Museum Banners

museum banners

Banner Announcing Exhibit Dates

Here’s a vinyl banner we made for a museum that you see all the time in front of the building. This vinyl banner  announces a new exhibit and gives the dates. People going by now are aware of an upcoming event there.

A vinyl banner of this size, about 5×20 feet, needs to be against a building to keep the wind from getting behind it! Otherwise in a good blow it will be sailing down the street.

We suggest the use of our Across the Street vinyl banner material for applications like this. It’s a heavy 18 oz material, and we re-enforce the corners for extra strength.



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Fabric Banners

fabric banners indoors

Indoor Fabric Banners

We were at the USFS headquarters buying a National Park Pass and I took this photo of the fabric banners we printed for them several years ago. Still looking great!

Even with all the direct sunlight they get, the fabric banners are still brilliant. We print with UV stable inks that are resistant to fading. Outdoors they are good for 3 to 5 years, indoors generally much longer.

We print our fabric banners on a heavy knit polyester fabric that stays smooth and flat. Let us print a few fabric banners for you!


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Large Format Schedules

large size schedule print

Red Sox Schedule

I came across this large format Red Sox schedule at a local watering hole the other day. What a good idea!

Let all your patrons know when you will be carrying the Red Sox games and running a promotion of your favorite beverage. This is sure to result in higher attendance. Not to mention beer sales!

You can print a large format schedule from the pdf that any team publishes on their website. So, give us a call to put the large format baseball schedule of your favorite team on the wall of your favorite bar!

And by the way, we can produce a large format schedule for your team in any sport, all we need is the pdf of their season schedule.



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Printed Ceiling Tiles

printed ceiling tile

“Call Don’t Fall” Ceiling Tile

We have printed several jobs now for “Call Don’t Fall” ceiling tiles in hospitals. It’s a great way to remind a patient to get a nurse before trying to get out of bed!

We can print on standard ceiling tiles, which are normally 2×4 feet in size, or ones like this which is 2×2.

Most standard ceiling tiles have a dot pattern that gets in the way of small art, although this art is large enough that the dots don’t make it unreadable. There are also acoustic ceiling tiles with a fairly smooth surface that give really nice results on smaller art.

Whatever you want to print on ceiling tiles, give us a call!

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Temporary Signs

temporary adhesive vinyl sign

Sticky Back Sign

I saw this temporary sign in the San Jose airport yesterday as I was returning from vacation in California. It was on a big blank wall in front of a store in the airport, announcing what store was coming there soon.

Usually we suggest using our Wallboard Vinyl as a temporary sign. It has a “sticky note” adhesive on the back that comes off without leaving a residue. But, it lasts for years if needed.

It’s easy to install too! It comes with a peel-and-stick release paper that let’s you slap it up in a jiffy. You can lift and re-position it easily too. We think it’s a great answer to your needs for a temporary sign.

Lead time is a few days, and it’s affordable! Give us a call and we’ll make a temporary sign for you!


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Computer Printed Signs

sign printed from powerpoint

Direct Printed Sign

This “No Trucks” custom sign comes in really handy during mud season in New Hampshire! It’s direct printed on OmegaBond, a common sign material that is a sandwich of aluminum on the outside and high density plastic in the middle.

Using a digital printing process as we do allows short run custom signs to be made from almost any computer program. We support those from Adobe and all the common graphic design programs, and you can always send us a pdf and we’ll print from that. The design of this sign was done in PowerPoint, which makes a perfectly adequate pdf.

You can order a short run custom sign online by calling us at 603-536-2900 or toll free at 800-590-7850.

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Tri-Fold Foamcore Prints

trifold foamcore display

Trifold Display

Here’s an affordable way to do a tabletop trade show display– use a trifold foamcore poster!

The trifold foamcore poster is a 48 wide 36 tall poster printed on 3/16 thickness foamcore board. We then score it 12″ in from each side, and fold it to ship as 24×36″.

Set the trifold foamcore poster on a table, fold out the wings, and voila- you have a very affordable trade show display on a tight budget.

Since we print a lot of these for medical research presentations, the easiest thing to do is order them at, our website for scientific poster printing. Best of all, the price is $99 including ground shipping!


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