Bad Banner Stand

curled vinyl on a banner stand

Canoeing Vinyl

You’ll see banners like this all the time, this one at a rest area along the Garden State Parkway in New Jersey. In an effort to do them cheaply, they have used vinyl for the graphic. Over time, it stretches and curls on the sides, giving a terrible presentation.

I’m sorry, but it seems to me that the couple of bucks it would have cost to do it right would long ago have been made back by selling more coffee with a fresh, flat banner that makes you thirsty for another cup of coffee.

That’s why we print on a film for our banner stands. We’ve had a few of them up in the back of our shop for several years now, flat as the day they were made. The film we use doesn’t stretch, so they stay flat. It costs a few bucks more. When they sell more product for you, you’ll find our banner stands are worth it.

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Restaurant and Bar Wall Murals

custom wall mural for a bar

Jazz Bar Wallpaper

Setting the mood in restaurants and bars is an important part of keeping customers coming. In this location, our customer sets the mood in a jazz bar with a custom wall mural that lets you know the place is about jazz!

We use a commercial grade vinyl wallpaper that is tough as well as beautiful. That’s important in a location like this. Our UV cured inks are brilliant and very durable. You can count on them to last!

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Banner for an Event Tent

Tent Kiosk Banner

Tent Bannner

It’s the time of the year for outdoor events, and that means event tents. Here’s one way our customer displayed their products in a tent- with one of our vinyl banners at the back.

You always have to be worried about the wind with this kind of thing, and I’m pleased that they used bungee cords to hold up the banner. Not only does that hold it taut, but it allows it to move to shed the wind if needed.

A good vinyl banner says that you are a professional company, and it attracts people to enter your tent. Think about using one of our banners in your tent!


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Large Canvas Prints

large format canvas printing

Printing on Canvas

Canvas is a material that many people like for large format printing. In this case, we were printing photos, but we also do reproduction of paintings and digital art. Canvas is nice because it has a great texture that softens the image.

When we do a print of a painting, you need to touch it to realize that the brush strokes are printed, they are that realistic. If you have a good digital image of a painting, we can make you a canvas print that knocks your socks off.

Canvas prints can also give you banners that have that “old time feeling.” Hang them up with some old rope, and off you go!

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Our Booth at Neocon

trade show booth at neocon

Our Neocon Booth

I’m just back from doing the Neocon show in Chicago, a trade show for interior designers. We were showing our suede and smooth wall murals, and our wall fabric. Our booth was well received, and I hope we found a lot of new customers!

What’s different about Neocon is that they give you three walls, instead of pole and drape as in a typical trade show. I put our suede wallpaper on one wall, wallboard vinyl on the back, and wall fabric on the third. They all looked great!

One observation I had, though, was how much more forgiving the suede wallpaper was of the wall below. The walls in these booths are not the smoothest, and the suede wallpaper masks the irregularities below much better than a smooth material. You really had to look to find a problem, and there were plenty! The smooth material on the back showed every little blip.

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Wallboard Vinyl in a Museum

museum display photo

Museum Panorama

This is a panoramic wall mural printed on wallboard vinyl. It’s a great choice for this kind of work, since it’s easy to remove when the time comes. The results speak for themselves.

It’s printed from a panoramic photo taken with new technology developed by the military and Carnegie Mellon. Fantastic quality and image resolution! We’ve done some NASA images of the moon from the same technology, and they are stunning.

We did several of these for the White Mountain Museum, and the work is something that we can be really proud of.

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Duplicating an existing wall mural

copy a wall mural

Wall Mural Duplicate

This is one of the more interesting custom wall mural jobs we have done. The town of New Bedford  is renovating their town hall, and they didn’t want to lose the hand painted mural on one of their walls. Except the wall had to be torn down as part of the renovation.

The solution was creative! Ian Raymond, a fabulous photographer in the area, was called in to shoot a panoramic photo of the mural. In point of fact, he stitched over a dozen photos together in Photoshop to re-create the mural.

He then gave us the Photoshop file, and we produced the wall mural to be installed in the renovated town hall. It will be very, very close to the original in size and colors. People will wonder how did they ever get the mural down and back up again!

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