Poster Printing of a Double Rainbow Photo

poster printing in New Hampshire
Double Rainbow over Lake Waukewan

I took this photo riding on the foliage train a week ago as we passed from rain to sun along Lake Waukewan. It’s the first double rainbow any of us had ever seen, and it’s the kind of photo that we often enlarge to poster size. In fact, I’m going to blow this photo up to poster size to hang in my office!

You’d be surprised at the great results we can get from a fairly ordinary 3-4 megapixel camera photo. Generally, we want to see 72-100 dpi in the printed size, so a 6 megapixel photo from my Android phone at 1840 x 3264 pixels can do a pretty nice 24 x 42 photo enlargement, and we can usually resample a smaller digital image to give us enough pixels that they are not noticable on the poster we print.
In fact, my older 2 megapixel camera takes a 1200 x 1600 image that I’ve printed a lot of posters with, and they look terrific! You can always send us your file and we’ll let you know if we have any trouble taking it up to the size you want.

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