Restaurant Wallpaper

restaurant wallpaper

Toby Keith Restaurant Wallpaper

This is a photo of the latest custom wallpaper we printed for Toby Keith’s restaurant chain. The guitar is 76 feet long and 30 feet wide, and the trick with this one is that one end of the guitar is 12 feet higher than the other. That actually made the wallpaper only about 8 inches longer, but the installer said it was quite a trick to do the installation!

We done several sets of restaurant wallpaper for them, all with this American flag motif, in the shape of a guitar, and on the ceiling. The tricky part is working with the installer to put alignment marks in the restaurant wallpaper so they can do alignment with their laser tools. Since nothing is straight, you don’t have another way to be sure it’s all aligned. We get this custom wallpaper to within a quarter inch.

We’re proud of our ability to do such a complicated restaurant wallpaper print job! It got there on time, on budget, and as you can see, beautifully.

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2 Responses to Restaurant Wallpaper

  1. Jim A says:

    Can any of your prints be used outside to withstand the weather ? Can they be diplayed on wood or plastics ? I’m an Inventor is why I’m asking, I have an idea how murals and prints can be used in a different way for home owners, also Mobil & Manufactured Housing.


    • Jay Buckley says:

      We have a several options for using prints outside, that is often done with vinyl banners. We can print on sheets of plastic for outdoor use as well. Just about anything white and less than 1.5″ thick can be printed on. Call me on Monday on 800-590-7850 to talk about what you would want to do.

      I will tell you that this kind of thing can be pricey for the mobile home crowd. More often we serve restaurants, corporate lobbies, athletic facilities, and high end homes.


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