Custom Printed Wallpaper Installation

Installing Custom Printed Wallpaper

Installing Custom Printed Wallpaper

We installed some of our custom printed wallpaper the other day in our office.  It was a great experience for the guys in the vinyl department to do an installation.

We used a picture I took last spring at Tuckerman Ravine on Mount Washington.  People hike about 3.5 miles with their skis on their backs and ski down an extremely steep headwall.  It’s great fun to ski it, and fun to watch everone else too. 

I’ve wallpapered a lot of bathrooms and kitchens, and putting this paper up is not much different.  The paper is not pre-pasted, so you need to brush on paste before you put it up.  The other difference is that you overlap the paper by an inch, and then cut through both layers of the paper to give a clean, edge-to-edge joint. 

The custom printed wallpaper went up pretty fast, in about an hour for two panels 4×8 feet. 

The other great thing is that we have a terrific looking mural in our office, made from a photo that originally was Our custom wallpaper mural2112 x 2816 pixels.  We resampled it up to 72 dpi in the final size, and of course cropped it to square.  We dropped in some type to let people know it’s Tuckerman.  This means that you can take a pretty standard digital picture and get great results from our process!  I used an ordinary 6 megapixel Cannon Powershot camera.

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