Instagram Frames

Photo Instagram Frame

Frame for Instagram Photo

We printed this photo frame recently for an event in Las Vegas. We’ve done a fair number of these Instagram frames in the past few years. They are fun!

The Instagram frames, given their shape, are not terribly strong, so we generally use 1/4″ Sintra to make them. Sintra is a foamed PVC sheet that is pretty strong, and seems to work fine for this.

Next time you are doing a party and putting the photos online, let us make an Instagram frame for you!



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Cutouts.. of Big Checks

cutouts of a big check

Big Check Presentation

We did this big check job for our good customer Sandvik Rock Technology. What’s fun about it is that it’s also a pair of people cutouts. We usually do one or the other, but this is both!

People cutouts are fun, and a great way to have the person there when they have a scheduling conflict. Big checks are a great way to get publicity for your organization.

Normally we fold a person cutout horizontally so that we can keep it within Fedex normal size, but these people cutouts were folded vertically because the big check made them so large. In any event, the event was a big success!

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Museum Wall Mural

museum mural

Wall Size Sketch

Here’s a photo of a museum wall mural I took at the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam. Which is a place you need to go if in that city! It is absolutely wonderful.

They took a scan of one of his letters and made a wall mural out of it. It gives you insight into the man at this time of his life, and also makes something very small into something that a dozen people can look at.

There are a number of beautiful wall murals in the museum that compliment the exhibits. And something like 150 of his paintings. Van Gogh’s life is traced over time with examples of his work showing how he matured as an artist. Very cool.

Oh, and be sure to buy your tickets online a day in advance, you can’t buy them at the museum.


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Construction Site Mural

mural hides construction site

Construction Site Vinyl Banner Mural

This is a photo of a construction site in the town center of Antwerp, Belgium that I took on my vacation. They were doing work on the town hall, and instead of a big ugly building site making a mess during tourist season, they put a large vinyl banner on the first 10 feet of scaffolding.

I thought it was a great way to use a vinyl banner to dress up what would otherwise be a pretty ugly mess.

The vinyl banner also keeps the public away from the construction area, and keeps construction debris from wandering into the street. All in all, a very cool setup!


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Banner Hanging System

bungee cord banner hanging system

Banner Hanging in Brugge

I snapped this photo of an outdoor banner hanging at the Grand Platz in Brussels Belgium a few weeks ago. What is really cool is the way they hang the banner so the wind doesn’t tear it down.

It’s a little hard to see the hanging system in the photo (see the closeup photo), but the outdoor banner has pole pockets top and bottom, and the poles are suspended with bungee cords at all four corners.

This allows the banner to move and shed the wind, keeping the wind load to a minimum on the outdoor banner.

Here’s a closeup of the bungee cord hanging system used in conjunction with pole hardware and a banner finished with pole pockets.

banner hanging system

Bungee Cord System

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Wall Mural in a Performing Arts Hall

custom wall mural

Performing Hall Wall Mural

This wall mural was printed for the Silver Center at Plymouth State, just down the road from us. It graces the entrance lobby to the performing hall, and adds a real nice look to what was a fairly dull gray wall before.

I have to admit, the first time I saw the wall mural was at a performance there, and I didn’t remember seeing a job like this go through the shop. I sheepishly asked if we had printed it, and yes indeed we had.

Which I am grateful for! We appreciate their business, and it’s good when a wall mural can go through the shop successfully without my even knowing it happened!


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Trade Show Display Board

display for trade show booth

Trade Show Display

A2B Tracking asked Megaprint to create this display board for their upcoming trade show in Chicago.
They needed a way to visually display the benefits of their software platform that would be easy for potential customers to digest at a glance but also have enough information to generate interest and inquire further. The sales team also wanted a visual prop to use as talking points for their discussions with customers.

“Megaprint made this project very easy” said Marketing Communications Manager Dave Gardner, “We easily submitted the file online and the turnaround time was super fast and the price was right. I also feel that the Display Board is going to be durable enough to withstand multiple trade shows – which makes it easy to justify the expense.”

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