Cloth Banners at a Trade Show

fabric cloth banners

Trade Show Banners

Our customer Incipio wanted to use fabric banners to give a snazzy look to their trade show booth. Instead of velcro applied laminated graphics, they used our tri-poplin fabric. The look is bright and happy, the lines are clean and modern.

Fabric is nice in this application because it has a soft look and doesn’t give you glare trouble in trade show lighting. We are doing a lot of it these days for events and trade shows.

We can print up to 54″ width and 20 ft length. Give us a call if you want to talk about using fabric banners for your next event!

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Fabric Banners for a Conference

Conference Banners for events

Fabric Banners

In this case our customer, Futureview Inc., used fabric banners as a backdrop behind the panelists at their event. Fabric is nice because it gives you nice bright colors but doesn’t return any glare. They hang beautifully and add just that extra bit of zip to your function.

We can print fabric banners up to 58″ wide and just about unlimited length, although 20′ is the practical limit.

Typically we put pole pockets in the top for hanging, and heat seal the edges. Lead time is a few days from receipt of your files. Leave a little extra time if we need to do the design work for your fabric banners, which we are happy to do.


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Bolt Pattern Templates

mylar template for bolt holes

Bolt Pattern Print

This was a new application for me! Our customer needed prints on mylar to be used for locating bolts for a machine on a factory floor.

We printed on a 5 mil mylar, using the machine that we figured would give us the best accuracy, since the print was nearly 15 ft long. Perfect!

We can print on either 36″ or 54 mylar for this purpose. Call us if you have an application. We can print very accurate templates from your Autocad file.

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Digitally Printed Signs

digitally printed aluminum signs

Ski Area Signs

When you want to print a sign from your favorite program, you want a digitally printed sign. Our flatbed printer does the trick. Here is recent work we did for Ragged Mountain Ski Area.

Doing signs digitally means, first of all, that you can design them yourself. Then, they get produced quickly and affordably. They look great, they last, and you have all the colors of the rainbow available.

Next time, try doing your signs this way. You’ll be glad you did!


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Photo Displays

blowups of people pictures

Photo Displays

In this display, our customer shows the pictures of people in their company. It makes the company much more personal!

We printed the displays, and they replace the pictures as people move around. We print the pictures too.

Large format printing really gives you the ability to do some special things around your business, and this is one of them. Call us when you have a project where we might be able to bring our experience to help with what you are trying to do.

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Photos for Memorial Services

Funeral Photo

Memorial Photo

We often print photos that will be displayed at a memorial service. They provide a wonderful way to connect with the loved one, and they make a meaningful impact on those who attend.  This is one of my Dad.

Since funerals happen pretty quickly, we often need to get these done right away. If you upload a digital picture to us, we’ll ship it the next working day. Fedex can have it to you the next day.

Typically, we print on our matte finish paper and mount to foamcore board. That gives you something that won’t give you glare trouble, and you can set it on an easel.

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8 Foot Banners

Large Vinyl Banners

8×12 Foot Banner

When you need a really big vinyl banner, we can help! Our large banner printing machine can print banners up to 8′ in the short dimension and as long as 30′. You’ll find that to be unusual, since most banner printers are 5′ wide, or even smaller.

We’ve invested in large banner printing equipment to be sure we can serve all of your large format printing needs.

We print with an eco-solvent ink that’s good for 3-5 years in sunlight. It gives accurate colors and outstanding photo quality, even up close. We give you the choice of matte or gloss vinyl, and we can give you advice about the right way to hang it up.

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