Wall Size Maps

large size map

Wall Size Map

We printed this map as a wall mural on our smooth wallpaper for the US Forest Service office here in New Hampshire. This map is not just decoration! They needed a large map of the White Mountain National Forest that they could use to discuss what was happening where.

We’ve done a number of these mural maps over the years, for towns that wanted a big map of their streets, for instance. A family made a map of the world so they could discuss world events and decide where to go on vacation. We have access to all the nautical charts around the US, and have done a number of wall murals of them. We even did an 8×8′ photo of the moon for a planetarium.

The high resolution artwork was provided by the National Geographic Society, and the detail is outstanding. All we really need to produce a wall size map is artwork that has sufficient detail. You can find a lot of this kind of thing online, and we are happy to help if you need some guidance.

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Planning Board Presentations

foamcore presentation board

Development Plans

Here’s a great way to do a presentation before a planning or zoning board. You set up a Tri-Fold Presentation using our free template, and enter your order online. We’ll ship you a 36×48″ presentation board that folds into an easily transported 24×36 size.

We did this one for the architects doing a high school design, and they had presentations to do for the planning board, school board, etc. They could leave it in the town hall for people to see.

It gave them a professional showpiece, and it was easy to haul around. Cost? We have an economy tri-fold for $99, and a more durable laminated one for $162. Lead time is a day.

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You Are Here Trail Signs

installing a hiking trail sign

Trail Sign Installation

Here I am putting up a trail sign at Whitten Woods, a 400 acre recently protected by the Squam Lakes Conservation Society. When I hiked the area, I got pretty confused about where I was and which trail would get me home.

So, I offered to make them some “you are here” trail signs, which we posted at half a dozen trail junctions around the area. It was a great way to get in a 3 mile hike, and it was fun to see some parts of the area that I had missed the first time.

We made these trail signs on OmegaBond, which is a sandwich of aluminum and plastic. It’s a nice and durable sign making material. We printed it with our UV cured printers, and gave it a UV blocking clear topcoat.

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Retail Store Coming Soon Graphics

signs for retail coming soon

Coming Soon Signage as Wallpaper

In malls and airports especially, it’s important not only to hide the mess of construction, but also to announce what’s about to happen there. We see it done in one of two ways:

  1. Wallpaper applied to the plywood that is hiding the construction, as you are seeing here. This is an installation at the Baltimore airport.

    store window vinyl

    Adhesive Vinyl

  2. Adhesive back vinyl applied to the store windows. This is essentially a big bumper sticker with custom graphics that fill the windows.

Either way, you have an inexpensive way to cover up the mess of construction while advertising the arrival of the new store.

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Wallpaper to Jazz Up a Bedroom

A picture instead of the real thing

Faux Book Case

Our customer wanted his bedroom to look a little bigger, and wanted his wall to be more interesting. But, he didn’t want to install a book case, didn’t have the books, and didn’t want to devote the space it would require.

His answer? A wall mural of a photo of a bookcase! I think it adds a lot to what was a pretty bland space. He found a photo online, put up some wood molding to give it some depth, and has a very nice installation.

You can do all kinds of interesting things by installing a few hundred dollars worth of wall mural. It’s easy, and only takes a week or two to get the wall mural printed and shipped to you.

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Give the Illusion You Have a View

Photo Illusion of a view

Wall Fabric Illusion

Here’s a job we did recently for Jennifer McCoy of McCoySpace. They wanted a room in the center of the building to have the illusion of a big picture window. This would make the room feel larger, and be interesting and, in my opinion, artistic!

We printed a blue/black photo on our wall fabric, which was applied to panels that look like a window wall. The effect is very cool.

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Banners in a Retail Store

vinyl banners in a store

Retail Banners

In a store, you want a vinyl banner that looks better than the typical banner hanging on the fence at the ball park. That’s because people get up close, and the quality really needs to be there.

Usually we will print on a matte finish vinyl that won’t give you glare trouble. We can give you grommets for hanging, or sew pole pockets top and bottom.

Banners like these can really add interest in a retail setting! They help you sell more product, and they make the store more attractive. We can turn them around in a day or two, and you’ll find them to be affordable and durable.


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