Podium Signs

Speaker Sign on a podium

Podium Sign

We printed these attractive podium signs for Plymouth State a few years back.

This podium sign is circular and printed on 1/4″ Sintra PVC board. We also make them as crystal laminated prints that are lighter and more suitable when you are moving them from place to place. The Sintra is great for permanent podium signs like this one.

When you are doing a conference or meeting, think about using one of our podium signs to dress up the event!

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Stackable Coroplast Cubes

coroplast cubes stacking

Stackable Cuge Sign

Here’s a unique job we did recently for our good customer Irwin Motors. They wanted to have cubes with a marketing message on each face, and be able to stack them up four high.

We printed on coroplast, which is essentially plastic cardboard, often called corrugated plastic. The printed sheets were bent using a heater we built that softens a narrow straight line in a plastic so that it can be cleanly bent.

In order to stack the printed coroplast cubes, we gave them pegs of 1/8″ wood dowel that fit snugly into the flutes. That held each piece in place and keeps things from coming tumbling down if someone bumps into it.

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vinyl banner for event

Up Close Banner

This vinyl banner was made for a Dance Academy event. We are very pleased how it looks, and so was our customer.

Vinyl banners can get a bad rap. So many are very cheaply made, and I suppose that doesn’t matter when they are hanging on the fence in center field 300 feet away

But, if people are getting up close to the vinyl banner, you need something a little better than ball field quality. Think about using us! We print on a very nice matte finish vinyl at a photo quality 720 dpi. Our banners look good even close up.

That makes our vinyl banners the right choice for trade show backdrops, retail stores, and events. Give us a call and we’ll get one printed for you!

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Plastic Cardboard Signs

event sign of plastic cardboard

Corrugated Plastic Sign

You see event signs like this all the time, and we print lots of them. The material is called coroplast, although we hear people call it corrugated plastic or even plastic cardboard.

Typically they are 18×24″ in size, and held up with a wire H stake.

These event signs are not for long term outdoor use, but they are fine for most events. We see customers using golf tournament signs year after year, since they are only displayed for a day or two each year.

We consider the life of a coroplast sign to be a maximum of six months, which works just fine for a lot of applications, particularly event signs.

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Parade Banner

banner on an antique car

Banner for a Parade

We made this vinyl banner to go on an antique Chevy in the Ashland 4th of July parade. It was a great way to publicize the New Hampshire Music Festival!

We printed on our matte finish outdoor vinyl, which gives a rich look and nice bright colors. We put a grommet in each corner, and put bungee cords around the back to hold it up. The vinyl banners were on each side of the car.

The other tricky part was not to have any metal in contact with the wood of the vehicle, since it might scratch it. We made the banners long enough to wrap all the way around the posts, plus a couple inches. That worked!

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Photo Enlargement Displays

Photo Enlargements

Photo Blowups in a Library

This is a pretty typical use of photo enlargements, on display in a library in the Bellmore Library in Massachusetts.

In the old days, enlarging a photo to a size like these was cost prohibitive. Not any more! We printed these photo displays at 30×48″ for $132 each.

When you want to dress up a space, think about photo blowups of your products, customers, or company history. They really make an otherwise ordinary space come alive!

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Anime Cutouts

Anime Stand Up at a Conference

Anime Cutout

We printed this life size cutout of an anime for the people at Aniplex. They used them at a trade show, and during talks given at the conference. We thought they were pretty cool!

We do lots of cutouts of people for events, trade shows, and we’ve even done them for the lobby of a Broadway show. But this was the first of an anime for us. Hopefully many more to come.


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