insert instead of 24×36″. Coroplast is still used as the insert material.

We stock the full size sandwich signs, we can get the narrow version in a few days. Give us a call if we can make one for you!

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Portable Sign

portable store sign

Retail Store Sign

I saw this interesting free standing sign the other day at the BWI airport. It’s about the simplest free standing sign I’ve seen, and I really like it!

The free standing sign is printed on 3/4″ gatorboard, so it’s pretty rigid. That allows them to use a small base that holds it up. So basically you are trading the cost of the base against the cost of the graphic.

If you are looking for a simple free standing sign, we have a number of choices for you. Give us a call and we’ll get one (or more) made for you!

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Adhesive Vinyl Graphics

food truck graphics

Vinyl Vehicle Graphic

Our adhesive vinyl graphics work great on flat vehicle panels like this one. The inks are good for 3-5 years outdoors, and give nice bright colors and accurate photos.

We carry adhesive vinyl graphic material in both a calendared vinyl and a 3M cast vinyl. The cast vinyl works better for vehicles because it has less internal stress that would cause it to lift with changes in temperature.

We suggest the less expensive calendared adhesive vinyl for indoor or short term applications.


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