Poster Printing for Meeting Signs

Meeting Signs

Meeting Signs

If you are putting on a meeting of almost any kind, large format printing is going to be helpful.  You’ll have needs for signage to announce where things are, to tell people where to go, and to announce what’s happening in a particular rooom.  All this can be done in a day or two, affordably and very professionally.

One thing that can save you a ton of money is to do the graphic design yourself in PowerPoint.  This saves you the expense of a graphic designer, and since you are going to need to communicate all the information to a designer, it’s not that much more work to put that information into a PowerPoint file that can be printed in large format.

We can also help with the graphic design if you need a little help getting everything prettied up.  Especially if you are in a hurry, this can be the way to go, and we’ll get proofs back to you withing a day.

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