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Changing Dates on Vinyl Banners

Banner with a date patch OK, so the Plymouth Rotary prints a vinyl banner that will last for years, but the date changes every time they use it. This happens a lot with vinyl banners used to announce annual events, … Continue reading

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Training Flipcharts from PowerPoint

Digital Prints as Flipcharts PowerPoint is a great program to use when you are doing training presentations. I use it myself. It has a few problems, though, that we can solve with training flipcharts printed in our shop and laminated with … Continue reading

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Poster Printing of a Double Rainbow Photo

Double Rainbow over Lake Waukewan I took this photo riding on the foliage train a week ago as we passed from rain to sun along Lake Waukewan. It’s the first double rainbow any of us had ever seen, and it’s … Continue reading

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UV Inks to Keep Prints from Fading

Window Exposed Prints From time to time we get a call from a customer whose posters have faded. Inevitably, it’s because they have been getting a lot of UV exposure, either from sunlight or overhead fluorescent lighting. Most printing will … Continue reading

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Photo Enlargement on a Matte Vinyl Banner

Office Photo Banner One fun thing about this business is that you see something new every day! In this case our customer wanted to hang a photo in their office. After much talking about how this was going to work, … Continue reading

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Dry Erase Poster Lamination

Posters with Dry Erase Lamination It’s great to have computer monitors to show your job schedules, but some manufacturing situations lend themselves to a lower tech solution. We use dry erase schedule boards in our shop, and find them to … Continue reading

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Honor the Mac Creator

A Mac in our Shop The loss of Steve Jobs brings to mind the importance of the Mac computer he created to anyone in the graphic design field. His creativity and sense of style will be missed. When MegaPrint Inc. … Continue reading

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Vinyl banner for a trade show booth graphic

Trade Show Banner Here’s how you transform an otherwise dumpy trade show space into something quite snazzy, and for a low cost! Our customer bought a matte vinyl banner and used supersnap hangers top and bottom to hold it straight. … Continue reading

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Large format printing on canvas

Here’s an inkjet print on canvas that I liked so much I have it hanging in my home. It has a great story. In the late 50’s, an artist named Paul McCoy painted it while he was living in Spain. … Continue reading

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