Big Maps

Large Map DisplayWe printed this large map of Squam Lake for the Squam Lake Natural Science Center. They have it as part of their new lake cruise shore facility, and it shows people a map of the lake and where the cruise will go.

We printed this large map on 1/4″ Sintra® PVC board, since it’s outdoors and needs to be waterproof. It’s actually two 42×84″ sheets of material printed edge to edge. They fit together perfectly.

For indoor large maps, we often print on wallpaper, which we do as 48″ wide strips and can go up to very large sizes.

Oh, and the Squam Lake cruise is definitely worth it! We saw four bald eagles, 15 loons including 3 chicks, and lots of other wildlife when we did the cruise last Friday. This time of year the foliage is pretty spectacular too.

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Call Don’t Fall Ceiling Tiles

ceiling tiles with call don't fall message

Custom Ceiling Tiles

This is the third time we’ve printed ceiling tiles with a “Call Don’t Fall” message. Our customers use them in hospital rooms to remind patients to call for help when they want to move about. The hospital rooms are often crowded with equipment, and the ceiling is a great place to put the message.

We print ceiling tiles with a custom message in either 2×2′ size, as seen here, or in 2×4′ size. When we do 2×2’s, we usually print a 2×4 foot size and cut in in half.

Typically we print on an Armstrong 942 ceiling tiles. They are easily available, affordable, and are flat which is important to our flatbed printing process. While there are a large number of specification grade ceiling tiles out there, we find that we run into issues of cost, minimum orders, and flatness that argue for using the 942 when printing ceiling tiles.


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Custom Bathroom Wallpaper

Custom wallpaper in a bathroom

Bathroom Wall Mural

We printed this custom wallpaper for our good customer WeWork in New York City.

The big thing about this custom wallpaper job was that they needed it on site in three days. The good news is that they had the artwork ready, and it was good stuff. By which we mean hi resolution, set up to the right size, and matching panel to panel.

They sent us the files, we verified things were going to work, and started printing. We met the deadline and they were able to keep their promise to their client. It looks great too!

We normally like two weeks to ship a custom wallpaper job, but we can move quickly when you need us to. In this case, we dispensed with the proof, since there simply wasn’t time. We made a spot in our production schedule for it, and sent it overnight to New York. Rush job is us!


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Museum Wall Covering

museum wall photo

Wall Covering at the Mt Washington Observatory Museum

We took the Cog Railway to the summit of Mt. Washington last weekend, and paid a visit to the Observatory Museum. Three years ago we printed the wall covering murals when they were renovating the museum. They still look fantastic!

The wall covering murals are printed on our suede texture vinyl wallpaper. We like having a light texture on the wall covering, since it breaks any glare, as well as masking any imperfections in the wall below. The suede wall mural material does the job! It has a surface texture much like that of a suede jacket.

We also offer a smooth texture wall covering for murals, and we prefer it for wall murals that have rich blacks. It’s just that the smooth surface shows every imperfection in the wall, and depending on your lighting can give reflections.

Whichever way you want to go, give us a call when you are doing a wall covering mural!


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Large Format Kiosk Signage

Full color trail head sign

Full Color Kiosk Signs

We printed these full color trail map signs for the Lakes Region Conservation Trust, which opened a new hiking trail recently.

The trail head signs include a large color trail map of the area, showing the topo map and the trails, as well as a description of the history of the property and the LRCT logo. All in all, it’s a very handsome group of large format printing.

My word to the wise is to take a photo of the trail map sign before you head out! A mile in, you’ll wonder which fork in the trail to take, and you can reference your photo. I’ve made it a habit of doing this every time I see a trail map at the trail head, and it serves me well.

I also encourage the conservation groups to install “you are here” trail map signs at important junctions. It can get confusing as to which junction you are at, and these help a lot.


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Restaurant Wall Mural

restaurant wall mural

Wall Mural in Amsterdam

This restaurant wall mural doesn’t just try to set a mood, it makes a pledge of taste, quality, and local products.  It also show you a few plates to whet your appetite!

I saw this wall mural in a restaurant in Amsterdam where we met several friends for dinner before we started out on our barge trip.

Modern digital technology makes wall murals like this easy to do. Measure your wall, and get us the artwork. We will get it done for you!

We can also have one of our graphic designers do the layout for you. Either way, you’ll get a wall mural that does a little selling for you.


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Cafeteria Signage

signs for college cafeteria

Food Service Signage

When I went to college, you went through a line and little old ladies spooned out whatever they were serving that day. You took it or you starved. No More!

Nowadays we print a lot of very colorful vinyl signage that goes into college cafeterias, like this photo from Plymouth State’s dining service. They give a lot of choice of yummy food, and use a lot of colorful signage to show you what’s cooking. Cafeterias are much more consumer focused than they used to be.

Much of what we did here was on adhesive backed vinyl, to be adhered to sign fixtures and applied directly to the wall, as well as sneeze guards, milk dispensers, etc. We also printed on flat sheets of PVC and did a wall mural.

All of our printing is full four color process, so you get colorful signage that sells your product. Give us a call when you need to dress up your location!

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