Store Signs

store signs

Auto Dealer Poster

We print a monthly batch of posters for the Irwinzone, a local auto dealer. I just bought a new Highlander from them, and snapped this photo of some of our work.

Whether it’s posters, vinyl banners, or permanent signage, we do that!

For posters that change monthly, a paper poster works fine. For things that need to last, we can print on Sintra, which is a PVC sheet that takes ink beautifully.

We also make a lot of retractable banner stands that give you a good sized sign that can be moved around as circumstances require.

Whatever your needs, give us a call and we’ll help you choose the right large format print for your application!


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Covid-19 Sneeze Guard

plexiglass sneeze guard

Clear Sneeze Guard

We just printed a load of Covid-19 sneeze guards for a bank that wanted to protect their employees. We printed their logo on plexiglass and cut them to shape, leaving a slot at the bottom to pass paper back and forth. It was such a good idea that we made this one for our customer service desk. These sneeze guards are self standing, so there’s no worry about installation.

We are seeing these sneeze guards pop up all over town! My guess is that they will become a permanent part of the way business is done.

Printing your logo on these sneeze guards is a great way to do branding! We also do the computer cutting and have the clips and so forth to put them together. They can be installed without calling in a carpenter! Give us a call and we’ll have your logo printed sneeze guards on the way in a day or two.

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Stick On Signs

window lettering

Vinyl Window Signs

With all the changes brought about by Covid 19, we are hearing from a lot of people who never had to produce a sign  before. The good news: it’s easy to do! We have helped hundreds of people just like you.

We cover the waterfront for you. We can print large adhesive backed vinyl stickers, like the ones shown. Often, people like our wallboard vinyl, that uses “sticky-note” adhesive so that they can be moved or taken down without any fuss or residue.

We also do sandwich signs, foamcore backed signs, vinyl banners, just about anything you need. If it’s larger than 11×17, that’s our business. We are operating during this time, as we provide essential services to hospitals and other essential customers. Our normal turnaround time is a day, so you can have your signs quickly.

Our graphic designers can help you with the layout, or you can do it in PowerPoint or just about any design program.



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Building Banners

outdoor vinyl banner

Building Banner

I spotted this vinyl banner in Old Quebec, which with it’s historical building requirements can make signage a challenge. What this museum did was mount the banner between two bars on the face of the building. It looked like a pair of heavy duty towel racks!

It’s important to use vinyl banner material that will stand up to the blowing wind in cold weather. Normal vinyl will shatter like glass at temperatures below zero, a real problem in cold weather locations! We use a banner vinyl that’s good to 20 degrees below zero, part of our heritage of making vinyl banners for the ski areas here in New Hampshire.


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Window Signage

window graphic

Window Sign

This sign in a downtown window is interesting. Rather than just say “Space for Lease”, it tells you a fair amount of information about the space, who to contact, and what they would expect from a tenant. That saves everyone some time.

You could just buy a cheap pre-printed sign. But this custom printed window sign gives the prospective tenant a lot more information, and also allows them to self select if, for instance, they have sketchy finances or are unwilling to sign a lease for a year.

With today’s low pricing of digital printing, you can buy a window sign like this for under $50. If it saves you a few phone calls with unqualified buyers, it’s worth the extra expense.

Give us a call if we can make a window sign for you!


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Hand Washing Sign

hand washing sign

Hand Washing Sign

We are printing a lot of hand washing signs to remind people to wash their hands! It’s important given the corona virus situation.

We give you lots of choices of materials for your hand washing sign. We can do adhesive vinyl that sticks to painted drywall, plastic and foamcore signs to stand on a counter or go in a bathroom, and posters to go into sign holders.

Best of all, we can react to your hand washing sign order very quickly, usually shipping the next day. We can print your artwork, or help you design a hand washing sign that speaks to your particular audience. Give us a call and we’ll get some made for you!


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Giant Wall Mural

large wall mural

Texas Mural

We printed this 30×70′ giant wall mural for a school being built in Texas a few years back. It looks fantastic, and has everything you think of in Texas: horses, longhorn cattle, oil wells, ranches, you name it! It’s Texas size too.

We do giant wall murals this large by printing them in 4′ wide strips with an inch of overlap. The installer then cuts through both layers in the overlap, pulls the excess away from above and below, and brushes it back down. Everything matches perfectly because both layers were cut at the same time.

Don’t let size intimidate you. We can do giant wall murals of just about any size! Give us a call and let’s talk about your project.



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Large Trail Signs

trail sign 24x36

Large Trail Sign

We printed this trail sign for the Green Woodlands area in Dorchester NH. It’s a wonderful area with over 50 kilometers of cross country ski trails. Best of all, it’s free!

I find that it’s really important to have “you are here” markings on trail signs. Having a map is good, but then you come to a junction, exactly which one is it?

These trail signs have the “you are here” markings, and they are 24×36″ size so even us old people can read them without our reading glasses!

We originally printed the trail signs on OmegaBond, a sandwich of aluminum and a plastic core. We recently printed revisions on matte vinyl, which could be dropped on top of the existing signs and were less expensive. Each sign holder has a clear plexiglass face that protects the trail sign.


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Museum Graphics

performing hall display

Historical Graphic

I saw a number of museum graphics like this in Symphony Hall in Boston when I went to a concert there. They are interesting because they marry CNC cut graphics with wooden ends and a bowed shape.

As you wander the hall during intermission (or trying to find the bathroom!) you get a sense of the wonderful history of the BSO through these beautifully produced museum graphics.

From the fancy museum graphics like these to relatively simple rectangular displays, we can give you displays that are beautiful and affordably! Give us a call to get yours on order!


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Roll Up Sign

banner stand sign

Roll Up Political Sign

I saw this Retractable Banner Stand announcing a talk that I attended. They were taking a bit of a chance by putting it outside, but there was little wind and it was sheltered by the building. Normally I would tell you that you shouldn’t use a banner stand such as this one outdoors. Especially on a windy day!

I try to get around to see all of the candidates in the run up to the New Hampshire primary, and I saw most of them this year. It’s fun, and interesting. Many of them used banner stands like this at their events, and for good reason- they are easy to transport and set up, and they don’t require any fixturing at the venue.

We can print and ship a banner stand for you in a day. Give us a call if we can make one for you!


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