Give the Illusion You Have a View

Photo Illusion of a view

Wall Fabric Illusion

Here’s a job we did recently for Jennifer McCoy of McCoySpace. They wanted a room in the center of the building to have the illusion of a big picture window. This would make the room feel larger, and be interesting and, in my opinion, artistic!

We printed a blue/black photo on our wall fabric, which was applied to panels that look like a window wall. The effect is very cool.

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Banners in a Retail Store

vinyl banners in a store

Retail Banners

In a store, you want a vinyl banner that looks better than the typical banner hanging on the fence at the ball park. That’s because people get up close, and the quality really needs to be there.

Usually we will print on a matte finish vinyl that won’t give you glare trouble. We can give you grommets for hanging, or sew pole pockets top and bottom.

Banners like these can really add interest in a retail setting! They help you sell more product, and they make the store more attractive. We can turn them around in a day or two, and you’ll find them to be affordable and durable.


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Trail Head Kiosk Signs

Sintra Printed Signs

Signs at the Trail Head

These great looking color signs are at the trail head at Castle in the Clouds in NH. We went there yesterday and had a wonderful hike in the peak fall foliage.

At the trail head they have three full color trail head signs we printed for them. We did the trail map, a display telling people what the conservation area is all about, and their logo.

It’s been a while since we printed these trail head signs, and they still look great. Outdoors, in the weather and sun, rain and snow. We are doing more and more of them, and they are great!

Also a hint- I took a picture of the trail map with my phone, and it came in quite handy a few hours later as we tried to work our way back.

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Promotional Cutouts

cutouts of a promotional piece

Flu Shot Promo

We did two fun cutout jobs last week. The first was a big hypodermic needle telling people to get their flu shot. To my way of thinking, this is a real attention getter!

It’s surprising how often we print a cutout of something other than a person. We’ve done cars, machines, Instagram frames, and gas pumps. Of course, we do plenty of people cutouts too.

I’m really not sure what event was happening with this group, but we thought it was hilarious! Everybody had a pet scratch collar on, and it sure was a funny group.

cutouts of people

What a Group!

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Adhesive Vinyl Bathroom Designation

bathroom signs

Unmistakable Signage

I saw these in Logan Airport in Boston the other day. As a distracted walker who has walked into the wrong restroom on at least one occasion, I think it’s a pretty clever way to direct people to the right room!

What they did was apply a cutout piece of adhesive vinyl to each doorway. It’s a simple solution, and I love it. Especially since it’s the kind of work we do and I love to see it done creatively.

If you have a similar wayfinding problem, give us a call and we’ll get you a piece of adhesive vinyl that fixes it.

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Factory Posters

factory dry erase board

Poster Size Checklist

We do a fair number of boards like this for manufacturing plants. In this case, we did flatbed prints that they use to keep a safety checklist. They like them because they are big and highly visible.

Flatbed printing directly onto display board is tough, color accurate, and affordable. The inks are UV stable, so they don’t fade.

We can laminate a flatbed print like this with glossy laminate, which allows you to write on them with either dry or wet erase markers. That’s great for information that needs to be updated from time to time.

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Literature Rack Signs

literature rack POP signage

Display Rack Sign

We printed this literature rack sign for the Jehovah’s Witnesses here in town. It sits atop a literature rack they use to give out their pamphlets.

They had trouble finding someone who would produce a durable sign at a reasonable price, and would do just a few. Well, that’s what we do! These were just $50 each.

Since they take the fixture in and out of the trunk of a car every day, we decided to use 1/4″ sintra as a material. We printed with our UV curable inks, which are tough and light fast.

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