Photo Mosaic Wallpaper

picture mosaic wall mural

Photo Mosaic Wall Mural

There are a number of web sites that let you make a mosaic of photos. Here’s a fun way to use the mosaic- as custom lobby wallpaper!

You can make custom wallpaper from product photos, pictures of employees or customers, buildings or your factory.

You don’t need to limit yourself to a custom wall mural in the lobby either! Think about using them in conference or training rooms, cafeterias, or just anyplace where the custom wallpaper will have an impact!

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Wall Size Maps

Large Wall Map

Large Size Wall Map

This large wallpaper map was in a Museum in Alaska that wanted to show the Arctic Circle on a map of the world. It was printed on something similar to our wallboard vinyl, which is a wall covering with “sticky note” adhesive.

Wallpaper maps are useful in many ways. We’ve printed a map of the White Mountain National Forest, a number of towns with all the roads and bridges shown, and even a military base.

Rather than gather around a table with half the group trying to read a small paper map upside down, a wallpaper map can be made much larger and everyone can gather around it right-side up!

All you really need to have a wallpaper map printed is a good high resolution file of the area. Much of these are available online, do a Google search and you find what you need.


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Sidewalk Graphics

graphics on sidewalks

Sidewalk Graphics

We are turning 25 on September 1st, and we’ve designed this logo in celebration. As you come in the front door, you walk over a 6×8′ sidewalk graphic printed on our Walk-N-Wall vinyl.

Sidewalk graphics need to be durable, and they are! We print with UV inks that are really tough, and they are stable in sunlight. The Walk-N-Wall material also has a thick adhesive that adheres well to concrete and asphalt. We’ve also used it on interior applications where the substrate is irregular, such as concrete block.

Give a sidewalk graphic a try when you are trying to communicate with pedestrians!


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Golf Sponsor Signs

golf sponsor sign

Waterproof Sponsor Sign

This golf tournament sponsor sign gives all the names of the event sponsors. We printed it on coroplast so that in the event of rain it will still look good! We printed it for the Mayhew Program, which has a golf tournament every year to support their program to change the lives of at-risk boys.

We print golf sponsor signs to go on each tee and green as well, usually smaller that something like this. We put a wire stake on each that makes it easy to jab them in the ground, and to pick them up at the end of the day.

We can turn your order for golf sponsor signs around in a day or two. Get us a list of sponsors, or better yet, use our sponsor sign template to lay out your own golf sponsor signs.


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Museum Wall Displays

museum wall display

Museum Wall Graphics

We printed these attractive museum wall graphics for the Museum of the White Mountains here in Plymouth NH.

We printed these museum wall graphics on our Wallboard Vinyl, which is a matte finish 7 mil material with “sticky note” adhesive on the back. Museums like this material because it goes up easily, can be re-positioned, and comes off without leaving any residue. New museum exhibits go up quickly and easily!

Another nice feature of this museum exhibit is that the captions are printed on a clear adhesive vinyl. These clear museum wall graphics are also easy to install and are quite attractive. Against even a darker wall as you see here, they are easily read.

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Museum Photo Enlargements and Captions

museum photos

Angle Cut Museum Photo

These photo enlargements were on display at the Alaska Museum, which I visited in June. What was really interesting about them was that they had been cut at a slight angle instead of perpendicular to the face.

The photo enlargements, especially those on thinner board, barely showed the sides of the board. This gave emphasis to the photo enlargement, and reduced emphasis to the edge. I liked that! After all, the photo is what you are talking about.

We are really used to doing perpendicular cuts on our photo enlargements, so you’ll need to be sure to specify that you would like your museum graphics trimmed this way. But, we can do it if you like!


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Parking Lot Graphics

driveway graphic

Graphic on Asphalt

We printed this parking lot graphic to be sure that we leave the customer spot open for customers! It’s our Walk N Wall material, UV printed and applied directly to the asphalt.

The material is a heavy vinyl with a thick layer of adhesive. Sweep the sand off the spot and you can apply a parking lot graphic in a few minutes.

The manufacturer says that the parking lot graphic has a six month life. We’ll see how the test goes, but after a month it is looking really good!

You can use this material indoors for floor graphics too!


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