Vinyl Banners for Construction Signs

Vinyl Banner Construction Sign

Vinyl Construction Banner

Here’s an easy way to do a construction sign announcing a new building. Wrap a sheet of plywood with a vinyl banner, and voila, instant sign! What’s also really cool is that you can put a picture of the building on the digitally printed banner.

We’ve done a lot of these over the years, and customers tell us that they really help generate business. People are always curious about what is being built, and knowing that a new restaurant or store will be opening will encourage them to come through the door once it opens.

In this case our friend Alan who runs the Mandarin Taste in Plymouth is building a new restaurant on Tenney Mountain Highway.  25,000 cars a day are driving by his sign, and it sure ought to bring him some customers when he opens this spring.  We wish him well, and encourage everybody to try his Crab Rangoon!

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