Large Size Laminating

lamination for large pieces

Large Size Laminating

We do a lot of laminating. In fact, we have six laminators of up to 60 inch width. That means that we can do lamination up to 54″ width, since we need to have a little wiggle room on either side.

Our choices of material are glossy, matte and crystal. Glossy gives your print the wet look of a glossy photo. Matte has a coating on it that breaks the glare, and until you get right up to it, it’s hard to tell that it’s not just paper. Crystal lamination is a textured laminate that breaks the glare completely and has an extra heavy backing. We prefer crystal laminate for trade show work.

All our lamination is done by laminating both sides of the print. By leaving a sealing edge all the way around, we encapsulate the print, giving you a moisture seal. That way, if your print gets wet in shipment, moisture doesn’t get to the paper. The only time we don’t give you a sealing edge is on panels that must meet edge to edge, like pop up booth panels. There, a sealing edge would put a large seam in the graphics.

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Non-People Cutouts

cutouts for events

Big Corkscrew Cutout

Usually when we do a cutout, it’s of people. But in this case, the good folks at Hermit Woods Winery wanted a big corkscrew for their event, and we were happy to oblige.

We can do a cutout of just about anything- get us a photo, we print it out in large size on display board and cut it out. Things like this can add some real fun to your event too!

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Long Large Format Printing

long pieces of large format printing

30 Feet of Vinyl

People ask how long a piece we can print. In this case, up to 47 feet long! We can go even longer, but there’s always the chance that something messes up halfway along, and we usually ask that we have the flexibility to send you two pieces on long printing like this.

Of course, the material itself often comes in 75 or 100 foot rolls, so that’s a limitation in getting anything in a very long length. Generally, if the roll of material is 100 feet, you could get a banner about 90 feet long. If everything goes OK!

Especially for long banners that are narrow, perhaps two feet high, you can save a lot of money by running the two pieces side by side on a 54″ roll of material with a single joint in the middle. The less waste, the less you spend.

The room seemed awful big when we built it, but I can tell you we were glad to have the space for this job!


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Setting Type in a Photo

type withing a photo

Type Across a Photo

You will often want to put type in a photo, as a label, explanation, or Arlo Guthrie’s circles and arrows. It can be problematic, though, because the photo varies and dark type will be hard to read over the dark parts of the photo, and vice versa.

My trick for setting type in a photo is to use yellow type with a black drop shadow, as shown. Set your type in yellow, get everything sized and positioned as you want. They duplicate the type, change it to black, send it back one layer, and nudge it into position.

In this example, the e wouldn’t be visible if set in black, and the a wouldn’t be visible set in either yellow or white. But the yellow type with a drop shadow works great! Try this the next time you are creating a poster where you need type in a photo.

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Replacement Banners for Banner Stands

new banner for a banner stand

Banner Stand with Replacement Graphic

Retractable banner stands are everywhere, and for good reason, they allow you to display a banner without worrying about how you are going to hang it up. We love them for trade shows, retail stores, and public areas.

The time comes, however, to change out the banner. This is something you probably don’t want to do yourself, because if the thing goes boyoing, it’s a helluva thing to make right.

We do it all the time, and know how to replace your banner with something that’s attractive, durable, and affordable. Send us the banner stand and the artwork, and leave the rest up to us. Turnaround time is a day or two.

We print replacement banners on a film that doesn’t curl on the edges like vinyl will. It wears well and gives you bright colors that demand attention. We find that you can generally replace the banner in a retractable banner stand two or three times before you need to replace the mechanism itself.

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Hanging a Vinyl Banner

hanging of vinyl banners

Super Snap Banner Hanger with S Hook

Often the hanging method of a vinyl banner is a much more difficult subject than the production of the banner itself. That’s because the myriad of ways that the world presents itself can make a lot of ways of hanging the banner.

For indoor banners, particularly trade show banners, we like to use a supersnap or aluminum hanger. It gives a nice straight edge for the top, which means your banner looks smooth and crisp.

We think it’s a huge mistake to fold your banner up after the show. You want to roll it on a tube so that it looks fresh every time. Our favorite trick is to cut a slot in the cardboard tube, put the bottom hanger inside the tube, and roll the banner onto the tube. That means that your banner will be perfect for the next show!

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Indoor Vinyl Banners

vinyl banners for a retail store

Showroom Banners

Banners for indoor use are just a little different than outdoor banners.

First of all, you will want to use a matte finish vinyl so that you don’t have glare trouble. Glossy vinyl works great outdoors in the sunlight, but you’ll inevitably get glare from some angle with indoor lighting. Matte vinyl breaks that glare, as you can see in this photo.

Secondly, a lot of the fixturing problems of outdoor banners go away indoors. Thank goodness! We don’t have to worry about the wind and rain, and that make things a little easier. We like to use pole pockets for indoor banners, since they allow everything to hang nice and straight.

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