Poster sized checks for photo ops

Big Checks for Presentations
Big Checks for Presentations

Ever wonder where they get those big checks? We do a lot of them!

A big check is a great way to get publicity for your company or organization.  When you are making a donation, take a picture and send it to the newspaper along with a press release.  They will usually print it.
Not to mention that they are just fun and they bring the people in your organization together for a charity.
We make big checks in two ways. Either we print a one-time use check, like the one at the right we did for Macy’s, or we print a check with glossy laminate on it and leave the fields blank so you can write on it with a dry erase marker.  The reusable check gives you the opportunity to get a lot of exposure for a small one time cost.
Almost all of the checks we print have a logo on them, and that’s included in the price. You can order your check online and have it back in a few days.
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