Flatbed Printing on a Chalkboard

flatbed printing on chalkboard material

Pre-Printed Chalkboard

It seems that every day we see a new application for flat bed printing. This one was a chalk board with branding around. The beer company gives it to the restaurant as a sidewalk sandwich sign with a place to write in the daily specials. What a great idea!

Printed with a UV curable flat bed printer, the branding on the sandwich sign will last for years. It’s waterproof, and will not fade in sunlight. The printing is very durable, and won’t rub off when the sign is erased and rewritten many times.

One of the best things about flatbed printing is that it can be done on almost any surface. We print on typical signmaking materials like coroplast and sintra, but it can be done on almost anything the ink will adhere to. We’ve printed on ceiling tiles, acoustic panels, plexiglass and a number of other materials with excellent results. We’ve even printed great looking graphics on a white painted board.

Only your imagination limits you with applications for flatbed printing!

About Jay Buckley

Owner of MegaPrint Inc.
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