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Repositionable Fabric Displays
Repositionable Fabric

We print a lot of custom wallpaper, and it’s great stuff.

Sometimes, though, the customer wants something that can be installed without professional help, and removed without any mess left on the wall. Our repositionable fabric fills the bill!
It’s a nice sturdy fabric with “sticky note” glue on the back. It comes with a release paper like a bumper sticker,  and you put it on the wall like it was a sticky note! It can be removed and re-applied many times, so if you get it up a little crooked, you pull it down and do it again.
It sticks great to drywall, glass, wood, and metal surfaces. In fact, the only surface we haven’t been able to get it to stick to is brick, which is just too uneven.
We print on this material with our UV stable inks, so it won’t fade in sunlight. You can put it up in a sunny corporate lobby with no worries. When the time comes to take it down, you lift a corner and give it  a tug.
About the only limitation is that it should not get wet.  This is really a product for indoor applications.

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