Recycling our poster paper

Paper Baler
Paper Baler

Our poster printing generates a fair amount of paper scrap every day, and Alex decided it was time for us to do a better job of recycling.  He built a baler to allow us to bundle our scraps together to bring to the recycling center.  We put out trash cans in which only paper goes, and then make a few bales about the size of a hay bale every week.

Not only does it make us feel good about being green, but it has allowed us to keep the same size dumpster as we have grown. It also means that a lot less material goes into the landfill from us.
We’ve also done a number of other things to be greener-  like carpooling to work, turning the heat down to 65 degrees, and putting inserts in our windows to make another layer of insulation.

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