Pull Up Banner for a Road Race

pull up banner for event

Roll Up Banner

We printed this retractable banner stand recently for the NH Marathon. I thought it was a very attractive example of what we can do. We sure do print a lot of these!

People have a lot of words they use for retractable banner stands: we hear pull up banners, roll up banners, banner stands, and many more. Whatever you want to call it, they are great! You don’t need any fixtures to hold them up, and they assemble in a minute.

We can print the artwork you create, or one of our designers can do the setup. Either way, you’ll have a retractable banner stand that does a good job for you at a fair price!


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Photo Tiles

photo tiles

Photo Enlargement

Here’s a nice set of photo enlargements we did for a display of New Hampshire Music Festival musicians at the Cafe Monte Alto in Plymouth. It celebrates the return of our musicians for a 5 week festival that opened last night.

We cropped the photos to be square, and printed them on 8×8″ pieces of gatorboard. We put 1″ “stickies” on the back for mounting to the wall. They come off without damaging the wall, by the way.

We think this is a pretty cool way to enlarge photos from your phone, by the way. You can download an app from Instiles that does it all for you.


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Retail Space Wall Mural

custom wallpaper in a store

Retail Store Wall Mural

This is an interesting application for custom wallpaper that we did a few weeks ago. Our good customer LoveSac needed a way to explain how their sectional furniture could be configured to their store customers. They designed this custom wallpaper to do that.

People are so visual! I think this is a great way to communicate a complex idea. It also gives store sales personnel something they can point to while explaining what the customer can do with the product.

A lot of our custom wallpaper is beautiful photographs, but I think this is a pretty cool application where it becomes a sales tool. Good stuff!


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Stretched Canvas Prints

stretched 36x48" canvas print

48×36″ Canvas Print

We printed this beautiful photo on canvas a few days ago, and it was so beautiful that I thought is was worth a mention here.

We can print your photo on canvas and put on stretcher bars in five standard sizes, up to 36×48″ size, which is about as large as we can ship without big oversize charges.

When we get over 36×48″, we will ship your photo on canvas rolled up and you can have it stretched locally, or do it yourself. Most framing shops can do this for you, or you can order the stretcher bars online and install with your staple gun. Be warned though, it is a helluva thing to get a really big stretched canvas print into your car!



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Kiosk Trail Signs

kiosk maps and signs

Trail Head Maps and Signs

We printed these signs for a new trail head kiosk at the new Fogg Hill Conservation Area in Center Harbor, NH. Maybe it’s just me, but I find it very helpful to have a map of where I’m going when I start off on a hike.

I also like to take a photo of the trail head map so I have something to reference a few miles later.

One of the recommendations I always make to these organizations is to have “you are here” trail signs posted at trail junctions. You get to a fork in the trail, and wonder which one it is! A trail sign showing you which junction you are at is very helpful.

Let us know when we can print a few trail signs for you!


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Vinyl Banner Welded Hems

hem welder for banners

Welder for Vinyl Banners

We just installed this machine that welds the edges on our vinyl banners. It’s faster than sewing, and looks better too! We especially like the fact that it doesn’t leave a line of stitching in the vinyl banners. We use it to hem our banners before we install grommets, and also to do pole pockets in our vinyl banners.

The machine is made by Miller Weldmaster, a lead in this field. They specialize in helping companies like us to join vinyl banners using heat instead of thread. The seams are thus smoother than what you get with sewing, and stronger too.

We think this new machine is going to give us a better product, and help us keep our costs down. The next time you order a vinyl banner from us, tell us how you like the new hemming method!


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Print and Cut on Sintra®

cutouts of sintra

Printed Sintra Cut to Shape

I saw these Sintra prints at the National Arboretum in Pittsburgh during a recent trip there. In this case they were showing the size and markings of different penguins in their museum displays.

Sintra is a PVC foamed sheet that accepts ink beautifully, can be cut into shape cleanly, and is completely waterproof.  A good idea where penguins are involved! When printed with our UV cured flatbed printers, it is also durable and has a reasonable life in sunlight, usually about 3-5 years. We like it for museum displays.

We also print a lot of museum displays on gatorboard, which is lighter and stiffer than Sintra. It’s our material of choice for all manner of indoor displays.


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