How to get the look of a frame for less

less expensive than framing
Picture with our edge trim

We do a lot of printing of photos in large size. Digital printing is what we do, and it’s a great way to take a favorite photo up to poster size.

One question we get a lot is whether we do framing, and the answer is not really. It has been our experience that shipping a 2×3′ piece of glass is not wise.
If you have ever priced a custom frame for a 2×3′ picture, you’ve probably been shocked at the price of $150 or more. Our answer is our edge trim. It’s a plastic C-channel that fits around the edge of a foamcore or gatorboard mounted print. If the print is also laminated, you’ve got something that is darn close to the cost of a frame alone. The edge trim gives it the look of a thin frame, and has the added advantage of protecting the edge.

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