Vinyl Banner on a Brick Wall

hang a banner on a brick wall

Banner on Brick Wall

I tell people all the time- “Printing your vinyl banner is easy. Figuring out how to put it up is the tough part.” It’s so true.

One of the tough questions is how to put a banner on a brick wall, and I wanted to show this idea for how to do that. What the customer did was to put metal rings in lead anchors in the mortar between large pieces of stone, and then put bungee cords that hold the banner taut between the metal rings.

Since the metal rings are a ways apart, this setup can accept vinyl banners of different sizes. If a liquor vendor gives him a different size banner, it still can be displayed here.

Bungee cords are great in this application. If the customer had used rope, it eventually would have stretched and slackened, and the banner would droop. This does a really nice job of keeping it looking good.

We’re big fans of bungee cords, they also allow a vinyl banner to lift out of the way to shed the wind. Not such a big deal here, but important when the vinyl banner is across the street!


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