Matte or Gloss Vinyl Banners

We give you a choice of matte or gloss vinyl when we print your banner. matteorgloss 001

Gloss is less expensive, and the colors tend to be more brilliant due to the brightness of the material. We recommend it for almost any outdoor application.

Matte vinyl is better for indoor, since it wont’ give you trouble with glare or reflections. Especially for trade show applications, matte vinyl is a better choice.

The photo shows samples of vinyl banner material, with the gloss on the left.

Matte vinyl can be printed up to 6 ft width and just about unlimited length. We can get wider gloss material, and can do 8 ft width on gloss vinyl. One other benefit of matte vinyl is that the material can be printed on both sides, and it has a light blocking layer in the middle to prevent ghosting of the image on the back to the front.

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