Wild Bathroom Wallpaper

Custom Printed Wallpaper
Bathroom with a View!

Here’s one of the most fun wallpaper jobs we’ve done in a while!

The customer wanted to have a distinctive bathroom, and do they ever- it looks like you are in a New York subway station. A mirror on the sink side wall adds to the effect, making the room seem much larger. It was a nice enough piece of wallpaper when it came off the machine, but when we saw a photo of the installation- Wow!
You don’t have to look through books of wallpaper any more. Instead, browse online photo sites for an image that knocks you out, and we’ll turn it into wallpaper for you. Dreamstime  is an excellent site with over 10 million keyword searchable photos of just about anything you could imagine. We can download the photo and add the charges to your bill, just let us know the photo number you want. Usually they cost around $20.
Call us when you want to put some real excitement on your wall!

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Owner of MegaPrint Inc.
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