Making a View in a Restaurant

restaurant wallpaper

Creating a View

This custom wall mural is done from a photo taken by Patrick Merritt of San Diego, of the Coronado Bridge in that lovely city that connects the mainland with Coronado Island.

What I love about it is the way the customer gets a view as though they are dining underneath the bridge, even though they aren’t. It’s all about the illusion!

Custom wall murals can help you create just the feeling you want in a room. Call us and we’ll get it done for you!

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Wallpaper on an Office Ceiling

ceiling wall muralThis is a dramatic way to decorate an office! Our customer installed custom wallpaper from a scanned map of the state of North Carolina from the 1700’s. And, on the ceiling of the office!

We thought it was pretty cool artwork when it came off the press, and now seeing a photo of the installation, we are even more impressed.

Generally, you’ll want a good installer for something like this. Ceilings are not for the uninitiated! We recommend using someone from the Wallpaper Installers Association when you are doing a complex or difficult installation.

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Trade Show Booth Panels

graphics for rental trade show booth

Trade Show Booth Panels

This is a typical rental booth from the trade show organizers at most venues. You get a choice. You can buy the graphics from them, or you can call us and save about half.

We did this booth for Viatek Consumer Products, who were on their way to a show in Las Vegas.

They set their graphics up to the size the booth requires, and we printed them on paper and matte laminated them. That gave them the body to slip into the panel frames, and eliminated the glare.

We also produced these graphics in a day, which the show managers have a hard time doing.

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Word Cloud Wallpaper

custom wallpaper in company offices

Word Cloud Wallpaper in a Conference Room

This is a terrific way to do branding around a new corporate office- custom wallpaper of what you do, in this case forging. It’s called a word cloud, and it has wonderful impact!

Mostly we print photographs when we do a wall mural, but lately we’ve seen more and more of this kind of word cloud art.

A conference room like this really talks about what your business is all about. That gets everybody on the same page, whether they are an employee or customer. Make a word cloud about your business, and then wallpaper from it, and everybody will know what your company is all about.

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Full Color Banner Impresses!

Banner printing in full color

Full Color Banner`

This full color banner makes a real statement! Imagine how much less effective it would be if it were printed in black and white.

There’s research out there that says that color ads have six times the recognition of black and white ads. I would submit that the same applies to outdoor banners.

In any event, this banner really grabs ya! Which is what brings people in the door to your event.

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Poster Size Checklist

checklist poster size

Safety Checklist

Here’s a new idea for people managing any sort of facility or operation. Our customer wanted to have a large checklist, in this case to monitor safety items.

They sent us an Excel file, and we printed it in large size and laminated it with clear plastic. This gives them a large chart they can write on with dry or wet erase markers. It’s easy to update, and they can keep their checklist for an entire year at a glance.

It’s a good idea, and we pass it along! Happy New Year, everybody!

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Cloth Banners at a Trade Show

fabric cloth banners

Trade Show Banners

Our customer Incipio wanted to use fabric banners to give a snazzy look to their trade show booth. Instead of velcro applied laminated graphics, they used our tri-poplin fabric. The look is bright and happy, the lines are clean and modern.

Fabric is nice in this application because it has a soft look and doesn’t give you glare trouble in trade show lighting. We are doing a lot of it these days for events and trade shows.

We can print up to 54″ width and 20 ft length. Give us a call if you want to talk about using fabric banners for your next event!

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