Why is there always the money to do it over?

Vinyl Signs
Campground signs

Here’s a job that struck me as it came through. Nothing special about the job itself, it’s vinyl on styrene that makes a durable sign for a local campground.

What hit me is that we quoted the same job last year as they were getting ready to open for the season, and they thought it was going to be too expensive to do the job this way. So, they printed paper signs. Now they are doing it the right way.
I worked in construction when I was in college, and one of the guys said “we always seem to have the money to do it over, but never the money to do it right.”  I thought it was brilliant philosophy then, and timeless.
I’m a big advocate for doing it right the first time. It’s almost always less expensive, and less hassle, than taking a shortcut.
Sometimes that takes a year!

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