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Balance the Budget Ammendment

I was always taught that the Federal Government needs the ability to deficit spend in bad times in order to stimulate the economy when it needs it. I agreee with that. Here the rub- we find it too easy to … Continue reading

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Banner Stands that Impress

Snazzy Art on a Banner Stand Every now and then I see something coming off one of our printers that knocks me out! Yesterday it was the art on these banner stands. Our customer is a company that makes horse … Continue reading

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Printing QR Codes

QR Codes on a Store Poster It’s a good thing we checked! Our customer asked us to print a number of these posters for retail stores, and Ken in our shop grabbed his smart phone to be sure it would … Continue reading

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Vinyl Banners on a Sandwich Sign

Sandwich Sign on the Common In our little town in central NH, we have a town common. One of the best ways to let everybody know what’s happening in town is to put up something on the sandwich signs that … Continue reading

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Very large wallpaper murals

Wallpaper for a restaurant ceiling Here’s a photo of about a quarter of a very large wallpaper mural we just finished. It was 30 x 80 feet in size, and even in a shop as large as ours, we could … Continue reading

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