Meeting Signs

signs for conferences and meetings

Meeting Signs

It’s that time of year- companies are getting everyone together to talk about what needs to be done in the coming year. We have been very busy making meeting signs.

Since they don’t usually need to last more than a few days, we print meeting signs on foamcore board. It’s cheap and the colors are terrific!

We can produce your meeting signs in a day or two.

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Trade Show Backdrop Banners

trade show banners

Backdrop Banner

We do a lot of banners for trade shows. Our 100″ printer gives us the ability to print full 8′ height and just about as long as you need to go. We print on a matte finish vinyl that gives bright, accurate colors without giving you reflection trouble.

We did this banner along with several others for Tucker Toys for their booth at the NY Toy Show.

In this case, we gave them a 3″ pole pocket for hanging, and black grommets on the bottom to keep them taut. Yes, we have grommets in brass, stainless, and black!

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Bank Posters

lobby posters in a bank

Bank Lobby Poster

You normally think of paper posters when doing your typical 22×28 poster in a bank lobby. We are finding a solution that we like a lot better, though.

Our good customer Meredith Village Savings Bank has us print their lobby posters on 1 mm sintra, which is a foamed PVC sheet .040″ thick. There are a number of reasons we like this material, first of which it stays really flat over an extended period of time. Paper posters tend to get wavy after a while.

Another reason is that the sintra is totally waterproof. So, they use them outdoors in sign holders on the ATM, etc. If things get a little we, no harm done.

Lastly, these lobby posters are rigid, so they go into and come out of sign holders easily.

You’ll find sintra bank posters to be around the same cost as paper posters, but superior in how they look and perform long term. Give it a try!

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Cutouts of WW Cargill

people cutouts for company events

WW Cargill Cutout

This is one of 150 people cutouts of company founder WW Cargill we did for Cargill Corporation as they celebrate their founding in 1865. We printed them on 3/16″ Ultraboard and used our computer cutting machine to cut them out. We shipped them to company locations all over the world- Brazil, India, Europe, South America and Asia as well as the USA.

The people from Cargill are taking pictures of WW along with their staff and posting them on the Cargill website- it’s their version of Where’s Waldo and a lot of fun. Check it out.

Generally when we do a single cutout we just do the cutting by hand. But for quantities like this, the digital cutter is faster and does a beautiful job. We are proud of the quality we are able to print for them, and pleased to be serving such a distinguished customer!

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Branding Wallpaper

wall murals for branding

Branding Wallpaper

We all know that branding is important to the success of any company. Here, our customer, Branding Science, uses our custom wallpaper to talk about branding in their new offices. Not only does it speak to how their business works, but it’s colorful and fun!

In this case we are printing digital art instead of a photograph. Either way, this kind of wall mural has great impact!


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Making a View in a Restaurant

restaurant wallpaper

Creating a View

This custom wall mural is done from a photo taken by Patrick Merritt of San Diego, of the Coronado Bridge in that lovely city that connects the mainland with Coronado Island.

What I love about it is the way the customer gets a view as though they are dining underneath the bridge, even though they aren’t. It’s all about the illusion!

Custom wall murals can help you create just the feeling you want in a room. Call us and we’ll get it done for you!

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Wallpaper on an Office Ceiling

ceiling wall muralThis is a dramatic way to decorate an office! Our customer installed custom wallpaper from a scanned map of the state of North Carolina from the 1700’s. And, on the ceiling of the office!

We thought it was pretty cool artwork when it came off the press, and now seeing a photo of the installation, we are even more impressed.

Generally, you’ll want a good installer for something like this. Ceilings are not for the uninitiated! We recommend using someone from the Wallpaper Installers Association when you are doing a complex or difficult installation.

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