Protest March Sign

protest sign

Ready for the Women’s March on Washington

Here’s a vinyl banner hot off the press, on it’s way to the Women’s March on Washington this Saturday.

A vinyl banner makes a good protest sign because it’s light, durable, and inexpensive. You get all the colors of the rainbow to make an attention getting protest sign, and it sure looks better than a hand lettered one.

In this case, we sewed pole pockets top and bottom, inserted wood strapping in the pole pockets, and then attached a stake for the protester to hold the protest sign. Works like a charm, and we’ll try to see them on TV!

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More than just People Cutouts

Cutouts for Christmas Decoration

Christmas Reindeer Cutouts

We did these reindeer cutouts for the hometown Christmas parade here in Plymouth. There were actually hand painted wooden reindeer from many years ago that were too fragile to continue using, so photos were taken of them. We cleaned them up in Photoshop, and then printed them on Sintra, glued it to plywood for strength, and cut them out. They were attached to a real sleigh.

We do plenty of people cutouts all year long, but this is the first of reindeer!

They had a lot of fun at the Christmas parade with them. Kids stood in front of Rudolph to have their picture taken, and people got to sit in the sleigh. We had a white Christmas here in NH too, which added to the festiveness of the parade.

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Large Canvas Prints

printing on canvas

Large Canvas Prints

Here are a few large prints on canvas at a local watering hole. It’s a great way to put something on the wall that’s both decoration and branding.

We do a lot of large canvas prints, and we can turn them around in a couple days. You can order them online here. Whether photos or digital art, you’ll get great results.

Note that most of what we do on canvas is large sizes- 30×40″ and larger. We can do prints up to 60Stretching these is usually best done by your local framing shop, since pieces this large are expensive to ship and subject to shipping damage. UPS and Fedex won’t even take things larger than 36×60″.

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Trail Head Kiosk Signs

kiosk signs and maps

Maps and Rules

These handsome trail head graphics are an important part of any nature path. You want to show a map of the trail and set out the rules. We also like to see people do “you are here” maps along the way. I’ve always found it frustrating to have a map of the trail, but no idea which junction I was at!

We printed these trail head graphics on paper with UV inks, and then laminated them with glossy plastic. The customer put them under Plexiglass to further protect them.

location finding trail sign

You Are Here Sign

We also do a lot of trail head signs on Sintra and aluminum. The advantage of these materials is that people can’t poke a hole in the lamination, which destroys the moisture integrity of the graphic. Especially out on the trail, you don’t have a nice kiosk to protect them.

To the right is a 12×18″ “You Are Here” sign direct printed on aluminum, and a Sintra sign mounted to a piece of pressure treated wood.

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Wall Mural of Local Points of Interest

wallpaper welcome sign

Welcome to Our Town

I thought this was a pretty innovative way to use a wall mural– to advertise the attractions of the town at the truck stop restaurant. Instead of just filling up the gas tank and having lunch, you get an idea of all the other things you could do in Clearfield, PA. All told to you as you help yourself to dessert.

As I think about it, this is a great application for a wall mural. How else would you tell people about the state park, the historic district, and the great fishing? It was attractively done, too. Great artwork.

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Conference Backdrop Banners

backdrop fabric event banner

Fabric Event Banner

We printed these beautiful fabric banners on our heavy knit fabric, and the result is terrific! The main backdrop banner is 24 ft wide and 12 ft high, produced as 5 sections with a small overlap.

The banners were made with pole pockets top and bottom. We notched the fabric banners at the pole pockets to make the overlaps easy to install and smooth when finished. Bond Events put them together on a pole, using double sided tape to hold the overlap.

On each side, they had 4×14′ fabric banners to complement the main backdrop. All in all, a wonderful installation produced in a few days here on a very tight time schedule.


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Conference Room Wallpaper

conference room mural

Conference Room Wall Mural

Here’s a great way to make a conference room dramatic- a wall mural of a 747 coming right at you!

We do a lot of conference room murals because our customers know that it’s a great way to silently talk about what their company is all about.

Generally, it takes two weeks from when you give us a file until the wallpaper is in your hands. Give us a call when you are ready to go!

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