Retractable Banner Stands for a Hotel Lobby

Retractable Banner Stands
Banner Stand

Retractable banner stands are a great addition to the marketing mix for any resort, and we make a lot of them for the hospitality industry here in New Hampshire.

Not only do they give you the ability to pull up a great looking piece of artwork, but you have the flexibility of moving it around and changing out the banner when you want to say something new.  A lot of people get a little antsy about putting nails in the wall too, and the ability of a retractable banner stand to stand up on its own without hooks and nails is a big plus.
We offer a premium banner stand that is rugged makes it easy to replace the artwork. Our economy stand will work fine in less demanding conditions. Either one will look great for a long time. We print on a mylar film that will not curl over time, and we use UV inks so it won’t fade in the sun.
If you have an existing banner stand from almost any manufacturer, we have the ability to print a replacement banner for it, and we’ll gladly install it into the banner stand for you. Most of them work in the same way!

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