Kiosk Signs Direct Printed on Sintra

OUtdoor kiosk signs
DIrect Printed Kiosk Sign

Wherever the public goes, there’s usually a notice board that gives the rules for using the facility. This can be a hiking trail head, a boat ramp, a park or ball field.

Our kiosk signs are great for this application! They are direct printed on 1/8″ sintra, and will last for many years outdoors. They are tough and durable. When attached to a kiosk with screws, they are hard for prying hands to remove.
More and more, we find ourselves doing large format printing in the sign business, where our fast turnaround and ability to print from common programs is a real plus for customers. In this case, the people at the Lake Winona Association sent us a jpg file of the jet ski and we put it behind a standard circle and slash. We set the type, and sent it to print!

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