Across the Street Banners

banner displayed across a street

Street Banner

I spotted this hard to read banner running across the street in Fort Myers FL last week. It made me look twice to figure out what it said. Not our work, thankfully.

What makes this across the street banner hard to read is the fact that it’s semi-transparent. The writing on one side is visible through the other side. We call it ghosting, and it really reduces the effectiveness of the banner. You get that when you start with an inexpensive vinyl banner material.

Our Across the Street Banner material has a light blocking black layer in it, so there’s no ghosting at all. It’s also a heavy 18 oz material that’s really tough stuff. We stitch the hems with a double run of monofilament thread, and  re-enforce the corners to give you four layers of material at the high stress points. And, while it’s not an issue in Florida, our vinyl banner material is good to -20 degrees. In ski country, that comes up!


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Custom Wallpaper in Quantity

wall mural printing

Printing Custom Wallpaper

Here we are printing two rolls of custom wallpaper at a time on our new 10 ft UV flatbed printer. When you have a lot of it to print, this is the way to go!

UV inks are great for digital printing of custom wallpaper. They are neither water or solvent soluble, so they are really durable and the material can even be scrubbed, which becomes important in restaurants and restrooms.

Especially for large custom wallpaper jobs, this is the way to go! Call us when you’ve got a bunch of it to do!


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Elevator Door Graphics

adhesive vinyl on elevator doors

Graphics on Elevator Doors

Here’s an interesting way to communicate with people when they are a captive audience: graphics on elevator doors. In this case, adhesive vinyl is applied to the elevator door panels.

To my way of thinking, it’s a great way to show a message to people who are waiting for the elevator to arrive. Of course, it has to be a message that takes a short time to digest, since the elevator may come pretty quickly. In this case, it was a hospital putting a message of caring on the elevator doors.

Putting graphics on elevator doors is pretty straightforward. Measure the doors, and design your graphics to be about an inch larger than the actual door. The excess will be trimmed off during installation, so don’t put any important things right at the edge, which is good graphic design discipline anyway.

Lead time on elevator door graphics is 2 or 3 days in our shop, and back to you as fast as you need them!


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Airport Wall Mural

airport wall mural

BWI Wall Mural

I spotted this wall mural in BWI airport on my way back from Florida. Although we have printed wall murals for BWI, this one was not our work, although it certainly could have been.

What I like about this particular wall mural is how BWI is using them as advertising on what would otherwise be a big, blank, white wall.

All around this airport you see custom wall murals being used to advertise the local area, local colleges, and local points of interest. I’m sure it’s extra revenue for the airport, as well as good information for people coming to the area.

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Personalized Image Printing

personalization of images

Image Printing

We have recently generated the ability to print large numbers of images onto flat surfaces such as foamcore and gatorboard. We’ve also done this for yoga mats and wall size maps. Our unique data handling system and high speed flatbed printing make this possible.

We find that many app developers are looking for a print production company to turn the large numbers of images they handle into printed goods. Rather than develop that capability themselves, they partner with us.

That leaves them with the job of polishing their app and advertising programs to generate the large numbers of images that we print for them. It’s a good partnership.

Call us if you need a fulfillment printing partner!


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Mylar Bolt Template

Mylar Bolt Template for a Machine

Machine Bolt Template

Here’s a pattern for drilling the bolt holes and service connections for a machine. We made the template by printing on mylar with one of our UV cured printers.

This bolt pattern template is accurate to 1mm in 5 meters, so the bolt holes will be in the right place! The mylar material will not stretch or tear, and it’s frosty clear so you can see what’s below it.

When the bolt pattern template needs to be over 54″ in the small dimension, we print on two strips of mylar with an inch of overlap. Customers usually tape the two (or more) pieces together, and then locate the entire thing where it needs to go on the floor. Depending on the size of the final bolt pattern required, we can use either 36″ or 54″ mylar. We stock both sizes.

Send us an Autocad drawing at 1:1 size, and we’ll make a machine bolt pattern for you!

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