Very large wallpaper murals

Very large wallpaper printing
Wallpaper for a restaurant ceiling

Here’s a photo of about a quarter of a very large wallpaper mural we just finished. It was 30 x 80 feet in size, and even in a shop as large as ours, we could only get a fourth of it laid out at one time. It was quite a project!

We produced it in 20 strips 4 feet wide and about 30 feet high. Then we put the strips side by side to be sure everything matched up correctly. Thank goodness they did!
As you can see from the picture, this wallpaper mural has brilliant colors. It’s actually going on the ceiling of a restaurant in Cincinatti, and it will be in the shape of a guitar. A fun project to be sure.
Best of all, we produced it in three working days in the shop to meet a tough construction deadline.

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