Literature Rack Signs

literature rack POP signage

Display Rack Sign

We printed this literature rack sign for the Jehovah’s Witnesses here in town. It sits atop a literature rack they use to give out their pamphlets.

They had trouble finding someone who would produce a durable sign at a reasonable price, and would do just a few. Well, that’s what we do! These were just $50 each.

Since they take the fixture in and out of the trunk of a car every day, we decided to use 1/4″ sintra as a material. We printed with our UV curable inks, which are tough and light fast.

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Poster Size Menus

large size menu

Coffee Shop Menu

I saw this poster size menu in the Skipton Castle in the UK, and thought it was worth a mention. It was printed on foam board, gloss laminated, and then attached to a piece of white painted plywood on the wall.

While the gloss lamination makes the colors pop, we would never recommend it for something like this. As you can see, any lighting above the piece gives you reflection trouble, and can make it hard to read.

Matte lamination on this poster size menu would have been a much better choice. I would probably have suggested that we print it on Ultraboard without any lamination at all.

Other than that, it was a great looking large menu! As long as your prices don’t change a lot, this is a great way to give customers your list of goodies and the prices.

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Permanent Podium Signs

Permanent Podium Emblems

Podium Signs that Last

These podium signs are made to last! We print on 1/4″ PVC plastic with our UV cured inks. They are really tough!

Normally you’ll attach a podium sign like this with VELCRO® hook and loop fasteners. Being PVC, however, you have lots of options for adhesives that will work with them.

We like doing podium signs like this when you have a circular logo. We can do them on PVC, or we can print on paper and laminate with our crystal laminate. The crystal laminated podium signs are lighter, and easier to haul around to events.

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Marching Band Photo Props

photo prop holder for marching band

Marching Band Banner

This was a new banner holder for us, and we love it! The Washington Marching Band in Walpole MA is a top ranked marching band, and they use a rig like you see here to carry photos that connect with the theme of their performance. They asked us to make banners that would hang on the frames.

We printed the photos on our matte outdoor vinyl banner material, and they installed them on the plastic pipe frames. The kids carry the whole thing as they march.

We can make banners 8 feet in one direction and just about as long as you want to go in the other, we’ve done them as long as 40 ft. Give us a call when you need a really big banner!


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Posters from an Excel File

Excel charts being printed

Poster from Excel

We print a fair number of posters from Excel charts. Our customers find them to be a great way to keep track of projects and schedules. We actually keep our job board this way in the MegaPrint Inc. shop.

By using gloss lamination over the paper poster, you can do dry or wet erase marking on the chart. They are durable too- we’ve been using our job board for years.

Another great application is vacation schedules. We keep an Excel poster of the days everyone has scheduled for vacation, and it helps us keep enough people in the place around the holidays! We make a new one every year.

I actually started the company when I couldn’t easily get a spreadsheet printed as a poster, although in those days it was in Lotus 1-2-3!

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Outdoor Venue Signs

Signs for outdoor use

Outdoor Displays at Bolton Abby UK

We went to Bolton Abbey in the UK on our last trip, and I took this photo of the outdoor displays they had to inform visitors of the history of the place, give them a map, and direct them to the points of interest.

The signs were adhesive vinyl adhered to DiBond. That’s a good choice for things that need to last for a long time, we get 3-5 years from them. Although, we can also get similar life by direct printing onto the DiBond and applying a UV clearcoat. That lowers the cost substantially.

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Solar Power at MegaPrint Inc.

solar power at megaprint inc

Our Solar Array

We turned on our solar power array on Friday- YAY! From now on, about 2/3 of our power usage will come from the sun instead of burning fossil fuels.

When you buy a large format print from us, you can feel good in the knowledge that, as much as possible, it is being produced in a sustainable way. That includes not only the electricity, but the paper, the ink, and the packaging.


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