Wall Mural Advertising

wallpaper advertising at rest area

Wall Mural Advertising

Here’s a wall mural we did recently that advertises a NH attraction at the big fuel and food (and bathroom!) rest area in Hookset. People on their way north are told about the fun things they can do on their vacation, in this case taking the Cog Railway to the top of Mt. Washington.

There are a number of wall murals in the rest area, and the owners tell us that it’s good revenue to the rest area, and good advertising for the tourist businesses.

If you think about it, a wall mural is a great way to advertise in this kind of venue, and they are taking full advantage!



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Machine Placement Templates

Bolt Pattern Template

Machine Bolt Template

We’ve been printing mylar patterns for machine bolt templates for some time now. Mylar works great for this application because it doesn’t stretch or tear easily. It’s a “frosty” clear material, and you can see through to the layer below when aligning panels. You can also see marks on the floor through the material.

We often print machine bolt templates in several strips, which the customer lines up with marks we print in the overlap areas. That allows us to make machine bolt templates of just about any size.

We carry mylar in 36 and 54 inch widths, and can generally turn your machine bolt template around in a few days.

We can print to +/- 1/8″ in 15 feet, and for a little extra money, even tighter accuracy.

Typically, customers send us an Autocad file and we take it from there.


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Historical Photos for a Museum

historical museum display

Museum Displays

Here are three foamcore mounted photo enlargement prints used in a museum display. Our customer put them on the wall with Exhibition Wall Pins.

If they are going to be up for a long time, we recommend using our display board instead of foamcore, since foamcore tends to bend with changes in humidity. For short term museum displays, foamcore is a less expensive alternative.

Nowadays, we print directly on the foamcore board with our UV printers. That makes it a one step process, and gives you something that is durable and attractive. We can usually turn them around in a day.

When you want to put something on the wall that demands attention, give us a call!



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Adhesive Vinyl Museum Display

museum display on the wall

Adhesive Vinyl Wall Display

This is an example of printed and cut adhesive vinyl being used in a museum display at the Museum of the White Mountains at Plymouth State University.

In this case, we printed the artwork on our wallboard vinyl, which is an adhesive vinyl that uses a “sticky note” adhesive that comes off with no residue left on the wall. We use it for a lot of museum work because they change their exhibits frequently, and wallboard vinyl allows them to do that with a minimum of fuss.

The wallboard vinyl was then cut out to the shape you see on our Summa cutter. Normally you’ll see us using that machine for cutting vinyl letters for window signage, but this is a not uncommon application.

For your next museum display, give us a call!

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Printing on Ceiling Tiles

printed ceiling tiles

Military Emblem Ceiling Tiles

We’ve done a lot of fun things with printed ceiling tiles, here’s a recent one. An Air Force squadron wanted to show their emblem on the ceiling, and sent us a digital file of it. That’s all we needed!

We printed on nine ceiling tiles 2×2 feet square, boxed them up and off they went! We used our UV flatbed printer, which can print on substrates up to 2″ thick. We’ve also done things like sound panels, vinyl trim boards, and doors.

Printing on ceiling tiles is straightforward. We keep a stock of standard 2×4 foot tiles, which can be easily cut into 2×2 foot tiles. We also have had people send us the particular tile they wanted printed, and we charged them just for the printing.

If you have a ceiling that needs a little life, give us a call!



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Background for a Display Case

backdrop in a museum case

Display Background

We did the backdrop for this display case for a museum at Dartmouth College. In this case, the museum displays were printed on our display board and attached to the back of the display with hook and loop fasteners.

This gives something that’s nice and flat, and easy to install. It’s hard to work deep in a cabinet like this, and using a piece of display board that’s flat and already cut to size makes it easy.

We like using display board for museum displays, since it has a matte finish which won’t give you glare trouble, it’s stable over time, and looks terrific. Let us make a museum display for you!


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Cutout of a Phone

cardboard cutout of a phone

Large Format Phone

We print a lot of cutouts of people, but in this case we printed a cutout of a phone! We do a lot of crazy stuff here, which is what makes the job fun.

Over the years we’ve done cutouts of cartoon characters, electric meters, cars, and even a forklift at full size. Get us a good photo and the rest is done.

One of the things we need to think about when doing cutouts of either people or things is stability. We need enough of the base to be flat on the floor so the cutout doesn’t want to tip over. Long thin things like hockey sticks will get broken, if not in shipment then soon after you get it.

We’ve done cutouts of people for the NH Primary, trade shows, and even a Broadway show. Let us do one- or more- for you!



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