Vinyl Banners as Signs

Vinyl Banner used as a Sign

Vinyl Banner used as a Sign

If you’ve ever priced a good sized sign, you’ll know how expensive they can be.  That’s because they are made to last, usually for 20 years.

Often, however, you really don’t need it to last for so long.  By using a vinyl banner, you buy something designed to last for 3 years.  With the great digital printing technologies we have, you can still get a very attractive product.  You can tack it up to the side of a building, as was done in the photo, or wrap a sheet of plywood with it. Either way, for a fraction of the cost you get a sign that will last for a few years.

Signs for construction, buildings for sale or rent, and grand openings are all candidates. We have on more than one occasion done a sign for a new restaurant because the permanent sign wasn’t ready yet!

One other big reason to use a banner is that many zoning ordinances permit them on a temporary basis, whereas you need to go through the permitting process to install a sign.

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