Road Race Signs

Road Race Signs

Signs for a Road Race

Here’s a great use of coroplast (plastic cardboard) signs– to mark the path of a road race. They sure look a lot nicer than the hand lettered pieces of poster board you usually see along a race route.

We also did a number of signs for this customer that advises people along the race route that there will be a race on a certain day, and to expect delays and to watch out for runners in the road.

These signs are printed on our new Flatbed printer, which uses UV curable inks and prints directly on the board.  They are waterproof, will not fade in sunlight, and will last for years. Our customer expects to be able to use these signs every year for a long time.

These signs use H stakes, also called step stakes. They are made of wire in an H shape, with the wire on the top going into the flutes of the coroplast.  The bottom wires go into the ground, assisted by your foot on the cross wire.

These stakes work great for signs up to 18×24″. They are easy to use, and easy to re-use, and are galvanized so they aren’t all rusty next year when you take them out of the box.

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