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Pop Up Trade Show Booth

This trade show booth is one we recently completed, and I think it’s a great example of doing a booth effectively. Our rules are: graphics that will catch the eye, and a tag line that will interest your target customer. … Continue reading

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Flatbed UV Printer Arrives

Here’s our new flatbed printer about to be delivered.  We’ve been working our existing machine so hard that we decided to buy a second one, this time with twice the speed of the original. This will give us the capacity … Continue reading

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Lobby Wallpaper Installed

We shipped the baseball custom wallpaper (see my last post) on Thursday, the customer received it on Friday, and in my email this morning was a picture of it installed!  In the words of our customer, the picture doesn’t do … Continue reading

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Corporate Lobby Wallpaper

When you walk in this company’s lobby, they want it to feel like you just walked into the ballpark. So we printed wallpaper for their lobby that is a photo taken during opening day ceremonies. It’s really striking! 12×28 feet … Continue reading

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Wallpaper where you don’t expect it

I was surprised to see this use of custom printed wallpaper in the BWI airport last week as I passed through. It turns the drywall across the gate areas into advertising for a local college. Sadly, it’s not custom wallpaper … Continue reading

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Banner Stands Make a 12 Foot Display

When it comes to making a temporary display, there’s nothing easier than a string of banner stands! In this case, our customer wanted a display that he could take to a trade show, and then put in the real estate … Continue reading

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Large Format Printing Facility Done Right!

When our business got to a size that we thought about moving into larger space, we looked at a lot of places to rent. Every place we considered required a lot of work to be able to do what we … Continue reading

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