Pop Up Booth Replacement Panels

Replacement Panels for a Pop Up Booth

Pop-Up Booth

When the time comes to replace the graphic panels on your pop-up booth, there is money to be saved.  We can typically do the replacement panels for as much as 40% less than the name brand manufacturer of the booth.

Is there a compromise you must make for that savings? We don’t think so. You get great looking graphics, headers and kickers and edge magnet just like your original panels. We’ll even put the booth together here to be sure everything fits perfectly, and then ship it on to your show.

We use our crystal laminate with a 10 mil backer to give you a nice looking panel that breaks glare and has the weight to hang smoothly. The edges are machine cut to be straight and square.

One actual advantage of our panels is that we use a heat applied laminate that cannot de-laminate or tunnel.  Many manufacturers use cold applied adhesive, and if you roll the panels too tightly, the adhesive will release, ruining the graphics. It is just awful to pull your panels out of the case the night before the show starts, only to find that the graphics have delaminated!  That never happens with our panels.

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