Stadium Wall Mural

stadium wall mural

Football Fan Wallpaper

This wall mural shows a great image of a football stadium with the city of Chicago in the background. It makes a real statement for a football fan, and any fan of this great city.

A wall mural is a great way to do something dramatic with a small wall like this, which otherwise can be tough to do much with. It’s always fun to see people pointing out where they live, or a place where they were recently. A mural like this gets a lot of attention!

The interior design was by Inspired Interior of Chicago.

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Outdoor Event Banners

banner to announce an event

Event Banner

We print a lot of event banners. We think for good reason! Our banners are colorful, highest quality, and they’re affordable. A 3×10 foot banner like the one in the photo is less than $160.

We’ve recently bought a new HP Latex printer that does great work. We love it because it’s fast, and banners come off it dry and ready to sew. It allows us to do your banner on a very fast turnaround.

It also gives us brilliant colors and does a very good job of matching pantone colors. Give us a try when your next event needs a banner!


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Model Home Wall Murals

model home wall paper

Wall Mural in a Sales Office

I was playing golf at Bonita National in Florida over the long weekend, and poked my nose in the Lennar model home near the clubhouse. Sure enough, they had a wall mural we made in the sales area!

This is a great way to sell the homes along the golf course, with pictures of happy people and scenic views. Evidently sales are going very well, and I  like to think that at least in a small way our wall mural helps.

Best of all, I shot a 92, a personal best for me! Which gives you an idea of how bad a golfer I usually am.

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Reflective Signs Digitally Printed

sign on reflective media

Reflective Sign

Here’s a sign we did recently on reflective media. The customer wanted to be sure it would be visible at night, and didn’t want to go to the expense of installing and powering lights.

We printed on reflective media with our HP Latex printer, which uses UV stable inks that are permanent and color correct. We applied the media to a piece of 1/4″ sintra board.

Our customer is John Libby, a young CPA setting up shop in town. We wish him the best!

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Photo Enlargement in a Corporate Lobby

enlarge photo

Photo Blowup

We do a lot of photo enlargement. Digital printing allows you to show pictures of product, happy customers, and company history. It does it quickly and affordably, especially compared to the old methods that required big tanks of photo chemicals and drying rollers.

These photos are in the lobby of Cardinal Gas Storage Co. They show unique features of their company’s equipment and capabilities.

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Wall Mural of Photos

photo wall mural

Wall Mural Collage

Here’s a wall mural of photos of the Cresskill Borough in New Jersey.

What I think is cool about this is that they can show all the facilities in the town with a single mural, instead of printing and framing 13 pictures. And, of course, it sets the tone for people coming into the building.

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Hillary Clinton Event Signage

event signage

Photo by Allegra Boverman. Planned Parenthood Action Fund endorsed Hillary Clinton for president at Southern New Hampshire University in Hooksett on Sunday afternoon.

We printed these signs for a Planned Parenthood / Hillary Clinton event last Sunday. I think they look great!

The signs were printed on 3/16 gatorfoam with our flatbed UV printer. There were 8 pieces 5×5′ in size on the stage, and a number of smaller prints used as directional signage around the venue.

Our customer was Bond Events, a Washington DC event manager. We’ve done work for them for years.

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