Small Sandwich Sign

narrow sandwich safety sign

Narrow Sandwich Sign

I saw this sandwich sign in the airport the other day. It’s a narrow version of the blow molded sidewalk sandwich sign we usually sell, and a great option where space is at a premium, or where a wider sandwich sign wouldn’t fit.

It works the same way as a regular sandwich sign, except it takes a 12×24″ graphic insert instead of 24×36″. Coroplast is still used as the insert material.

We stock the full size sandwich signs, we can get the narrow version in a few days. Give us a call if we can make one for you!

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Portable Sign

portable store sign

Retail Store Sign

I saw this interesting free standing sign the other day at the BWI airport. It’s about the simplest free standing sign I’ve seen, and I really like it!

The free standing sign is printed on 3/4″ gatorboard, so it’s pretty rigid. That allows them to use a small base that holds it up. So basically you are trading the cost of the base against the cost of the graphic.

If you are looking for a simple free standing sign, we have a number of choices for you. Give us a call and we’ll get one (or more) made for you!

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Adhesive Vinyl Graphics

food truck graphics

Vinyl Vehicle Graphic

Our adhesive vinyl graphics work great on flat vehicle panels like this one. The inks are good for 3-5 years outdoors, and give nice bright colors and accurate photos.

We carry adhesive vinyl graphic material in both a calendared vinyl and a 3M cast vinyl. The cast vinyl works better for vehicles because it has less internal stress that would cause it to lift with changes in temperature.

We suggest the less expensive calendared adhesive vinyl for indoor or short term applications.


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Celebration Banner

banner used for event

Event Banner

We printed this vinyl banner about 10 years ago for the Common Man restaurants, I noticed it as part of their eclectic decoration in the bar recently.

We’ve made a lot of vinyl banners for them over the years, for their events, grand openings, etc.

Next time you need a vinyl banner for an event, give us a call!


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Outdoor Banners for Winter

winter outdoor banner

Low Temp Banner

We made this outdoor banner to advertise an event that will be held in the middle of January. Which, in this part of the country, means it will need to survive low temperatures and plenty of wind.

If you put a cheap vinyl banner outdoors this time of year, you’ll have a mess if the temperature goes much below zero degrees Fahrenheit.  That’s because regular vinyl has a “cold crack” temperature of – 5 degrees or so, below which it shatters like glass.

We print on a premium outdoor vinyl banner material that has a cold crack temperature of -20 degrees. That gives you a better chance in New Hampshire, and elsewhere, where it gets pretty cold during the winter!

Let us make a winter outdoor banner for you! They look good in summer just as well.


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Framed Museum Print

museum display pint

Museum Display

Using a frame around a museum display is a good idea where the public can get their hands on it! In this case the Ponce Inlet Museum display of lighthouse technology near Daytona Beach.

The large fresnel lenses are fragile and touching them leaves fingerprints, so in this case the museum display also serves to keep the museum goers away from the exhibit.

In this case the museum displays are framed Sintra prints below plexiglass. If something like this works in your museum, give us a call!


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Perforated Window Vinyl

We covered this window in our shop with our Window Perf vinyl. From the outside, it’s a cat. From the inside, you see outside clearly. This is done by perforating the vinyl with thousands of 1mm size holes. The Window Perf material is black on the adhesive side, and white on the print side.

perforated window vinyl

Inside View

see out not in window vinyl

Outside View


We see Window Perf being used, for instance, on bus windows where they want to put graphics on the bus but let the passengers see out. It also has a following in retail stores where they don’t want the public to see the inside of the store. Often they want to hide the view of the checkout area, but let the checkout clerks see what’s happening outside the store.


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