Our photos on display in the Smithsonian

On display in the Smithsonian
Smithsonian Display

This job takes me back about 8 years. We did a job for a photo magazine that had a world-wide contest for nature photos. The winning photos were published in the magazine, and displayed for a year in the Smithsonian museum. For several years, we printed the pictures in large format size for the exhibit.

What was really cool was that the people who organized the exhibit got sample prints and prices from several companies, and put them all on a table with the prices hidden below. They picked the print they liked best for quality, and then turned over the prices.  They liked ours best.  We had the best price too!  We got the job.
I like to think we’d still be printing them today except that HP, as a sponsor of the event,  gave them a large format printer and they now print them in house.  I made the introduction, and lost the customer.  I guess no good deed goes unpunished these days!

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