Installing a banner

Installing a vinyl banner
Banner with bungee cord

Many times the method of displaying a banner can be a larger issue than getting it printed. That’s why you’ll often hear from us “How are you going to hang this up?” Depending on your answer, we might want to make your banner differently.

Here’s an example of a banner with hem and grommet being strung between two poles. There’s a length of chain at the top, and the banner is attached with tie-wraps to it.
Below, there’s a bungee cord that will keep the banner taut, but allow it to move in the wind so as to shed the wind load. We find this is the best way to put up a banner.
Of course, your situation may vary. You are always welcome to call us and we’ll help you figure out how to install the banner, and how to configure the banner to make it easy for you.

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Owner of MegaPrint Inc.
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