Retractable Banners as a Trade Show Backdrop

pull up banners

Banner Stand Backdrop

Here’s a great way to do a trade show booth affordably and easily. Our customer SelectHub used three standard banner stands as the backdrop for their trade show booth.

While a full booth costs about $2000, you can do three banner stands for under  $900. With a little careful layout work, you can keep your type from bridging the gaps between the banners, as they did.

It’s also a lot less expensive to ship these around, and they sure are easier to install than a booth.

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Printing on Canvas

canvas prints for stretching

Canvas Painting Reproduction

Our latex printer gives terrific results when printing on canvas. These prints can then be stretched on stretcher bars and hung like a painting.

This canvas print is in my home, courtesy of the family of Paul McCoy, who had great quality slides of some of his paintings from the 1950’s. You have to touch this canvas to realize that it’s not really painted. The brush strokes are that vividly reproduced.

The latex prints on canvas are light stable, they say good for 3-5 years outdoors, so they ought to outlive us when displayed indoors out of direct sunlight.

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Trade Show Backdrop Panels

trade show backdrop panels

Wallboard Vinyl on Panels

Here’s an easy way to do vibrant graphics on a trade show booth backdrop. In this case, our customer Hoo Shoes needed a backdrop they could attach a number of their products to. They used wallboard vinyl applied to 4×8′ panels.

Wallboard vinyl does the trick because it has a “sticky note” adhesive on the back which is easy to remove when the show is over. The colors are vibrant, and the material is a nice matte vinyl that won’t give you trouble with glare.

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Sandwich Signs for the Sidewalk

sandwich sign for sidewalk

Sandwich Sign

A great way for a small business to reach out to passing customers is to use a sidewalk sandwich sign. For $199 you get a double sided sandwich sign like the one pictured.

We print a 24×36″ sintra graphic in full color. It slips into each side of the sandwich sign so that people see it whichever way they are going. The signs are easily changed when you want to update the graphics.

The sign holder itself is a blow-molded rugged plastic that will last for years. There’s a handy holder at the top that allows you to pick it up and bring it back into your shop at the end of the day. It folds flat for easy storage.

We can help with the graphic design too, if you need that. Or, you can send us files ready to print and have your sandwich sign back in a few days.

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Meeting Signs

signs for conferences and meetings

Meeting Signs

It’s that time of year- companies are getting everyone together to talk about what needs to be done in the coming year. We have been very busy making meeting signs.

Since they don’t usually need to last more than a few days, we print meeting signs on foamcore board. It’s cheap and the colors are terrific!

We can produce your meeting signs in a day or two.

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Trade Show Backdrop Banners

trade show banners

Backdrop Banner

We do a lot of banners for trade shows. Our 100″ printer gives us the ability to print full 8′ height and just about as long as you need to go. We print on a matte finish vinyl that gives bright, accurate colors without giving you reflection trouble.

We did this banner along with several others for Tucker Toys for their booth at the NY Toy Show.

In this case, we gave them a 3″ pole pocket for hanging, and black grommets on the bottom to keep them taut. Yes, we have grommets in brass, stainless, and black!

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Bank Posters

lobby posters in a bank

Bank Lobby Poster

You normally think of paper posters when doing your typical 22×28 poster in a bank lobby. We are finding a solution that we like a lot better, though.

Our good customer Meredith Village Savings Bank has us print their lobby posters on 1 mm sintra, which is a foamed PVC sheet .040″ thick. There are a number of reasons we like this material, first of which it stays really flat over an extended period of time. Paper posters tend to get wavy after a while.

Another reason is that the sintra is totally waterproof. So, they use them outdoors in sign holders on the ATM, etc. If things get a little we, no harm done.

Lastly, these lobby posters are rigid, so they go into and come out of sign holders easily.

You’ll find sintra bank posters to be around the same cost as paper posters, but superior in how they look and perform long term. Give it a try!

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