Installing Lamp Post Banners

Putting up a banner

Installing a Light Pole Banner

So here they are, putting up the lamp post banners we just made for Plymouth State University! And in the nick of time, since graduation is tomorrow.

I like the simple bucket truck they are using for these lamp post banners, it makes it a lot easier (and safer) than using a ladder.

Anyway, the lamp post banners welcome graduates and their families to town and congratulate the class of 2017.  Sorry you can’t see the banner that well, but I took the picture from my car as I was driving across the bridge!

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Really Big Picture

very large photo printed

4 x 16 Foot Photo

We printed this big photo for the Bristol House of Pizza several years ago. I went there for lunch the other day, and it’s still there, looking great, and getting compliments all the time according to our waiter.

This big photo was printed on paper, matte laminated, and then the customer put molding around it to give it the look of a frame. Nowadays we might think about doing it on wallpaper or wallboard vinyl. Either way, though, it gives you a great looking conversation piece for any restaurant!

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History Fair Display

adhesive vinyl display graphics

Display Graphics

This attractive display was made using our Wallboard Vinyl, and brought it’s creators to the Nationals! Kids from the Aldine Independent School District did the work.

The structure of the display was made from a sheet of gatorboard. The wallboard vinyl was applied to the back, with smaller photos around. The students could make the smaller photos, but needed our capabilities to print a 36×64″ photo!

You have to admit, the large photo as a backdrop for the rest really makes it all work. Nice design, and great work.

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Book Signing Poster

sign for book signing

Poster for Book Signing

We have printed a lot of foamcore mounted posters like this one, which was at the local bookstore when I went to hear the author speak.

A lot of these are carried around by the authors from place to place, and we recommend using our plastic edge trim to keep the edges from getting chewed up. You are bound to whack them into the doorway or your trunk lid as you move them around. The edge trim keeps your foamcore print looking fresh!

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Photos Printed on Outdoor Vinyl

Photo for outdoor display

Photo printed on Vinyl

This photo enlargement was printed on our matte outdoor vinyl, and framed by the customer locally for display on their patio. The matte vinyl is perfect for that! The inks are stable in sunlight, waterproof, and brilliant!

Much of what we do these days is photo enlargement. We do it for trade show displays, office decor, and increasingly for large wall murals. We have a lot of experience taking photos up to large size.

Generally, we will start with a photo that you took, or perhaps found online. We want at least a 2000 x 3000 pixel photo, which is 6 megapixels. More is always better, and for wall murals we really want 3000 x 4000 pixels which is 12 megapixels.

My Samsung Galaxy 6 takes a 2988 x 5312 image- 16 megapixels! The  iPhone 6s and 7 take 12 megapixel images. We’ve had great luck taking either up to wall size as long as they are good sharp pictures to start with.


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Point of Purchase Display

Point of Purchase Wine Display

POP Display

This handsome display was flatbed printed by us for Hermit Woods Winery in Meredith NH. Yes, there are wineries in New Hampshire!

We printed it with our UV printer on 1/8″ Sintra to give them something that’s attractive and durable. It fits into a display they made themselves, and is being tested at Chase Street Market in Plymouth before they roll it out.

We do a lot of short run printing on flat sheets of material for just this kind of thing. Call us when we can do one for you!


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Pop Up Replacement Panels

pop up booth graphics

Replacement Graphics

Here’s a replacement set of booth graphics we did recently. In this case we made four center panels for this concave booth, and two graphic end caps.

One of the things that’s different about our replacement booth graphics is that we use a hot applied laminate that looks great and will not tunnel if rolled tightly. Many companies use a cold applied laminate that cannot be rolled to less than a 12″ diameter.

As you can see, the replacement graphics we make give a beautiful look, bright colors and the kind of presentation you want to make at your trade show.

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