Flatbed Printing on Ceiling Tiles

Here’s some fun we had experimenting with our new flatbed printer.

Flatbed printing on ceiling tiles
Printed Ceiling Tiles

The technician who installed the machine told us it would print on anything up to 1-1/2″ thick, including things like ceiling tiles. So one of the guys found a file that looks like a hole in the roof with a couple of owls looking down, and printed it on a pair of ceiling tiles in our office.  It’s striking!  And,  just plain fun.

We are looking forward to the additional capabilities our new machine offers. By printing direct to board, we save labor and have a more durable print. We can do a lot of things we couldn’t do before, like printing on ceiling tiles.
The UV curable inks are dry when they come off the machine, which has already come in handy for a vinyl banner order that needed to be shipped the same day.  Another important quality of the UV inks is that they are pulpable, so anything printed on a recyclable stock is completely recyclable. This includes 50 point board and green board.

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