Nature Trail Signs

signs for outdoor trail

Hiking Trail Sign

We walked this lovely trail in Davos Switzerland last week. They had these beautiful signs with digitally printed graphics about the history and geography of the place. The digital prints were done on DiBond, and looked to me like direct printing with UV curable inks.

We do a lot of trail signs in this country, and it’s fun to see that they are doing much the same thing overseas.

Trail signs like these are durable and attractive, and they really add to the experience!

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Museum Displays Float Off the Wall

museum graphics

“Floating Displays”

I’m always interested to see how they do things in different parts of the world. These museum displays are from the Swiss Museum in Zurich.

What’s neat about them is that they are held off the wall an inch or so by black blocks beneath. The museum displays themselves are only a few millimeters thick, they looked like 3mm DiBond to me. The black blocks are inset a few inches all the way around, so you really don’t see them. The effect is that the photos “float” in space above the wall.

But the depth and floating effect of the spacers really adds to the look of the displays, and I enjoyed seeing them!

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Photos for a Pool Enivironment

photos for a pool

Poolside Photos

Here’s a job we did recently for Republic Records. They wanted to do photos of some of their artists to hang poolside for an event. They decided the easiest thing to do was to print on matte vinyl banner material.

We finished the vinyl banners with pole pockets top and bottom, and they hung them from the ceiling with monofilament line.

When the event was over, they hung the photos in their offices.

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Ski Condo Trail Map

print of ski area trail map

Trail Map Print

This big print of a ski area trail map was done on wallboard vinyl, and put on the wall of our customer’s ski condo. It sure is an attractive way to decorate a condo!

You’d be surprised at the number of ski areas that have their trail maps available for download. They are usually in pdf format, and can be taken up to pretty good size with excellent results.

If you want to print a trail map for your ski house, give us a call!

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Gelt Mosaic Background

Matte Vinyl Banner as Gelt Mosaic Background

The Largest Chocolate Gelt Mosaic in the World. Made for the first time by in 2016

One of the things that I love about this business is that you do something different every day! Here’s a vinyl banner we printed for being used as a background for a world record size Chocolate Gelt Mosaic as part of a Chanukah celebration.

We printed a banner 8×11′ in size, and the kids used it as a pattern for placing over 7500 foil wrapped chocolate coins. The actual mozaic was 5×10′.

When the coins were placed, everyone signed the vinyl banner to commemorate the occasion!

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Protest March Sign

protest sign

Ready for the Women’s March on Washington

Here’s a vinyl banner hot off the press, on it’s way to the Women’s March on Washington this Saturday.

A vinyl banner makes a good protest sign because it’s light, durable, and inexpensive. You get all the colors of the rainbow to make an attention getting protest sign, and it sure looks better than a hand lettered one.

In this case, we sewed pole pockets top and bottom, inserted wood strapping in the pole pockets, and then attached a stake for the protester to hold the protest sign. Works like a charm, and we’ll try to see them on TV!

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More than just People Cutouts

Cutouts for Christmas Decoration

Christmas Reindeer Cutouts

We did these reindeer cutouts for the hometown Christmas parade here in Plymouth. There were actually hand painted wooden reindeer from many years ago that were too fragile to continue using, so photos were taken of them. We cleaned them up in Photoshop, and then printed them on Sintra, glued it to plywood for strength, and cut them out. They were attached to a real sleigh.

We do plenty of people cutouts all year long, but this is the first of reindeer!

They had a lot of fun at the Christmas parade with them. Kids stood in front of Rudolph to have their picture taken, and people got to sit in the sleigh. We had a white Christmas here in NH too, which added to the festiveness of the parade.

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