Fundraising Thermometers

Thermometer Poster for fundraising

Fundraising Thermometer Print

Here’s something we do on a regular basis for organizations doing fundraising- a poster of a thermometer to show the progress of the campaign agains the goal. This kind of graphic is usually mounted on foamcore or gatorboard so that it can be stood on an easel during the campaign. The red line advances up the thermometer as giving comes in, and that’s easily done with a magic marker.

We’ve done them for churches, hospitals and theater groups,  just to name a few.  The power of the thermometer in fundraising is that it shows the progress, and prods donors to make their contribution.  The success of measuring and showing the progress of a campaign is well known in fundraising circles.

We have a template for the thermometer, so generating one for your organization is very easy. Give us the words and the goals, and we’ll have one designed for you in a jiffy.

We’ve also done them for outdoors by printing on vinyl.

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