How to Really Make a Mess at a Trade Show

Trade Show Booth graphics
Booth Graphics

Murphy’s Law was probably first written by someone doing a trade show display.  Here’s our experience in how to really make a mess of your booth:

1. Wait until the day before the show to design the graphics. We can print them fast, but this lends itself to mistakes. Haste makes waste!
2. Ship your booth to the show without opening it up and being sure everything is there from the last time. You’d be amazed.
3. Open the booth up the day it needs to ship, only to discover something didn’t make it back.
4. Hop on the plane without the tracking information for the stuff you are shipping to the show. Don’t verify that it all got there before you get on the plane.
5. Failing to have a box full of velcro, tape, tools, and all the other things you need to put up your booth and make last minute repairs.
6. Have nothing to clean things up with before the show opens. Moistened towelettes are great!
7. Ship your graphics in an already weakened half smashed cardboard box.
8. Forget to order electricity, carpet, furniture, etc. for the booth.
9. Leave the records of what you ordered and already paid for at home.
10. Last but not least, hop on a plane that will get you to the show an hour before it opens. If it’s on time.
We’ve got some great suggestions for first time trade show exhibitors at Trade Show 101. Happy trade show!

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