Frame? Who needs a frame?

photo enlargement
Photo Mounted on 1/2″ Gatorboard

It turns out that the frame for a poster size print can cost you more than the print itself. People often ask us what they can do instead of framing the picture we enlarge for them.

The picture at the right is a large format print that has been mounted to 1/2″ thick black gatorboard and matte laminated. It’s a great way to put something striking on the wall at a reasonable cost.
We can also put what’s called a foamcore clip on the back, which jabs into the back of the gatorboard and gives you a ring to hang on a nail. You can also put two of them on the back with picture frame wire in between.
Oh, and if you are not terribly fussy, the big box stores often have inexpensive frames up to 16×20 inch size, and they are pretty affordable.

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