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Museum Banners

Here’s a vinyl banner we made for a museum that you see all the time in front of the building. This vinyl bannerĀ  announces a new exhibit and gives the dates. People going by now are aware of an upcoming … Continue reading

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Fabric Banners

We were at the USFS headquarters buying a National Park Pass and I took this photo of the fabric banners we printed for them several years ago. Still looking great! Even with all the direct sunlight they get, the fabric … Continue reading

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Large Format Schedules

I came across this large format Red Sox schedule at a local watering hole the other day. What a good idea! Let all your patrons know when you will be carrying the Red Sox games and running a promotion of … Continue reading

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Printed Ceiling Tiles

We have printed several jobs now for “Call Don’t Fall” ceiling tiles in hospitals. It’s a great way to remind a patient to get a nurse before trying to get out of bed! We can print on standard ceiling tiles, … Continue reading

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Temporary Signs

I saw this temporary sign in the San Jose airport yesterday as I was returning from vacation in California. It was on a big blank wall in front of a store in the airport, announcing what store was coming there … Continue reading

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