Pop Up Trade Show Booth

pop up booth graphics

10 Foot Trade Show Booth

Here’s a trade show booth we printed recently with what we call graphic end caps. You can order your booth with carpet at each end, or extend the graphics around each end, as we did here.

What you need to be careful about is putting things on the end caps that can’t be read by people going by your trade show booth. In this case, you can see that the end caps merely extend the background of the booth, and I think that’s good design.

From time to time we see people putting text around the corners of their trade show booth, and it can be hard to read from some angles. My advice is that while the graphic end caps can be very attractive, and can give a continuity of the graphics that is very pleasing, don’t put text or other graphics on them that might be lost to the curvature of the booth.

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Hotel Wall Murals

custom hotel wallpaper

Hotel Room Mural

Here’s a neat way to make a hotel guest’s stay special- put a striking wall mural in the room! We’ve done a number of hotels full of this sort of wall mural, and they are telling us they love them!

We print our wall murals on a rugged commercial grade vinyl with durable UV cured inks. The colors are bright and happy, and the material stands up over time.

Say goodbye to blah wallpaper patterns! Put a mural in your hotel rooms, or your room for that matter!

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Pull Up Banners at a Trade Show

Roll Up Banners and Table Banner

Trade Show Booth Banners

We printed these trade show graphics for New England Commercial Solar Services, the same people who installed the solar system on our building. They do solar installations all over New England, and did a terrific job for us. Our 48 KW system is saving us $800 a month in power costs.

In this case, they were given just a table top area for the trade show graphics. Their solution was to use two banner stands (often called roll up banners or pull up banners), along with a banner across the front of their booth.

I also thought it was pretty cool how they used a solar panel as a table top! Now there’s an attention getting trade show graphic.

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Posters from Excel

Print Wide format from Excel

Large Format Excel Print

We see a lot of large prints of Excel® files come our way. They can be pretty useful in a lot of of situations. In fact, we keep our job schedule on a large dry erase Excel chart.

Large prints of Excel files can be done as paper prints, and we can laminate the paper with our glossy laminate that works fine with either wet or dry erase markers. We’ve also done large Excel prints on adhesive vinyl for application to drywall or windows. We can print up to 4 feet wide and as long as you want to go!

Excel can be a little weird for doing wide format, since it doesn’t have a set page size. We recommend that you save a pdf, which can be printed in any proportional size. You can also send us your Excel file for printing, telling us the approximate size you need, and we’ll get things working for you. It’s all part of the service!



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Display Case Background Wallpaper

Background wallpaper

Display Case

Here’s a photo from a recent job where we furnished custom wallpaper for the background in a display case. We’ve done a fair amount of this kind of thing over the years, from high school trophy cases to this one, showing the Medal of Honor provided by the Historical Registry at Miramar Air Force Base in California.



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Outdoor Vinyl Banner

outdoor banner

Tent Banner

Here’s something we hear about a lot. Our customer bought a tent for their food booth at an event, and needed to put their name on it. They started by asking if we could print on the tent. We settled on a vinyl banner they could hang between the poles at the front of their booth.

It’s actually pretty hard to print graphics on fabrics once they have been sewn.  Not to mention that most of the booths are colored, so you would need to print white ink. So, a vinyl banner works pretty well. And, if your logo changes, you only need to reprint the vinyl banner!

Most of our vinyl banners these days are printed on a matte finish vinyl, which we think is more pleasing than glossy vinyl. For sure, if you are going to display them indoors you will want the matte finish so you don’t have reflection trouble.

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Logo Wallpaper Mural

step and repeat logo

Logo Wallpaper

At first glance I didn’t realize this wall mural was a step-and-repeat Chevy logo! But that’s a pretty cool thing for a wall at Eagle Chevrolet Buick in Nebraska.

People are finding that wall murals are a great way to improve the branding in retail locations, and this is a great example. Why not turn that big blank wall into a mural that says something about your business, community, or product?

Want to do a wall mural project? Give us a call and we’ll help you get it done. It takes about two weeks, and the cost won’t kill ya.


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