Wall Murals in Hotel Rooms

mural in a hotel room

Sunset Mural

We printed over a hundred wall murals for this hotel in Texas, with several different pieces of art. They are making their hotel distinctive by having a striking mural in every room.

The artwork is also used for wall murals in the lobby and restaurant, carrying the decorator’s theme throughout the building.

We are seeing a lot of wall murals being used in this way. Let us make a few for you!


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Pop Up Booth Panels

panels for a pop up booth

Pop Up Booth Graphics

Here’s a trade show booth we made replacement panels for. In this case, the graphics we printed included the end caps.

We print a lot of replacement panels for pop up booths. We charge about half what an “official” booth maker charges, and I think the results are at least as good.

One reason our replacement panels are better is that we use a hot applied laminate, which won’t tunnel when you roll it up too tightly. Looking at this photo, you can appreciate that our product looks fantastic!

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Window Graphics

photo in store window

Window Graphic

We did this store window graphic for a new micro brewery opening in South Carolina. They wanted to cover the window with a graphic of what their brew house looked like, but maybe it didn’t look that good if you just looked in the window! On top of that, they could put their logo there.

They got a lot of compliments on what they call a “Window Mural”, and I guess that is indeed what it is. We printed it on our matte adhesive vinyl, and I have to say, it looks terrific.

Looking to do window graphics for your store? Give us a call and we’ll help you achieve graphics that bring customers through your door.


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Lobby Wall Mural

wall graphic in corporate lobby

Lobby Wall Mural

We printed four wall murals for the lobby at TBS Factoring, and they were kind enough to send us some great photos.

A wall mural is a great way to do branding in your offices! It’s affordable, and can be really dramatic. In this case, they made a mosaic of smaller photos that became their logo.

It’s important that your building tell visitors what you are all about, and a wall mural can really help you do that. We can help you with the design too. Give us a call and we’ll help you get started!

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Temporary Wall Mural

temporary wall size photo

Removable Wall Mural

This wall mural advertising the NH Highland Games is installed at the rest area in Hookset NH. The Games are in two weeks (it’s been up for about 6 weeks now), and after that the wall mural will be replaced with something advertising winter recreation in New Hampshire.

We printed this on Wallboard Vinyl with our UV printers, in two 4 foot wide strips. The installer did a great job, and the seam is all but invisible. Even if we could print it in a single piece with our 8 foot printer, it would be a helluva thing to install. The 48″ wide strips are about all you would want to handle.

Wallboard Vinyl is our recommendation for temporary wall murals, since it comes off the wall leaving no residue. It will last a good while too, and we’ve had it up for years in our office and at several customer locations. I even put some in my bathroom at home to see how it would handle cycles of humidity, and it looks like the day it was installed!


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Small Signs

outdoor sign

Sign Printed on Sintra

I came back from vacation to a new MegaPrint sign out in front of the building! Cindy and Mike are shown here putting it up.  Cindy also put some plants around the sign, and Mike put a coat of stain on the wood sign posts. We built the building 19 years ago, so I guess it was time.

I get a lot of kidding about how the company is named MegaPrint, and we have this little 24×36″ sign out front. But hey, it’s enough that people can find us.

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Pull Up Banners

retractable banner

Roll Up Banner Stand

We printed this banner stand for our local college, Plymouth State University. They put it in the lobby of their performing hall to let people know about the success of the programs there. That’s me standing next to it!

We do a lot of banner stands, and they are great products. I tell people all the time that printing a banner is easy, figuring out how to hang it up is almost always a challenge. Where will you drill holes, etc etc.

Banner stands make those problems go away. Set it on the ground, fit the rods into the base, and draw the banner up to hang on the rods. Takes a minute.

Best of all, you can move the banner stand wherever you need it to go.


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