Lobby Poster

digital poster printing

Lobby Poster

Sometimes it’s useful to print a poster and hang it up where customers wait. It’s a great way to do a little selling in what would otherwise be wasted time.

In this case our customer put this poster in their customer service area to pre-sell their easy process for getting a loan.

Whether you are printing a single poster, or dozens, our digital process does them quickly and affordably!

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Plaque for a Building

sign for a building

Building Plaque

Here’s a way to do a very nice building plaque for not a lot of money. We print directly onto 1/4″ Sintra, and you bolt it to the building . Done.

In this case we have used our computerized die cutter to do a nice old time shape. A few mounting holes and stainless steel bolts and up it goes.

Our vendors tell us the inks are good for 3-5 years, and we’ve have signs of this material up now for over 5 years, and they look like the day they were made.

We can turn around something like this in a few days. Call for a quote!

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Wallpaper from Historical Photos

wall mural of historical photographs

Historical Wall Mural

Here’s a wall mural we did of historical photos for the meeting room of the town of Hartford VT. It’s a real hit with the people of the town!

Not only is it attractive, but it sets a mood of the history and heritage of the area. The photos were taken by Collamer Abbott in the 1950s, a photographer for the Valley News and other publications. He died in 2012.

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Sintra Signs

mounting a sintra sign

Sintra Sign

We print a lot of signs on Sintra, a foamed PVC sheet that is a very common sign making material. Here’s a photo of my favorite way to mount it to a board.

Here they are using flat head screws to mount the Sintra sign to a plywood panel. You need to use flat head screws so that the screw doesn’t split the Sintra. If you use a regular deck screw, the trumpet shape will do just that.

We print Sintra with our UV curing printer. That gives you bright happy colors that are durable and light fast. For extra protection, we can coat the Sintra with a clear coating that provides extra protection from the elements.

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Hanging Outdoor Banners

using pole pockets to hold banners

Outdoor Pole Pockets

I tell people 10 times a day that printing an outdoor banner is the easy part, figuring out how to hang it is what’s hard. In the photo is a hanging system for outdoor banners that I saw on a recent trip to San Diego.

First of all, the banners are hung close to the building so the wind can’t get behind it very well. That reduces the wind load substantially, and that’s important because these are 5×15′ size. If they were able to catch the wind, you would need huge supports.

The banner is made with pole pockets top and bottom. The poles are a good 2″ diameter and suspended from solidly anchored eye bolts. The trick here is to cut a window in the banner for the eye bolt. Then the pole isn’t sticking out the side, which in my opinion would be pretty ugly.

This allows you to put tension on the banner and adjust the eye bolts to give even tension across the banner. These hung beautifully with no waves in them at all. Thanks to the Timken Museum in Balboa Park for showing a great banner hanging method!

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Trade Show Backdrop Banner

trade show backdrop

Backdrop Banner

Here’s a trade show backdrop banner we did recently for the Hunger Project. It’s a pretty typical backdrop banner, 9′ wide and 4-1/2′ high and made of our Tri-poplin fabric.

They used S hooks we provided to hang the banner from the pole that comes at the back of the booth. We put grommets every two feet across the top.

They used it at their conference in the US, and then it heads off to Ghana and Ethiopia. Tri-poplin is a great material for world travel, since it doesn’t crease and comes out of your suitcase bright and shiny. You can even wash it if you need to.


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Our Poster at Carnegie Hall

theater poster printing

Carnegie Hall Poster

Here’s a poster we printed on display for an upcoming concert at Carnegie Hall! It is gloss laminated and 40×80 inches in size.

Our process does a great job for things like this. Our new printers use UV inks that give you a poster that won’t fade in the sun. The colors are vibrant and accurate.

Best of all, we ship the next business day, so a file coming in on Monday ships on Tuesday. If you are in a jam, let us know because we can usually ship your poster the same day if we have your file by noon.

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