Banner Stands that Impress

Trade Show Banner Stands
Snazzy Art on a Banner Stand

Every now and then I see something coming off one of our printers that knocks me out! Yesterday it was the art on these banner stands. Our customer is a company that makes horse related products, and they had a piece of art that was a horse made of flames. Wow. I couldn’t imagine where to start to create something like that. It was truly striking!

I always tell people that your trade show graphics need something colorful to attract the eye, and six words or less that will interest your target customer. These banner stands do both, and I bet they’ll be very effective at the trade show our customer is going to.
We print our banner stands using a heavy 11 mil film that has a light blocking layer. It allows us to do something like these banner stands with a rich black background that looks truly rich. We find that the film stays flat for years, while the vinyl that others use will curl at the edges, a problem we call “canoeing.” Our banner stands look great and they last!

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