Adhesive Vinyl Sign

adhesive vinyl on smooth surface

The New Vinyl Sign

Here’s a common problem. Our customer has a sign on a piece of metal, and it’s pretty old and looks pretty bad. He doesn’t have the artwork that created the sign, and 20 years ago it probably wasn’t digital anyway.

But, he’s got a good structure and the metal is in good shape. So he calls to see what we can do to help.

We recreated his logo, and he now has a nice sharp piece of art to use on things like letterhead and the web. We printed on an adhesive backed vinyl with latex inks. The customer applied the new vinyl to the old metal sign, and he’s back in business!

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Historic Photos on Canvas

printed photo on canvas

The Old Man on Canvas

We printed this photo on artist’s canvas to be auctioned off by NH Public Television at their annual auction. It’s a photo from the archives at the NH Historical Society, taken in 1919, of people looking up at the Old Man of the Mountain.

I love the historical photo prints we do, it’s a window into times past. The Old Man prints are especially nostalgic, since he fell in 2003. It was like losing an old friend.

Printing on canvas gives your historic photo the rich texture of canvas, and I’m always pleased how good they look. We stretched this photo onto stretcher bars so it was ready to hang, but usually our canvas prints are too large to ship that way. We roll them up for shipment, and you can either stretch them yourself or have it done by a local framing shop.


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Full Color Outdoor Banners

Outdoor Photo Banner

Outdoor Banner

Here’s a full color outdoor banner we made to announce a musical performance last fall. What’s impressive about it is the quality achieved even with really heavy ink coverage. Our system does nice work!

We do lots of outdoor banners that people use to announce events, from concerts to sports to theater to community happenings. In our town, we have a spot that lots of people pass by on a daily basis, and having an outdoor banner there is a great way to be sure people know about your event.

We can print the banner you design, or do the design for you. Give us a call to get your outdoor banner started!

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Trade Show on the Cheap

Economy trade show booth

Affordable Trade Show Setup

Here’s a set of trade show graphics we produced for the NH Music Festival for a conference they were attending. The whole setup was worth about $300. You can certainly spend a lot more and have a much fancier booth, but if you have a very limited budget, this will work for you.

We printed a 3×8′ banner on matte vinyl to be hung on the back of the booth, and two 36×36 foamcore signs to stand on the table. The trade show graphics told their story, and attracted potential customers to the booth.

When you need trade show graphics on a budget, we can help! Give us a call.


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Tabletop Trade Show Displays

tabletop tradeshow exhibit

Table Top Display

We made this tabletop display for the PSU Center for the Environment. I saw them using it at the Wild and Scenic Film Festival showing in town the other night. It’s a great little display that anyone can fold up, pop in the trunk, and carry into a small trade show.

We see companies produce one of these table top displays for each of their sales people, or perhaps they have several that they share around. They like them because they are durable and affordable. We usually make them with crystal laminated panels that fit into the frame.


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Outdoor Historic Photos

historic photos displayed outside

Photos at the Ball Park

So I spent last weekend at Red Sox Spring Training in Ft Myers FL! I was impressed by these historic photos displayed all around the park.

We print a lot of black and white historic photos, because first of all, they are black and white when they are that old! Many of the ones we see are really fun.

Because they are outside, these photos are printed on DiBond, which is a sandwich of aluminum on the outside and solid plastic in the middle. It’s a common sign making material, and it lasts. We direct print onto it with our UV printers, which give beautiful results. We do this kind of work for nature trails, schools, and museums as well as athletic facilities. Give us a call to print some historic photos for you!

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