Corporate Lobby Wallpaper

Wallpaper for a corporate lobby

Like Being in a Stadium!

When you walk in this company’s lobby, they want it to feel like you just walked into the ballpark. So we printed wallpaper for their lobby that is a photo taken during opening day ceremonies. It’s really striking! 12×28 feet of Opening Day! What a feeling! One thing is for sure, it will stir the blood of a baseball fan walking into that room.

What you are seeing here is the lobby wallpaper laid out before we pack it up, just to be sure everything lines up perfectly. Wallpaper like this doesn’t come in repeating patterns, so we make it in 4 foot wide strips with an inch of overlap. When you get the second piece up, you cut through the overlap and remove the excess, leaving a butt joint that is very hard to see.

We made them promise to send a picture of the custom wallpaper installation, and we can’t wait to see it. Stay tuned!

So OK, I’m a baseball fan and I find this to be exciting. But, if you think about it, whatever gets your blood up can make some pretty exciting corporate lobby wallpaper. Or non-profit, educational, or sports wallpaper. We’ve already done a hockey rink, a few banks, restaurants and bars, stores, golf courses, movie sets, museums, and of course many homes.

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