Print a Poster from Photo Directly to Poster Board

sample flatbed print of poster from photo

4×8 Sheet Flatbed Printed Poster from Photo

Have a beautiful photo? Why not create a poster from your photo and print it directly onto poster board for a dramatic affect!

More and more, we find ourselves printing to flat sheets of gatorboard, sintra, coroplast and foamcore. It used to be that we printed on poster size paper and then mounted the poster to the board. Not any more.

Our flatbed printers give the same 720 dpi high resolution output to the board that we were doing on poster paper. It’s a single step process, so it’s less expensive and those savings are passed on to you.

Our printers use UV curable inks which are tougher and more durable than prints on paper. The UV inks are cured by UV-light which allows it to dry quickly and can be applied to all poster from photo printing needs. We find that we often do not need to laminate over gatorboard when it’s UV printed, which is another savings. These poster from photo prints are great for trade shows, museums, and for displaying in your office.

Large poster size photos, like the one pictured, are easier to print on the board instead of trying to line up a huge piece of paper and get it on the board straight. We love our new flatbed printers, and are finding more great ways to use them every day!

For more, see: photo enlargement pricing & ordering information on MegaPrint’s main site.

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Owner of MegaPrint Inc.
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