Lamp Post Banners in Europe

boulevard banners in barcelona

Banners in Barcelona

These lamp post banners don’t look that different, until you realize that they are attached only at the top, whereas in this country you attach them at both the top and bottom. I took this photo during a recent trip to Barcelona.

I took a closer look and realize that there’s a metal strap on each side to hold the lamp post banner into shape. Otherwise it would droop and be unreadable. It’s really just a different way of doing it.

One good thing about this design of lamp post banner is that it puts very little wind load on the lamp post. When the wind starts to blow, they just swing up and shed the wind.

lamp post banner strap

Metal Stabilizing Strap


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Interesting Wall Mural

Music Hall Wallpaper

Theater Wall Mural

I ran across this wall mural in the Music Hall in Portsmouth NH. Not our work, but I thought it was such a cool way to set the mood in a space that it was worth a mention.

The wall mural is a compendium of old theater posters, done in an old time orange and brown sepia tone that I found to be very appealing. It made you feel like you were going back in time.

That is very often what you hope to accomplish with a wall mural- giving a place a feeling. It can be a restaurant, a lobby or conference room, hotel, or a sports venue that needs just a little jazz to be different. Give us a call when you are trying to give a space a feeling!



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Cutout Large Gatorboard Letters

cutouts of gatorboard

Gatorboard Letters

These big letters were flatbed printed on 1.5″ thick gatorboard, and then digitally cut on our CNC cutting table. I’m told they were then going to be floated in a swimming pool for a corporate event!

However they were going to be used, they are a good example of what can be done with our equipment. The UV cured printing gives great color that is waterproof and light stable. It’s dry as it comes off the printer, so cutting can be done right away.

We do a lot of printing on gatorboard, since it’s dimensionally stable and accepts in nicely. It also cuts cleanly on the CNC cutter. Everything from photos to museum displays to trade show graphics are nicely done on gatorboard.


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Posture Checker Backdrop

grid for checking posture

Chiropractor Posture Grid

We printed this grid for our local chiropractor, who is selling this banner along with laser units to check your back alignment. It’s a new tool for chiropractors to assess their patients.

The banner is printed on a polypropylene film that stays flat and does a nice job of printing graphics. We’ve printed a number of prototypes for them, and word has it that they just received their first order!

We print a lot of banners on vinyl, this one is printed on the same material we use for our economy banner stand. We like it for that application because it stays nice and flat, and thought it would be the right material for this application.



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Large Photos on your Wall

large size photo print

Big Photo on the Wall

Here’s a really large photo enlargement installed in a customer’s home using our wallboard vinyl. This is a nice matte finish vinyl with “sticky note” adhesive on the back. You can lift it up and put it back down if you get it on crooked, and it leaves no residue on the wall when the time comes to remove it.

While we use it a lot for museum displays that go up for six months or a year, wallboard vinyl does a nice job of photo enlargement too. I’ve had one in my bathroom for about 5 years now, and the cycles of heat and humidity don’t bother it at all.

You have a lot of choices when it comes to enlarging a photo for your home. We can do canvas, gatorboard, or even a vinyl banner. But wallboard vinyl does a really nice job, and affordably.

One trick we often see is that people put molding around it to give it the look of a frame. But, even a plain pieces of wallboard vinyl straight on the wall looks great and will last for years. Another thing to consider is that shipping really big pieces to you gets hard when they are above 3×4′ in size. Wallboard vinyl is shipped to you rolled up, and that keeps the shipping costs down.

The photos from a newer phone will generally go up to large size with no trouble. Most new camera take a 12 megapixel image, which is plenty for photo enlargements of this size.


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Outdoor Sandwich Signs

signs from vinyl banners

Outdoor Signs

We made this sandwich sign and quite a bit of other outdoor signs for the Ice Castles location in Lincoln NH.  I stopped by a few weeks ago, but they were completely sold out! All I could do was take this picture of our work.

Sandwich signs are great. You can get the sign holder and two coroplast (plastic cardboard) signs for $199, and a pair of replacement signs are $60. If you need help with the graphic design, we can do that too.

This design of sandwich sign holds a 24×36″ coroplast sign on each side. In the background you also see a sign holder the customer made with some of our work, as well as a sign on the building.

Call us whenever you need a couple of signs for your business!



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Computer Cut Hand Held Sign

gatorboard digital cut sign

CNC Cut Sign

I saw the man holding this hand held sign at the ISA Show in Orlando yesterday. What a great way to advertise that he can answer a question! The convention center is such an imposing place, and you really do go in the door trying to figure out where to go.

The hand held sign he carried is lightweight, flatbed  printed and digitally cut out of 1/2″ gatorboard. If it were made of anything heavier, he would be exhausted in a short time.

Next time you need a snappy hand held sign, give us a call! We can design it for you, or print your file. Lead time on something like this is a few days.



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