Banner Stand Promotion

We are running a promotion until the end of the year on our Premium Banner Stand! $499 now ’till the end of the year.

This banner stand is the best we sell. First of all, it’s a really rugged product. If you are hard on them, this one is the one you want.

pull up banner

Banner Stand Promotion

Changing the banner out is easy too. If, for instance, you go to trade shows that target different markets, you can change these graphics out in a minute, and then put them back just as easily. Here’s a YouTube video showing how easy that is.

Last but not least, it’s printed on a rugged 11 mil material that stays flat and has a light blocking layer so you don'[t see the shadow of the pole when there’s light behind it.

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Banner Stands as a Booth Backdrop

banner stands form a booth backdrop

Instant Trade Show Booth!

Here’s a way to do a trade show booth easily and affordably. Take three banner stands and put them side by each at the back of your booth. Done! Rent a table to put your literature on, a chair to sit on, and you are good to go.

What I like about doing a booth this way is that you can ship the banner stands to your hotel, and carry them into the show hall. You don’t have to worry that they are somewhere in a huge receiving area, and you don’t have to pay to have them delivered to your booth.

I like to see the artwork divided between the banner stands like this customer did. It can get awkward if text goes between them. The designer did a nice job of making this booth backdrop look like a complete piece of artwork as well as being in three separate pieces. Nice job!



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Banner as a Retail Backdrop

banner as backdrop

Backdrop Banner

In this retail location, our customer used a banner of a photo of their store to create the illusion of a much larger store in a small rest area location. It does a really nice job of it!

The Red Hill General Store took a hi rez picture in their large store location, and we printed it on a matte finish vinyl. We put grommets across the top for hanging, and they installed it on two sheets of plywood.


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Wallboard Vinyl Museum Display

museum display panels

Museum Panel with Wallboard Vinyl

This is a wallboard vinyl job we recently completed for the New Hampshire Historical Society.

They like wallboard vinyl because it prints beautifully, yet is easy to remove when the display needs to come down. That’s because it has a “sticky note” adhesive on the back that works great on painted drywall, but comes off without leaving any residue.

It’s also great when you have a landlord who insists that you leave the place with no trace that you were there!

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Table Top Trade Show Display

tabletop trade show

Table Top Display

Sometimes you are doing a show where they give you a table with a drape, and that’s it. A small table top trade show display does the trick. This is one we did for Plymouth State here in town.

We used our crystal laminated prints and put velcro around the back to hold them onto the fuzzy face of the table top display.

We also did the design for them, giving them a very nice looking display, if I do say so myself! They thought so too.

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Theme Wallpaper in a Lobby

wall mural corporate theme

Corporate Theme Mural

Here’s a wall mural we did recently for the CAEC Electrical Co-op in Alabama. When you walk into their lobby, you know what they do!

They love how it makes a statement, and it gets a lot of compliments.

You can have a wall mural made from just about any decent quality digital photo. We like to see 6 or 8 megapixel images, and of course they need to be sharp.  More megapixels are always appreciated.

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Pull Up Banners

banners that roll up

Pull Up Banner

I always wonder what the right name is for a banner stand. You see people call them all kinds of things: roll up banners, pull up banners, blind banners, and so on. A rose by any other name, etc etc.

We did this banner stand for the Wyoming Frontier Prison Museum, and I thought it turned out quite nicely. I remember when they called they didn’t know what to call it either!

We used our standard banner stand, which is 35.5″ wide and 83″ tall, nearly seven feet. If you need a banners stand, or whatever you want to call it, call us!

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