Temporary Outdoor Displays

Art show display

Street Display

I ran across this interesting outdoor display in Reykjavik Iceland this week. It was an outdoor photography show, with wooden frames holding Dibond panels of the artwork. Nicely done!

What’s cool about what they have done is that it works well for a short term show, and the outdoor displays don’t require any bolts or other permanent fixtures. If it’s going to be windy, you can put a sandbag on the feet.

One other feature of these outdoor display stands is that they can be moved if you have the need. We’re actually quoting a job with them right now!

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Advertising with Custom Wallpaper

wallpaper to advertise at rest area

Rest Area Wallpaper

We’ve been doing a lot of custom wallpaper at the new Hookset rest areas along I93. They’ve got plenty of empty walls, and they are filling them up with wallpaper that advertises things to do while in the White Mountains. Not only does it make the rest area colorful, it brings customers to the advertisers.

In this wall mural, you see a map of the area and pictures of all the places to stay, shop, eat and be entertained. It gets lots of attention!

When you have a big blank wall, think about using a custom wall mural to turn it into a revenue stream like they are doing in Hookset!

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Wedding Picture Cutout

cardboard cutout of people

Wedding Photo Cutout

We do lots of cutouts of people. One of the more popular things is to do a wedding photo for a 25th or 50th anniversary celebration. Here’s one we did for a 25th anniversary party for a couple.

Everybody loves cutouts like this, and they are the center of attention at the party. Well, maybe except for the guests of honor. It’s really fun to see what they looked like so long ago, and also to have them life sized.

All you need is a pretty good photo, and we’ll take it from there. You can have it scanned locally and send us the jpg file, or we can scan the photo here and make your full size person cutout from it. Either way, you’ll have something fun!

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Roll Up Banners

self standing banner

Pull Up Banner

We love the way banner stands work! They go anywhere, can be easily moved around, and don’t require any hardware to install. It’s a real pain in the neck to figure out how to hang a traditional banner every place you go, and the retractable banner stands make that go away.

This is one we made for the NH Music Festival, and it sits in a rest area along I93. Before the Festival started, they used it at every function they held leading up to the season.

At $199, they are a bargain, and a great way to communicate!

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Lobby Poster

digital poster printing

Lobby Poster

Sometimes it’s useful to print a poster and hang it up where customers wait. It’s a great way to do a little selling in what would otherwise be wasted time.

In this case our customer put this poster in their customer service area to pre-sell their easy process for getting a loan.

Whether you are printing a single poster, or dozens, our digital process does them quickly and affordably!

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Plaque for a Building

sign for a building

Building Plaque

Here’s a way to do a very nice building plaque for not a lot of money. We print directly onto 1/4″ Sintra, and you bolt it to the building . Done.

In this case we have used our computerized die cutter to do a nice old time shape. A few mounting holes and stainless steel bolts and up it goes.

Our vendors tell us the inks are good for 3-5 years, and we’ve have signs of this material up now for over 5 years, and they look like the day they were made.

We can turn around something like this in a few days. Call for a quote!

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Wallpaper from Historical Photos

wall mural of historical photographs

Historical Wall Mural

Here’s a wall mural we did of historical photos for the meeting room of the town of Hartford VT. It’s a real hit with the people of the town!

Not only is it attractive, but it sets a mood of the history and heritage of the area. The photos were taken by Collamer Abbott in the 1950s, a photographer for the Valley News and other publications. He died in 2012.

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