Solar Power at MegaPrint Inc.

solar power at megaprint inc

Our Solar Array

We turned on our solar power array on Friday- YAY! From now on, about 2/3 of our power usage will come from the sun instead of burning fossil fuels.

When you buy a large format print from us, you can feel good in the knowledge that, as much as possible, it is being produced in a sustainable way. That includes not only the electricity, but the paper, the ink, and the packaging.


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Event Banners

outdoor banner for an event

Event Banner

This vinyl banner was done for the Make Music event done in Plymouth NH a few weeks ago. We do a lot of banners for events!

This event banner is printed on glossy outdoor vinyl. The colors really pop on glossy vinyl banners, and glare is not a problem outdoors. For indoor use we suggest our matte finish vinyl, which won’t give you glare trouble. You can also use it outdoors. Both materials are waterproof and have a 3-5 year life in sunlight.

Lead time on event banners is a few days, so a little advance planning is a good idea. Let us know your needs, we can react very quickly when you are in a jam!

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Window Cling for Inside Application

inside application of window signage

Window Cling Applied to the Inside of the Window

If you want to apply window graphics to the inside of the window, use our white window cling. It’s the product that will stick to the window even though you will have the ink side against the glass.

As I look around at store windows, most of what I see is adhesive backed vinyl applied to the outside of the window. There are two reasons for that: it’s usually easier to get to the outside of the window, and regular adhesive backed vinyl is cheap.

But, there’s always the danger that somebody will remove the graphic from the outside. If you are concerned about that, give our window cling a try! It’s priced comparably to adhesive backed vinyl, and we can turn your job around in a few days.


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Custom Warning Labels

custom labels

Warning Labels

As part of our new solor installation, we’ve made warning labels that will hopefully keep prying hands away from the system. After all, we generate nearly 1000 volts with our solar array.

What’s cool about these labels is that they are full color, printed on a durable outdoor adhesive backed vinyl, and can be made in just about any size. Well, if you want labels larger than 54″ width, OK. We’ll make it in two pieces!

By having graphics on the labels as well as type, we hope that the label gets a little more attention from those prying hands.

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Window Covering for Store Construction

artwork in store windows

Construction Windows

When you are doing store construction in the mall, you’ll want to cover the windows of the store. Not only to announce what is coming, but to hide the mess.

This is easily done with panels of adhesive backed vinyl. We like our wallboard vinyl, which has “sticky note” adhesive that comes off easily and leaves no residue. We can also furnish a traditional adhesive vinyl with a semi-permanent adhesive. Either will work indoors or outdoors for six months or more.

The adhesive vinyl panels go on the outside of the glass, trimmed to the metal frames. They give you a very nice presentation, and are easily removed for the store opening without the need to get behind all the recently installed displays.

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Our Solar Project Begins

solar array at MegaPrint

Getting Started

A few months back we did the analysis to see if solar made sense for MegaPrint Inc. It does!

Last week they started site work on our solar project. We will install 152 pedestal mounted solar panels that should generate 48KW at peak output. It will save us about 2/3 of our power bill. With all the rebates and tax savings, the project pays back in 3 years. They say.

We decided to put the array in the field behind the building. Since we have a flat roof, it is actually less expensive to put them on the ground. The big reason, though, was that the snow will slide off them this way, but would have obstructed them for several months a year if roof racks were used.

We are excited to see the meter start to go in reverse on a bright summer day!

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Menu Boards

large format menus

Large Menu Boards

Menu boards work well when your prices don’t change very often. They are sure a lot less expensive than digital displays in sizes like these, which we did for Circles on the Square in Wilkes Barre PA.

These menu boards are big, 42×36″ in size. We printed them on Gatorboard, laminated them with glossy plastic, and put a white edge trim on them to dress them up and protect the edges.

The customer tells us that his customers give a lot of positive response, which is the highest praise we can get!

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