Roll Ups as a Trade Show Backdrop

trade show backdrop

Three Banner Stands

You can spend a lot of money doing a trade show backdrop, and we do plenty of them in various ways. I have always liked the simplicity and economy of doing three banner stands for trade shows.

They are easy to ship, easy to install, and you can do the three of them for under $550.

Of course, you don’t have to use a roll up for a trade show. We do them for retailers, events, conferences, you name it!


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Wallpaper Mural in a School

historical wallpaper display

Mountain Mission School

This wallpaper mural was produced for the Mountain Mission School in Virginia. In a way, it’s a museum display that talks about the history of the school. But it’s also something that talks about the mission of the school and sets the tone for what happens there. They gave us great artwork, and they have a beautiful installation.

What’s also cool about this job was that we produced it in a day. We got artwork on Wednesday, printed and shipped the wallpaper on Thursday, and they had it on Friday for installation over the weekend. While we prefer to work with a little more notice, it can be done!

When you need a custom wall mural, whether in a hurry or not, give us a call!

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Easel Signs for Meetings

foamcore mounted sign for a meeting

Meeting Sign

We do a lot of meeting signs. In this case, the sign was to announce an event to people entering the hotel, and to direct them to the event.

This meeting sign was printed on foamcore board, and then laminated with plastic to dress it up as well as protect it. The hotel put it on an easel in a strategic spot to let people know which way to go.

When you are doing a meeting or event that requires affordable easel signs, give us a call!

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Repeating Logo Banner

backdrop banner

Step and Repeat Banner

We see a lot of backdrop banners these days with logos repeating across the back. You see them as backdrops for photo shoots, press conferences, and events.

Generally we make them out of a matte finish vinyl banner material that doesn’t give you trouble with reflections.

The real question is always how to hang them up. We can do a pole pocket across the top and bottom, into which you put a long dowel or piece of electrical conduit. Most stages have setups for poles that will work.

Alternately, we can put grommets across the top and you put a rope back and forth, and then tie it on the sides. Lastly, we can supply aluminum or plastic hangers that grip the banner and give it a straight edge and a nice presentation.

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Photo Enlargement for the Office

blowing up a photo

Photo at the Office

They’ve been doing a little decorating around the offices of the Mayhew Program, and we’ve been helping with photos that talk about the goals and people that make it work. It’s a wonderful program that helps at risk boys in New Hampshire.

We printed these directly on 1/2″ black display board, which has a white face for printing with a black styrofoam core and black back. We find that this material looks so good that there’s no need to do framing of the photo. That can be a huge svings, because the frame for a photo this size can cost three times what the photo enlargement costs.

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Poster of Tournament Brackets

tournament bracket poster

Poster for a Tournament

Here’s something we print a  lot of this time of year- a poster of the brackets for a hockey or basketball tournament.

In this case, the poster is 5×8′ in size and printed on our matte paper. The customer will use stickey notes for each team, and use the poster for several years.

You can also make a tournament bracket poster with our gloss lamination, and use a dry erase marker to write in the team names. You’ll get a lot of years out of that! Lamination protects the poster and keeps it looking fresh for many years.

The advantages of printing a poster this way is that it looks professional, can  have school and tournament logos, and will attract much more attention than a hand drawn set of brackets.

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Wallpaper for a Man Cave

photo for a man cave

Man Cave Wallpaper

This wallpaper is a photo of the stadium where the Cowboys play, with the twist that the jumbo TV in the stadium is actually a real TV on the wall for watching the game! It makes a pretty cool man cave.

Our suede custom printed wallpaper does a great job on this. The suede texture breaks up the glare of the lighting, and the colors are bright and happy.

We print on a commercial grade vinyl wallpaper that is tough and scrubable. Important for a man cave.

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