Really Big Menu

Dairy Bar Menu

Banner as a Menu

We printed these giant menus for our good customer Squam Lakeside Farm in Holderness NH, a summer ice cream and hamburger stand. They print them every year with the new prices. We do these as matte vinyl banners with extra white space around, and they wrap MDF boards with the banners, and then add the frame.

It’s their belief that having fresh new menu boards at the beginning of the summer gives their business a good look. Doing a pair of giant menus like this costs about $300.

One of the boards has a steel face, and that allows them to stick magnets showing the ice cream flavors available each day onto it. Doing giant menus this way gives them something much less expensive than electronic menus, and something more in keeping with the “old time” look of the rest of the place.


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Lobby Wall Collage

product collage in a lobby

Corporate Lobby Wallpaper

Here’s a lobby wallpaper job we did recently for Kiefer USA. It showcases their product, athletic surfaces, with photos of installations all over the world. That’s something worth bragging about, and every customer coming through the door gets to see them.

No matter what your product is, there’s a good reason to show people photos of your product, and you might as well start in the lobby! A wall mural does the trick.

We also do a fair amount of photo enlargement onto display board, which can be hung around your offices without the expense of framing. Either way, photos of your product are a great way to decorate your office and do a little selling at the same time!

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Large Format Graphics on a Mountaintop

history of the place graphic

Historical Poster

OK, so I’m bragging a bit. I hiked up to Mt. Madison (5367 ft) last weekend, with a short stop to eat lunch at the AMC Madison Springs Hut. Inside was a very nice large format graphic talking about the history of the hut, which was built in 1888.

The hike was about 4.3 miles each way, and almost everything is delivered to the huts by young people carrying it up the hill! I guess I shouldn’t be surprised to find large format graphics that far out in the wilderness, but I thought it was pretty cool. We’ve done a lot of this kind of thing for the AMC over the years.

Whether it’s large format graphics for your office, your home, or some place way out in the woods, give us a call.

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Wall Mural of a Map

large printed map

Map Mural

We printed this wall mural of a map of Maine for the Nature Conservancy in Brunswick. It’s really striking, no?

More importantly, though, it’s a useful tool. They can use this wall mural to talk about where things are happening and figure out how to move resources to where they need to be.

It’s also a fabulous decoration to their offices! Give us a call when you are ready to do a wall mural for yours. A lot of map artwork exists on government web sites, and you can download the files for free. Much of it is of very high quality and makes a great wall mural map.

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Trail Head Kiosk Signs

Hiking Trail Head Sign

Kiosk Sign

We printed this trail head kiosk sign for NH Audubon. It gives information about the trail and the birds you are likely to see along the way. And, a map of course!

We are printing a fair number of trail head signs like this as people realize that they can produce them affordably and beautifully.

This trail head sign is direct printed on omega bond, a 1/8″ sandwich of aluminum around high density polyethylene. It’s a great sign making material, durable and stable. Let us make a trail head sign or two for you!

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Banner Stands at a Trade Show

retractable banners at a trade show

Banner Stands

Our good customer Aavid Thermalloy did this small local trade show using two retractable banner stands and a draped table. I’m impressed! It gives a great presentation at a very affordable cost.

These are our economy banner stands, $199 apiece. The graphics are bright and happy, and they are easy to move from place to place.

You’ll see these banner stands everywhere these days, and for good reason! They are economical, and easy to transport and use. Let us make a few for you!


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Trade Show Graphics

graphics for a trade show

Trade Show Prints

We printed these trade show graphics for Kindness and Company in Park City, Utah for their latest conference.  They were paper prints mounted to gatorboard.

Matte paper on gatorboard won’t give you trouble with reflections in bright trade show lighting, and the gatorboard holds it’s shape for a long time.  It’s our preferred mounting material when it’s time to do trade show graphics.

We do lots of materials for trade shows, and we have a lot of experience helping people get the graphics that will work for them at an affordable price. Oh, and on time every time! Call us for your next set.


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