Map Wallpaper

map printed as wallpaper

Very Large Map

We have an interesting partnership with Point Two Design, a company that has the technology to generate a map of just about anywhere in the world. They can transmit the file to use for the production of wallpaper. The maps are exceptionally high resolution, and a crisp and clear even when printed at very large sizes. The photo is of a 10×4′ map of Fort Pierce Florida on our shop floor.

People have many uses for large wallpaper maps. For instance, employees of a city will benefit from a wall size map that allows them to talk about road closures or construction projects. Fire departments also need to figure out ahead of time how they will get to an emergency when roads are closed.

Not too long ago, we printed a 8×8′ map of the White Mountain National Forest, which they use to plan projects and discuss logistics. They tell us that it works a lot better than crowding around a map on someone’s desk.

Sometimes, having a map of your town is just a great way to show your pride in it!


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Adhesive Vinyl on an Elevator

sticky back vinyl on elevator

Adhesive Vinyl on an Elevator Door

I ran across this interesting use of adhesive backed vinyl on a recent trip to Pittsburgh. Having been in the elevator business in a former life, I thought it was pretty neat.

The hotel had installed printed adhesive back vinyl on the elevator doors to communicate with their customers while they were riding in the elevator. In this case, it was a photo of a dog, which appealed to the dog lover in me!

But, I could see this kind of thing taking off, with people advertising their restaurant or health club using adhesive vinyl on the elevator doors. One other thing to think about is removal, and we have our wallboard vinyl with “sticky note” adhesive which would be easy to remove once the time comes.


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Getting the Look of Frosted Glass

Frosted Glass Look with vinyl

The Look of Frosted Glass

In the old days they created the look of etched or frosted glass by etching glass with acid. No longer! Today there’s an adhesive vinyl product from 3M that gives you an easy to apply frosting for glass. It looks like the real thing, and is a whole lot easier!

They call it Dusted Crystal, and that’s about what it looks like. It’s easily cut with our Summa Cutter, giving the frosted glass look you see in the photo. We can cut letters and shapes, all we need is an .ai file of the cutting path.

We can print on it too, giving you the look of frosted glass with a four color design in it. That gives you the ability to be really creative! Give us a call when you want the look of frosted glass with a minimum of fuss.


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22×28″ Sign Holders

sign holder for 22x28 sign

Chrome Sign Stand

We print a lot of 22×28 signs to go in sign holders like this. Get us artwork and you can have them back in a few days.

Often, people call and ask for foamcore signs for a sign holder like this. The problem is that the slot at the top is about 1/8″ wide, and foamcore is 3/16″.

The solution is to print on 1mm Sintra (.040″) or 3mm Sintra (.120 or roughly 1/8″). Printing directly on these materials gives nice bright prints at a reasonable cost. The Sintra signs are waterproof, rugged, and wipeable, which can be important where small hands are able to touch them.

For the environmentally conscious, we can also print on a 50 point board that is a 100% recycled material and can be recycled with your cardboard.

All of these 22×28 signs can be printed single or double sided. Give us a call for your stanchion sign needs!

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Sticky Back Signs

warning labels for equipment

Adhesive Vinyl Signs

We call them adhesive backed vinyl, but there are lots of other terms that people use. I hear stickers, crack-n-peel, and stick on signs, just to name a few. These vinyl stickers are on our solar array, and they do a great job of warning people about the high voltage involved.

There are plenty of places where you can buy pre-printed vinyl stickers, but what we do is print custom stickers. If you can’t find the one that says what you need it to say, or if you want your logo on it, for instance, give us a call.

We can also help you with the design of your vinyl sticker, and our graphic designers have a lot of experience helping people like you to get just what they need.


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Job Site Banner

Banner on Steel of Job Site

Job Site Banner

We printed this job site banner for our good customer Casadei Steel, who used it to tell people going by on the highway who was doing the steel work on a new building. Sounds like a good way to advertise!

These jobsite banners were 5×15′ in size, so we used our Across the Street banner material, which is extra heavy and has re-enforced corners. Being up in the wind as these banners are, the extra strength material is a good idea.

When you want a banner for a construction job site, we are ready to help! Lead time is a few days, and we can help with the graphic design if you need it.

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Cutouts Other Than People

cardboard cutout of a product

Cutout of a Medical Product

We do a lot of cutouts of people for events, anniversaries, and such. This cutout was for a trade show for our good customer CR Bard, and instead of a person it’s a cutout of their product. They liked it so much they ordered 10 more of them for their US offices!

This is not just a cutout of 1/4″ white Sintra PVC board, either. We printed a photo of the actual item, with all the shading and such to make it look like the real thing. We then cut it on our CNC table.

We’ve done cutouts of cars, cartoon characters, smart phones, even a forklift! If a cutout of your product helps for your next trade show, give us a call!



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