Fabric Trade Show Banners

Trade Show Display

Fabric Trade Show Graphics

We printed these fabric trade show banners for our good customer Atelier Yarns in California. They were printed on our heavy knit fabric, which is appropriate since their business is providing yarn for knitters!

Trade show banners are trending toward fabric these days. They are certainly more elegant than vinyl banners, although our matte vinyl gives a very nice presentation. You should never think about using glossy vinyl in a trade show, since it will give you reflection trouble.

We can print fabric trade show banners up to 60″ width and as long as you need to go.


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Paint Templates Computer CNC Cut

Digital Cut Templates

Computer Cut Painting Templates

Here’s an interesting job done with our CNC router, templates used for spray painting a logo. When you need a single die-cut piece of plastic, this is the way to do it.

These are CNC routed out of 1/8″ Sintra, which is a foamed PVC plastic sheet.

We can also print on the plastic sheet before cutting, which allows you to have CNC cut shapes in a durable plastic.


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Banner Stand Issues

roll up banner with showing pole shadow

Banner Stand with a Pole Shadow

Here’s something you see a lot with banner stands (often called pull up, retractable, or roll up banners). If you get much light behind the banner, you’ll see the shadow of the pole. If you put the banner stand in front of a window this is especially noticeable, in this case it was simply a light fixture behind the banner stand.

The simple solution is to get a banner stand that uses a light blocking film for the banner. We use this on both our standard and premium banner stands.

The light blocking layer is a black layer of material behind the white face on which the image is printed. It make the banner material opaque. Obviously this is a more expensive material, but it can be worth it! You get a banner stand that can be used anywhere.



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Three Panel Really Large Photos

splitting a photo into three

3 Panel Photo

While we can print really large photos, one of the things we face all the time is that you can’t ship things larger than 36×48″ without getting big charges from Fedex. The way around it is shown here: split the photo into 3 smaller panels for shipping.

We find this works quite well to get a really large photo up on the wall, and people find them to be striking. They don’t seem to mind that they are in three pieces, either.

This way, a really large 4×8′ photo breaks into three pieces 32×48″. Fedex and UPS will take them that way, and you get a terrific large format photo with very little fuss. The panels come to you ready to hang on the wall.


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Happy Holidays from MegaPrint Inc.

megaprint team photo

Happy Holidays

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our customers, suppliers and friends for another successful year. Happy Holidays!

We hope you’ll think of us for your large format printing needs in the new year.


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Large Canvas Prints

canvas print on stretcher bars

Stretched Canvas Print

We have recently introduced large canvas prints that come to you installed on stretcher bars. They give a very nice presentation, and come ready to hang on your wall.

These canvas prints are available in five standard sizes:
32×48 and

Our business is really doing large canvas prints, and we don’t do small pieces. You’ll find that most phone cameras take a photo that’s in a 3:4 ratio, which will give you 24×32, 30×40, or 36×48.

We can actually print much larger canvas prints, but they are too big for Fedex to take if we put them on stretcher bars. Better we print the canvas, send it to you rolled up, and you have it stretched locally. Even better, do it yourself! Really large canvas prints are tough to get in your car once you have them stretched.


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Athletic Center Wall Mural

mural of achievements

Athletic Wall Mural

We printed this wall mural for a gym being named for John Widner, a long serving and very successful basketball coach at Arkansas.

I like the idea of using a wall mural for this kind of thing. I think back to the dusty trophy cases where I went to school, and this is so much more exciting!

A wall mural gives you the ability to have very large pictures, for one thing. It gives you the flexibility to put pictures of trophies and award anywhere to want them. Most of all, they can be big!

Give us a call when you want to try doing your sports mural!


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