Color Core Signs

color core sign

Colored Core Sign

I saw this museum sign on a recent trip to Florida. It’s cut from a material called “ColorCore” which in this case is a piece of 1/2″ plastic with a white core and green faces. Instead of printing on the plastic, we use our digital die cutter to engrave through the colored layer to the white layer below. This gives something that’s really durable and UV stable.

Our digital die cutter gets a lot of use. Simple things like cutting circles in Sintra are easily done with it. As are special shapes and cut-out letters. Sometimes we use the digital die cutter just for shapes, and sometimes we print on the Sintra and then cut out the shapes. It all depends on what the customer wants!


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Terrific $50 Gift

custom yoga mat

Your Personal Yoga Mat

Here’s a terrific gift idea: a custom printed yoga mat! It makes a great gift for the Yoga enthusiast on your list, and helps them know the yoga mat they are using is the right one!

We can custom print a yoga mat with a photo, a logo, your name, just about anything. You can place your online order here. Lead time is a few days, and we ship by the postal service which usually takes 2-4 days to arrive.

Our printed yoga mats are a premium 1/4″ material, the inks we use are waterproof and durable to give you years of good service.

Order online today for Christmas this year!


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Custom Printed Yoga Mats

printing on yoga mat

Yoga Mat Logo Printing

We are doing custom printing on yoga mats! The colors are brilliant, the inks are durable, and it gives you a yoga mat that’s unique. No more more drab blue yoga mats!

We can print logos, photos, just about anything! If you can put it in your computer, we can output it on a standard size 24×68″ yoga mat. Our direct UV cured printing process gives nice sharp custom printing, and full four color images.

Best of all, we can do custom printing on yoga mats with short turn around, usually just a few days in our shop.

Give us a call to start your order for custom printed yoga mats.



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Museum Wallpaper

wallpaper as a museum display

Museum Wallpaper

OK, last post from my trip to the Czech Republic, I promise! This is a museum wallpaper display from the Museum of Communism in Prague.

They used museum wallpaper displays for a lot of the museum. If you think about it, it’s a great way to do photos and text together on a wall. Digital printing of wallpaper makes it affordable as well as easy to install.

Sure, they had old uniforms and stuff from the uranium mine, but most of what they had was photographs. That lent itself to museum wallpaper displays that showed the photographs with an explanation. Indeed, much of the story of communism there was that of people who made it happen and those who opposed it and eventually dismantled it.

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Street Displays

outdoor displays

Outdoor Large Format Displays

Here are some heavy duty outdoor displays that I saw in Prague recently. The outdoor displays themselves were direct printed on the European version of Dibond.

But, the sign holders were what got my attention. It’s always hard to figure out how to do outdoor displays; not because they are hard to print, but because you need to keep the wind from blowing them down the street. Or worse!

These sign holders have a pretty heavy structure to hold the outdoor display, and a cabinet at the bottom that holds a couple of sand bags. That gives them a nice clean presentation, and the weight that makes them stable.

When the time comes, they can take out the sand bags and move things around with relative ease. I was also impressed by the way this group of outdoor displays beckoned us to go over and see what they were about!


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Laboratory Display

lobby display

Lobby Display in a Laboratory

We printed this attractive lobby display for the Cold Spring Harbor Labs on Long Island. They used our Wallboard Vinyl, which comes with a pre-applied “sticky note” adhesive.

When the time comes to change the lobby display, the Wallboard Vinyl comes off without leaving any residue. That leaves the wall ready for the new graphics. After all, you probably want to change them every few years as the science advances and new things are done.

Whether it’s a lobby display for a university, company, or non-profit, a lobby display like this is a great way to show off what you do! Call us and we’ll make one for you!


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Lamp Post Banners

double lamp post banner

Double Banner

One of confusing things about lamp post banners is when you ask for a “double” banner.

Almost all lamp post banners are printed on both sides. But, you can also get what we call a double banner hanger like you see in the photo, where a double set of banners are displayed on each pole.

I can get confusing! What we suggest is that you tell us whether your hanging system is set up to hold one or two banners. They almost always will be double sided banners, by which we mean printed on both sides of the lamp post banner.


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