Pop Up Replacement Panels

pop up booth graphics

Replacement Graphics

Here’s a replacement set of booth graphics we did recently. In this case we made four center panels for this concave booth, and two graphic end caps.

One of the things that’s different about our replacement booth graphics is that we use a hot applied laminate that looks great and will not tunnel if rolled tightly. Many companies use a cold applied laminate that cannot be rolled to less than a 12″ diameter.

As you can see, the replacement graphics we make give a beautiful look, bright colors and the kind of presentation you want to make at your trade show.

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Foamcore Photos Really Big

large photo church

Photo Backdrop

This large photo was printed as 60 pieces 2×2 feet in size and put together at Grace Community Church in Detroit for their Easter Service. I’m just knocked out by how fantastic it looks! The final photo size was 10 feet high and 24 feet wide. We printed it on one of our UV flatbed printers.

The photo is of the old Packard factory, which has fallen into disuse and is a crumbling reminder of Detroit’s past.

We worked with them to be sure their photo would work OK at that size, and talked about how to assemble it to work as a backdrop. We printed and shipped it in two days to get it there in time for Easter!

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Cheap Window Graphics

vinyl window sign

Vinyl Window Graphic

There’s always a question about how to do a window graphic affordably, attractively, and quickly. On a recent trip to Florida I saw this solution used by Publix Supermarkets, and it made me feel good because we had done a similar job a few days before.

The solution is to hang a small vinyl banner in the window using suction cups to hold it. The banner has holes in the top corners, and it hangs from the hooks in the suction cups. The banner is trimmed to size, without a hem or any grommets. This window graphic was about 2×3 feet in size.

The beauty of this is that the people in the store can install it without being trained. Everybody knows how to put a suction cup on a window! That helps it to be an affordable way to do this, and you aren’t waiting around for the installers to arrive, much less paying for their time.

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Doing a Small Trade Show Booth

small trade show booth

Small Show Booth that Worked Great!

We did this trade show banner for Lisa Leary, who does consulting for animal shelters looking to improve quality.

One thing I suggested to her was a small sign on the table that said “ask me about …”. She chose the words “Pawsitive Change” as a play on words for the animal shelter business, and it worked! People saw the sign and asked about it. She got great response, and hopefully some new customers.

We’ve done a lot of trade show graphics for people over the years, something like 50,000 sets of them. We’ve learned a thing or two! Give us a call when you are putting together your next show, and we’ll help you make you show booth more effective.

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Museum Free Standing Display

self standing display

Skyscraper Mount

We printed this museum display for an auto museum nearby. They wanted something durable, attractive, and it had to be free standing. We decided to use the Skyscraper Display, which is basically two aluminum extrusions attached to flat bases.

The print is double sided, on 1/2″ white gatorboard. The gatorboard fits in slots in the vertical posts and is held by several small screws on each side. It makes a great museum display! In this case, they are 4 ft wide and 6 ft tall.

The Skyscraper museum displays come in 6, 7, and 8 ft tall versions. We really like the look, and the prints from our UV curable printers do the job beautifully.


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The Advantages of UV Inkjet Printing

Flatbed printer using UV Cured Inks

UV Inkjet Printer

UV inkjet printing uses ultraviolet light to dry (or cure) ink as it’s being printed, allowing us to print directly onto various substrates. The print carriage incorporates print heads and a UV light(s) that trail the carriage.  The specific light spectrum activates the photo-initiators in the ink instantly curing and adhering it to the material.

This innovative technology is rapidly being adapted in the large format flatbed printing industry precisely because of this ability to instantly dry, which saves time by eliminating secondary processes and other labor cost.

Some of the major benefits of UV printing include:

  • Printing on a Wide Range of Substrates
    • UV inks are able to adhere to almost any type of substrate, including wood, metal, plastic, acrylic, stone, polyester, polycarbonate and other untraditional materials on both rigid and flexible products.
  • Faster Production Speeds
    • This type of ink technology cures almost immediately. That means you’ll have faster drying times, which will result in faster turnaround times with fewer steps.
  • Optimal Color Quality
    • UV inks create vibrant colors that retain consistent, long-lasting quality across various substrates, including dark and transparent products because of the ability to print an opaque white ink.
  • Long-Lasting End Products
    • Ink on the end products can have great abrasion, chemical and environmental resistance ensuring high quality prints that will last.
    • For added longevity over-laminates can also be applied.
  • Environmentally Friendly
    • The chemical makeup of UV inks emit a very low – if any – volume of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) during the printing process. This creates a safer work environment because there will be minimal odor and no harsh chemicals that need to be vented.
  • Less Finishing Work
    • Since UV inks cure instantly, there will be less of a need to mount the final product after waiting for it to dry/gas-out.

Because of these undeniable benefits, large format printers that are equipped with UV ink technology have the potential to add versatility and increased productivity to any production line.

We are using two UV Flatbed Printers here at MegaPrint Inc. to print wallpaper, museum displays, and all manner of printing on flat sheets of gatorboard, Sintra, Coroplast, and foamcore board.

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Photo Enlargement

digital photos enlarged

Corporate Photo Collage

Here’s a group of photos we enlarged for Ciox Health in Georgia. We printed paper enlargements of digital phone pictures on our glossy photo paper, and they installed them in existing acrylic holders.

They had taken the photos at various company events over the last year, and want to show them off when people come into the building. It makes a great presentation, I think!

Digital photo enlargement is the way to go! It’s fast and affordable, and we can print on a number of materials depending on your needs.

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