Truth in Advertising

I bought a Hershey Bar the other day at the local CVS store. They had a yellow tag advertising, big as life, 99 cents. So I was surprised when the guy told me it was $1.49. Evidently the small print below the big price was “with your CVS card.” Yeesh, do I need to read all this crap every time I buy something?

First of all, I don’t get to this store that much, and never got a CVS card. Secondly, I don’t want someone’s big data system knowing what I buy at the CVS store. It’s also very intrusive to expect me to fill out a form to save 50 cents. But what really makes me mad is when they tell me it’s a dollar and it’s half again that.

Which is why we don’t do things that way at MegaPrint. When you see a price from us, that’s the price. We don’t have a loyalty program that makes you find your username and password every time you talk to us. We don’t have a bunch of little add-ons that tack on 50% to  the advertised price.

I’ve seen other people in our industry charge you $50 for a “file processing fee.” $10 for any file  format that’s not a pdf. Huge shipping charges. By the time you are done, you’ll find that we are really competitive. It’s just that we choose not to lead with a low price and stick it to you at the other side. I hate it when people do that to me, and that’s why we don’t do it to you.

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Custom Wallpaper Borders

custom wallpaper borders

Custom Borders

Sometimes people want a custom wallpaper border instead of a full wall mural. We can do that!

Typically, we will print the wallpaper borders as 9 or 12″ strips, with an inch of overlap where they are to fit together. So, if you needed 40 feet of 12″ custom printed border, we would send you 4- 10’1″ strips a foot wide.

That uses the material efficiently, since it comes to us in 54″ width rolls. In the picture above you get an idea of how a customer’s order is printed. If we had printed him a single roll 50 ft long, he would probably have had to cut it into pieces to install it anyway!


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Wallpaper in a Display Case

restaurant wallpaper

Display Case Wallpaper

Here’s an interesting job we just finished for Darden Restaurants. The customer had a display case on the side of the restaurant in a mall. They wanted it to look like you were looking into the restaurant when you looked into the display case.

They took a good quality photo of happy people having a meal in the restaurant, and we printed custom wallpaper to make it look like you were looking into the restaurant. I think it looks pretty good!

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Big Checks for Presentations

Large Checks for photo ops

Big Check Presentation

One way of generating publicity for your organization is to give money to a worthy cause, and then send a picture of the presentation to the local paper. We can help by printing the big check for your photo op.

We publish several templates for the big check on our website. They open in PowerPoint, you type in the recipient’s name and the amount, put in your logo, whatever you want. Then, enter your order online for a foamcore mounted check, either laminated so you can write on it with a dry erase marker, or just paper on foamcore.

Either way, we’ll ship it to you in a day or two, between sheets of cardboard. Fedex can have it there the next day, although it’s less expensive if you can give us a few days and ship it 3 day or even ground.

Give us a try when you need a large check for a presentation!

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New MegaPrint Site

megaprint inc website

New MegaPrint Website

We’ve recently done a complete update of the MegaPrint Inc. web site. We think it’s real improvement!

For instance, it will price jobs right there on the home page with a simple price checker. The online ordering system has been updated with greater flexibility, more choices, and improved security.

The product selector helps you hone in on the type of large format work you need quickly and easily.

Last but not  least, it has a clean fresh look that we hope you find appealing! If you have feedback on our new site, we hope you’ll call!

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Bad Banner Stand

curled vinyl on a banner stand

Canoeing Vinyl

You’ll see banners like this all the time, this one at a rest area along the Garden State Parkway in New Jersey. In an effort to do them cheaply, they have used vinyl for the graphic. Over time, it stretches and curls on the sides, giving a terrible presentation.

I’m sorry, but it seems to me that the couple of bucks it would have cost to do it right would long ago have been made back by selling more coffee with a fresh, flat banner that makes you thirsty for another cup of coffee.

That’s why we print on a film for our banner stands. We’ve had a few of them up in the back of our shop for several years now, flat as the day they were made. The film we use doesn’t stretch, so they stay flat. It costs a few bucks more. When they sell more product for you, you’ll find our banner stands are worth it.

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Restaurant and Bar Wall Murals

custom wall mural for a bar

Jazz Bar Wallpaper

Setting the mood in restaurants and bars is an important part of keeping customers coming. In this location, our customer sets the mood in a jazz bar with a custom wall mural that lets you know the place is about jazz!

We use a commercial grade vinyl wallpaper that is tough as well as beautiful. That’s important in a location like this. Our UV cured inks are brilliant and very durable. You can count on them to last!

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