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Elevator Door Graphics

Here’s an interesting way to communicate with people when they are a captive audience: graphics on elevator doors. In this case, adhesive vinyl is applied to the elevator door panels. To my way of thinking, it’s a great way to … Continue reading

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Airport Wall Mural

I spotted this wall mural in BWI airport on my way back from Florida. Although we have printed wall murals for BWI, this one was not our work, although it certainly could have been. What I like about this particular … Continue reading

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Personalized Image Printing

We have recently generated the ability to print large numbers of images onto flat surfaces such as foamcore and gatorboard. We’ve also done this for yoga mats and wall size maps. Our unique data handling system and high speed flatbed … Continue reading

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Mylar Bolt Template

Here’s a pattern for drilling the bolt holes and service connections for a machine. We made the template by printing on mylar with one of our UV cured printers. This bolt pattern template is accurate to 1mm in 5 meters, … Continue reading

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