Wallpaper in a Company Cafe

corporate image wallpaper

Cafe Shower Head

This wallpaper job is in a corporate cafeteria where they wanted to make a statement about their business. It works! The design is by Eye for Design, and I think it’s terrific.

Custom Wall Murals are great whenever you want to set a mood, brand your business, or create a feeling. We’re doing a ton of it, and for good reason.

Our commercial grade vinyl and UV cured inks give you an installation that is attractive and durable. Give it a try!

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Aluminum Hangers for Banners

Hangers on trade show banners

Trade Show Banner with Aluminum Hangers

Here’s a very nice presentation of a company’s logo using our aluminum hangers and Pos-Pro banner material. Pos-Pro is the same material we use on our retractable banner stands.

The aluminum hangers give us a way to fixture it so that it stays flat. Our customer used the graphics in their trade show booth, and now they hang in their offices. They are accountants- and they are getting good value from the work we did for them!

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Temporary Hospital Signage

temporary signage for a hospital

Wallboard Vinyl Poster

This poster is printed on our Wallboard Vinyl to allow a hospital to move it, change it, and most of all, to install it easily.

Wallboard Vinyl is cool because it has “sticky note” adhesive on the back of a typical adhesive vinyl face.  It is easy to put up, and if you get it up crooked, you lift it and put it back straight. We print with our UV curable inks that are rugged, color accurate, and light fast.

Still, it gives you a reasonably permanent installation. I’ve had a wallboard vinyl poster on the wall of my bathroom for over two years now, just to see how it handles cycles of hot and cold, low and high humidity. It looks like the day I put it up.

When the time comes to remove it, it comes off the wall cleanly leaving no residue. So it ‘s a great choice for things you want to put up yourself, that will last, and come down easily and cleanly when their time is up.

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Branding for a Dentist’s Office

custom dental office wallpaper

Dental Office Branding

Our customer wanted to create branding for his new dental office, and he asked us to create a design with his logo, his branding photo, and a photo of black paneling that would save him the trouble of installing paneling above and below the photo.

Here’s how it turned out- quite well I think!

Branding is so important to a business, and a custom wall mural sure helps you to do that. You can either send us artwork ready to print, or have our designers do the layout. Either way, you’ll get something that looks great and makes your office special!

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Panoramic Photo Enlargement

Enlarging a panoramic photo

Panoramic Photo

Our customer was hoping to display a panoramic photo he had taken in a local art show. What we did was print our suede wallpaper in the appropriate size, and the customer mounted it to a large board that he made.

While we print photo enlargements all the time, this was something that would not have worked well with just a paper print, and since he wanted to have a curve on his display, a board mounted print wasn’t an option, especially at this size. Fedex won’t take things that big.

So, wallpaper worked great. We could ship it rolled up, and our customer could install something substantial on the display. Looks great too, don’t you think?

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Museum Wallpaper

museum wallpaper

Mount Washington Observatory Wallpaper

Here’s a great picture of some wallpaper we printed for the Mount Washington Observatory museum at the summit of Mount Washington here in NH. They gave it lighting with a snowflake pattern which makes it even more stunning.

We did about 500 square feet of wallpaper for the museum when they did their renovation this spring, and it was a neat job- great artwork and fun photos of the mountain.

I’m even trying to organize a hike to go there before they close when the winter weather sets in! I still have 5 of the 4000 footers to go, and Mt Washington is one of them.

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Protect Foamcore Edges

protecting foamcore edges

Banged Up Foamcore

Whenever we print on foamcore board that people plan to take from place to place, I worry. It is so easy to smack the edges into a doorway or trunk lid!

There is a solution, though. We carry Edge Trim, a thin plastic U- Channel that fits on the edges of 3/16 foamcore, gatorboard, and Ultraboard. It not only protects the edges, but gives the look of a thin frame.

We stock it in black, white, silver and clear. We sell mostly black, though.

Below is a picture of the edge trim.

protective edge trim for foamcore

Edge Trim


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