Outdoor Large Format Printing

outdoor color poster

Outdoor Sign

Here’s an outdoor large format print at the Koenigstein Castle museum in Germany. It was very helpful to have a map of the place, which was the size of a small town.

This outdoor large format print was printed on adhesive backed vinyl and then applied to a European version of DiBond. That gives vibrant colors and light-fastness.

You have several choices of materials for this kind of work, including vinyl banner material and direct printing on DiBond or similar sign making materials. We like direct printing because it gives a low cost outdoor large format print with about a 5 year life in sunlight.

Give us a call if we can print a few for you!

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Call Don’t Fall Ceiling Tiles

ceiling tile call dont fall

Call Don’t Fall Ceiling Tile

Hospitals want patients to call the nurse before they get up and use the bathroom. It’s a safety thing, since people who have been lying down for a long time can take a tumble when they get up. We’ve been printing a fair number of these “Call Don’t Fall” printed ceiling tiles to remind them to call the nurse before they get up.

We produce printed ceiling tiles with our flatbed printers. Generally, customers send us a pdf of the artwork they want printed, but we can do the design work for you if you require it.

Either way, producing a printed ceiling tile takes a few days and won’t break the bank! Give us a call and we’ll print ceiling tiles for you.


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Side-lit LED Museum Displays

LED lit museum display

Side Lit LED Display

Here’s a photo of some interesting museum displays from the Koenigstein Castle in eastern Germany. Rather than light the museum displays with overhead lighting, they have used small LED lights around the perimeter of the display cases. The lights were the size of miniature Christmas tree lights, and spaced about an inch apart all around the edges of the display box.

In many cases, you don’t want a lot of light on the museum exhibits, and this is a way to have well lit museum displays without putting a lot of light on the fragile artifacts.


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Trail Kiosk Sign

adhesive vinyl trail sign

Trail Sign in Czech Republic

I usually take a quick digital photo of a trail sign like this so I have it to reference when I’m out on the trail. In this case, on a recent trip to the Czech Republic and East Germany. Very nice hiking there!

The trail signs were printed on adhesive vinyl and then applied to their version of DiBond. That gives them a 10 year life.

We prefer to print trail signs like this with direct printing on our UV printers. The life in sunlight is more like 5 years, but often these kiosks are north facing or under a canopy, and you will still get really long life.  I always tell people that it’s unlikely that nothing changes over the course of 5 years, and you will probably need to change the trail map anyway!


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Outdoor Banners

outdoor banner fixture

Outdoor Banner

I saw this outdoor banner in Bad Shandau, Germany being displayed using a temporary fence setup, and I like the idea! This is the kind of fencing normally used around a construction site, but it works for event banners too!

Basically, the outdoor banner is held by a rectangular pipe system supported by a pair of heavy plates. The system allows you to daisy chain them together if you need several large banners.

The system allows you to use outdoor banners with an advertising message to direct crowds at events, which is what they were doing here. I like it as an easy way to put up an outdoor banner, and a way to move it around as the event dictates.

Give us a call and we’ll print you a full color banner that demands attention!

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Floor Graphics

floor graphic intallation

Installing a Floor Graphic

I snapped this photo of technicians installing this floor graphic beneath a Rolls Royce Merlin engine from WWII. This was in the Zurich airport, where they hoped to sell you a watch like the Spitfire pilots wore. It was a beautiful display!

We usually use our Walk-N-Wall product for floor graphics. It is tough stuff, and has a thick adhesive layer that sticks well to surfaces that aren’t perfectly smooth.

We also find that Walk-N-Wall material works well on textured walls like concrete block that would not ordinarily hold adhesive backed vinyl. It even sticks well to asphalt, and we’ve marked our customer parking spot with it!

Either as floor graphics or wall graphics, give Walk-N-Wall a try on your next project!


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Interesting Museum Graphics

clear adhesive vinyl

Clear Print with White Background

I found this interesting museum graphic in the Koenigstein Fortress in Germany. The walls were whitewashed to a brilliant white, and the graphic displays were reverse printed in black and white on clear adhesive backed vinyl, and then applied to the back of a glass panel.

Since all the historical photos were black and white, the entire exhibit was now black and white, and to me very attractive. Had we been the printer, we would have suggested printing directly on plexiglass, instead of the two step process of printing on clear adhesive vinyl and then applying the vinyl to the glass. But either way, the results were wonderful.

Of course, an exhibit like this requires a sold white background or it will be very hard to read. I must say that their museum designer did a splendid job of making it all work together, and left the room with the feeling that you were back in the 1850’s.

If you have a job that requires printing on clear adhesive vinyl, give us a call! We can do that, and perhaps also offer suggestions of alternative materials that our flatbed printers can do at lower cost or with less labor.


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Museum Adhesive Vinyl Graphics

museum wall graphic

Wallboard Vinyl

We saw these great adhesive vinyl wall graphics at the Museum of Communism in Prague, Czech Republic during a recent trip. Highly recommended!

Museums like our adhesive wallboard vinyl because it’s easily removed when the time comes to do a new exhibit. It has a “sticky note” adhesive that comes off the wall without leaving a residue.

There are a lot of ways to put do wallpaper displays in a museum, but adhesive vinyl seemed to be what we saw the most during our trip. If you are doing a museum display, give us a call and we’ll help you decide what material will serve you best.

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Window Graphics

one way window vinyl perforated

Perforated Window Vinyl

I saw these window graphics in the cafeteria at Dartmouth Medical Center a few weeks ago. They were being used to separate the cafeteria from the gift shop.

The window graphic material being used is what we call Window Perf. It’s a regular adhesive vinyl with 1mm holes in it. The material we stock is 60% vinyl and 40% holes, black on the back and white on the side to be printed. The adhesive is on the black side, of course, since we can’t print on the adhesive side without things getting gummed up!

What this material allows the customer to do is to create a window graphic that allows people on the inside of a store to see out, but people on the outside see the graphic and not the interior of the store. Sometimes that’s for privacy, as here, and sometimes for security.



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Sandwich Signs

sidewalk sandwich sign

Sandwich Sign

We stock these sandwich sign holders, and print 24×36″ coroplast signs that go into them. This one is for the Shackett’s Micro Brewery in Bristol, NH, which makes some really good beer in my experience!

They have a lower level location that isn’t easily seen from street lever, so a sandwich sign like this helps to bring customers in the door.

The sandwich sign holders are made of blow molded plastic, and when you use a coroplast insert, are completely waterproof



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