Covid Floor Signs

covid 19 floor signs

Floor Graphic

We are printing a ton of floor and window signs as schools open up. Generally we use our Walk & Wall material for floors and walkways, while our Wallboard Vinyl works great for doors and walls.

Wallboard Vinyl uses a “sticky note” adhesive that comes off without leaving any residue. Walk & Wall has a more aggressive adhesive that is needed to keep floor signs in place with foot traffic.

Either way, we can produce floor signs and wall signs in a day or two, giving you the fast turnaround required for maximum safety in your building.

Call us and we’ll get things started for you!

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Custom Covid Signs

covid 19 custom sign

Custom Covid Signage

Everybody has different rules for dealing with Covid-19, which means you need custom printed Covid 19 signage. We can get them done quickly and affordably.

We offer a wide variety of materials that will meet your needs for custom printed Covid 19 signage. We can do:

Vinyl banners
Adhesive backed window and wall signage
Floor signs, indoor and outdoor
Lawn signs
Rigid permanent signs

We’ve been doing signage for over 25 years, and have the experience to recommend a Covid 19 sign that will do the job for you! Give us a call at 603-536-2900 and we’ll get it done fast. Most jobs can ship in a day or two.

We can also do the layout for your Covid 19 signage, our graphic designers will get you something attractive and memorable.


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Door Stickers

door vinyl sticker

Door Sticker

This adhesive vinyl door sticker is the sort of thing we are printing for a lot of people these days! If you need to let your customers know about the rules for your business, this is a great way to do it.

This is an instance where size matters! A letter size adhesive vinyl door sticker does not demand the attention that a 24×36″ door sticker like this does.

We like to print door stickers on our wallboard adhesive vinyl, which has “sticky note” adhesive. When the time comes, they are easy to remove and don’t leave any adhesive residue.

Give us a call to get your door stickers printed! We can print what you design, or have our graphic designers set them up for you.

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Covid Vinyl Banners

banner for reopening

Covid Retail Banner

There are a lot of new rules for how your business needs to interact with the public, and a vinyl banner setting them forth can be really helpful for you and your customers.

We saw this vinyl banner when we pulled up to our favorite ice cream store on a hot afternoon.  It quickly gave us a number to call in our order, and told us how things would work. They were out with our order in a jiffy!

A vinyl banner is a great way to communicate with your customers, especially when you don’t want them coming into the store but you want their business. They are affordable too! Production takes only a day.

We can print what you design, or have one of our designers do one for you.  Either way, we’ll help you get your store open and running!

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Covid-19 Restaurant Signs

social distance sign

Covid-19 Signage

The rules are different these days for operating your business. We can help you communicate your social distancing rules with covid signs.

These covid signs are printed on 6mm Sintra and installed on metal sign stakes to let customers know how things are working at their restaurant. Which has wonderful lobster rolls, by the way!

We can print a covid sign that you design, or our graphic designers can work something up for you. We have 25 years of experience designing signs for people just like you. Give us a call if we can help you get the covid signs that work for you!


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Floor Directional Signs

covid 19 floor signs

Floor Graphic

We are printing a lot of floor signs these days! They help people with their social distancing in retail stores, restaurants, and other places of business.

For this kind of work, we use our Walk-N-Wall material. It’s rugged, and has a thick adhesive that sticks to just about anything. We have even used it in our parking lot to designate the customer parking spot.

While it’s pretty rugged stuff, floor signs made with Walk-N-Wall will come up without leaving a sticky residue.

We can help you design the floor signs you need, or print what you put together in your favorite graphic design program. Either way, we’ll have your floor graphics on the way to you in a day or two. Call us to get your floor graphics printed.

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Really Long Lasting Trail Signs

color core sign

Computer Cut Signs

These signs are made from a material called ColorCore, which has contrasting layers of plastic, and are then computer cut to expose the layer below. This gives a really durable sign, especially when compared to wood signs that can rot or get hard to read as they weather.

The plastic is a heavy duty high density plastic material that they say “lasts for a lifetime.” It’s heavily stabilized with materials that are don’t fade in sunlight. When we computer cut them we can do just about anything you can design in a .ai file. For instance: logos, numbers, and as shown here, trail names.

We’ve made them for trail signs, apartment number signs, and school signs. When you need a computer cut sign that really lasts, give us a call!


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Covid 19 Signage

hand washing sign

Hand Washing Sign

We are printing a lot of signage to help businesses communicate their requirements for opening up after two long months of shutdown. Whether it’s rules for social distancing, mask wearing, or anything else, we can help you!

We have plenty of signage materials to choose from:

Sticky back vinyl for doors and windows
Foamcore signs to stand on counters
Coroplast lawn signs
Vinyl banners for buildings
and much more!

Call us to discuss your signage needs and get advice about materials and fixturing. We’ve been doing this for 25 years and can help you through the maze.

We also have a lot of stock artwork for you to use, and our graphic designers can help you create the custom signage you need. Give us a call!


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Peel and Stick Signage

sticker signs

Sticker Signs

We printed these warning signs for our solar array. The are essentially custom printed bumper stickers, although we can make them much larger for applications like store windows and vehicles.

Of course, they don’t have to be a warning sign, they can advertise your products, tell people which way around the construction, or be a sign for you business in the store window.

We stock several kinds of adhesive backed (Peel and Stick) vinyl. We have permanent adhesive and “sticky note” adhesive, both on a calandered vinyl. And we carry a 3M automotive grade cast vinyl for use on vehicles. All are printed on our UV cured printers and have 3-5 year outdoor life.

Give us a call if we can print a warning sign, bumper sticker, or wayfinding sign for you!



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Door Signs

door window signs

Door Sign

Covid-19 is changing the way we operate, and our Wallboard Vinyl and Cling window signs can help you redirect customers.

Wallboard Vinyl is bumper sticker material with a “sticky note” adhesive on the back. It comes off without leaving any residue, and is a great choice for temporary door and window signage.

Window Cling comes in clear and white, and is used where the sign needs to be on the inside of the window.

Either one works great as a temporary door or window sign that redirects people to a new entrance or service area. We are using them at MegaPrint too!

Give us a call and we’ll make a temporary door or window sign for you.


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