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Covid 19 Signage

We are printing a lot of signage to help businesses communicate their requirements for opening up after two long months of shutdown. Whether it’s rules for social distancing, mask wearing, or anything else, we can help you! We have plenty … Continue reading

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Door Signs

Covid-19 is changing the way we operate, and our Wallboard Vinyl and Cling window signs can help you redirect customers. Wallboard Vinyl is bumper sticker material with a “sticky note” adhesive on the back. It comes off without leaving any … Continue reading

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Temporary Signs

I saw this temporary sign in the San Jose airport yesterday as I was returning from vacation in California. It was on a big blank wall in front of a store in the airport, announcing what store was coming there … Continue reading

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Adhesive Vinyl on an Elevator

I ran across this interesting use of adhesive backed vinyl on a recent trip to Pittsburgh. Having been in the elevator business in a former life, I thought it was pretty neat. The hotel had installed printed adhesive back vinyl … Continue reading

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Temporary Hospital Signage

This poster is printed on our Wallboard Vinyl to allow a hospital to move it, change it, and most of all, to install it easily. Wallboard Vinyl is cool because it has “sticky note” adhesive on the back of a … Continue reading

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Coming Soon Signage

Here’s an affordable and attractive way to announce a new store- using our wallboard vinyl as a temporary sign. This installation was in an airport, but it could just as easily been in a mall, sports venue, or other transportation … Continue reading

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Removable Wallpaper

In many cases, you will want removable wallpaper that you can put up yourself and then take down easily when you want to replace it. Sometimes it’s for an event or special occasion, sometimes you just know the boss is … Continue reading

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