Vinyl Banners That Shed the Wind

Banner with bungee cord connection

Bungee Cord Installation

When you put a good size vinyl banner outside, especially at this time of year, there are some things to know.

First of all, you usually fix the top of the vinyl banner with a cable or chain, as has been done with this banner. The bottom connection is the trick, however. It has a bungee cord that holds it taut when the wind is not blowing, but allows it to shed the wind when it is blowing. This keeps the forces down and your vinyl banner from blowing down the street.

We can also put wind cuts in the banner that reduces it’s face area to the wind. For all banners like this, we re-enforce the corners with an extra layer of vinyl.

Our last trick, and it’s an important one, is to use a vinyl with a low cold cracking temperature. Normal vinyl banners becomes brittle at -5 fahrenheit. Vinyls with lower cold crack temperatures are available, and we use an extra heavy 16 oz vinyl with a -20 cold crack temperature for our Across the Street Banners.

We even have a vinyl banner material with a -30 cold crack temperature, which we use for the ski areas. It got down to 20 below the night before last, and they need something a little better!

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