Our Solar Project Begins

solar array at MegaPrint

Getting Started

A few months back we did the analysis to see if solar made sense for MegaPrint Inc. It does!

Last week they started site work on our solar project. We will install 152 pedestal mounted solar panels that should generate 48KW at peak output. It will save us about 2/3 of our power bill. With all the rebates and tax savings, the project pays back in 3 years. They say.

We decided to put the array in the field behind the building. Since we have a flat roof, it is actually less expensive to put them on the ground. The big reason, though, was that the snow will slide off them this way, but would have obstructed them for several months a year if roof racks were used.

We are excited to see the meter start to go in reverse on a bright summer day!

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Menu Boards

large format menus

Large Menu Boards

Menu boards work well when your prices don’t change very often. They are sure a lot less expensive than digital displays in sizes like these, which we did for Circles on the Square in Wilkes Barre PA.

These menu boards are big, 42×36″ in size. We printed them on Gatorboard, laminated them with glossy plastic, and put a white edge trim on them to dress them up and protect the edges.

The customer tells us that his customers give a lot of positive response, which is the highest praise we can get!

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Funeral Photos

memorial service photo

Funeral Photo

It’s a sad part of our business, but we often make a photo of someone who has passed on. Here’s a photo enlargement we did recently for a memorial service.

Having a large size photo has more impact and is easier to see than a snapshot. Imagine how a 4×6″ photo would look with these flowers.

We can print from your digital photo, or you can send us a hard copy photo and we’ll scan and print it. The whole process only takes a day or two.

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Window Photo

photo blowup behind a window

The New View

Our shop is near Squam Lake, where they filmed the movie “On Golden Pond”. This flatbed print was done for a customer’s summer home on the lake.

They have a window that looks out on a garage, and thought it would be cool if the view could be as though the garage weren’t there. So, they took a digital picture of the view from the other side of the garage, and we did a flatbed print on 3mm Sintra PVC board. Voila! View of the lake.

More and more of what we do is flatbed printing. The prints are durable, UV stable, and color accurate. Let us make one for you!


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Outdoor Large Format Printing

digital printing outdoors

Outdoor Full Color Prints

I came across these outdoor prints in Acadia National Park earlier this week. They were printed on 1 mm sintra and put into frames. They look great!

We are doing more and more of this kind of work, usually printing on Sintra or Diebond with our UV curable machines. Our preference is to add a protective clear coat on top of an outdoor print, which extends the life substantially.

You’ll see this kind of outdoor printing everywhere you go these days. As more people discover how easy and affordable they can be, you’ll see even more. We can even make them from your PowerPoint file. How easy is that!

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Athletic Photo Wall Mural

Wall Mural Athletics

Athletic Center Wall Mural

There’s no mistaking where you are on this campus- the new College of Mt. St. Vincent athletic center! They have put up a dozen photo murals featuring the school’s athletes.

We always say that a photo mural does a good job of creating the feeling you want in a space, and these photos really turn the trick!

Whether you are doing a restaurant, company lobby or conference room, or your man cave, a wall mural adds distinction, mood, and fun!


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Wallpaper Dimensions

wallpaper measurements


OK you out there…

Height of your wall mural is up and down.

Width of your wall mural is side to side.

Otherwise, this would have fit just fine!

Careful measurement of the space in which you plan to put your wall mural is critical to having a job that is right.

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