Kiosk Signs for the National Forest Service

Trail Head kiosk signs
Signs for US Forest Service

Here’s an interesting job we are working on with our new flatbed printer. The signs are for kiosks at over 60 trail heads in the White Mountain National Forest.

The signs were created in the USFS GIS system, and saved as pdf’s. We output them directly to 1/8″ sintra, which is a foamed PVC sheet. They will bolt them to the kiosks so that hikers will have a good map of the local terrain.
The advantage of this process is to have a durable sign that is impervious to moisture. Sintra is a well established sign making material, and the UV curable inks will last for many years, especially under the protection of the kiosk. Direct printing is also very cost effective, since it is a one step process.
If you have never been hiking in the White Mountains, we encourage you to give it a try! There are over 2000 trails, many with spectacular views. My personal favorite is mount Avalon, which has the best view for the amount of effort required to get there!

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