Vinyl Banner as an Economical Sign

banner used as a sign

Vinyl Banner Sign

Here’s a great way to save money when creating a sign for a new store: use a vinyl banner wrapped around plywood!

The vinyl banner is good for 3-5 years in sunlight, which is plenty of time to turn your store profitable enough to buy a 20 year sign! Most signs are a significant cost for a young business, and this will help.

We print the vinyl banner with 4 inches of extra around, which you use to wrap the plywood like a present. We suggest you use some construction adhesive to be sure everything is well stuck to the plywood, and wrap the excess around the back and staple it. I’m really pleased with the presentation this gives!


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Dry Erase Big Check

Large size check reusable

Dry Erase Big Check

This big check is reusable! We printed it with just the logo of the organization and the blank areas of a typical check. We laminated it with glossy laminate, which can be dry erased.

Our customer, the Mayhew Program, fills the big check out with a dry erase marker, takes their photo, and then erases it for the next time.

You can use wet erase markers on our big checks too, in fact we find they work even better than dry erase markers. We also recommend that you consider our plastic edge trim for large checks, since things of this size lend themselves to being whacked on door frames and trunk lids. The plastic edge keeps them from getting chewed up with handling.

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Create a Room at a Trade Show

wall around machinery at a trade show

Trade Show Wall

This is one of the more interesting jobs we’ve done in quite a while. Our customer wanted to hide the ancillary equipment that powered their machine at a trade show. How to best do that?

We had made some museum displays using these aluminum stand up displays, and proposed making a trade show wall with flatbed printed sheets of 1/2″ display board. The whole thing was 24 feet long.

We even hand made an aluminum pole and curtain for each end so they could get inside to retrieve their literature and other trade show necessities. They gave us great art, and it shows!

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Wall Murals in Hotel Rooms

mural in a hotel room

Sunset Mural

We printed over a hundred wall murals for this hotel in Texas, with several different pieces of art. They are making their hotel distinctive by having a striking mural in every room.

The artwork is also used for wall murals in the lobby and restaurant, carrying the decorator’s theme throughout the building.

We are seeing a lot of wall murals being used in this way. Let us make a few for you!


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Pop Up Booth Panels

panels for a pop up booth

Pop Up Booth Graphics

Here’s a trade show booth we made replacement panels for. In this case, the graphics we printed included the end caps.

We print a lot of replacement panels for pop up booths. We charge about half what an “official” booth maker charges, and I think the results are at least as good.

One reason our replacement panels are better is that we use a hot applied laminate, which won’t tunnel when you roll it up too tightly. Looking at this photo, you can appreciate that our product looks fantastic!

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Window Graphics

photo in store window

Window Graphic

We did this store window graphic for a new micro brewery opening in South Carolina. They wanted to cover the window with a graphic of what their brew house looked like, but maybe it didn’t look that good if you just looked in the window! On top of that, they could put their logo there.

They got a lot of compliments on what they call a “Window Mural”, and I guess that is indeed what it is. We printed it on our matte adhesive vinyl, and I have to say, it looks terrific.

Looking to do window graphics for your store? Give us a call and we’ll help you achieve graphics that bring customers through your door.


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Lobby Wall Mural

wall graphic in corporate lobby

Lobby Wall Mural

We printed four wall murals for the lobby at TBS Factoring, and they were kind enough to send us some great photos.

A wall mural is a great way to do branding in your offices! It’s affordable, and can be really dramatic. In this case, they made a mosaic of smaller photos that became their logo.

It’s important that your building tell visitors what you are all about, and a wall mural can really help you do that. We can help you with the design too. Give us a call and we’ll help you get started!

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