Custom Wallpaper in an Athletic Center

Wallpaper in a stairway

Athletic Center Wallpaper

This turns out to be a place where we see a lot of custom wallpaper used- in university athletic centers. Why not! It’s a wonderful way to show the excitement of the athletic events to people, even when there’s no event happening at the moment. A prospective student touring the facility gets a feel of the excitement of the athletic program!

The custom wallpaper can be applied to just about any surface in the facility, and turns bland, blank walls into something interesting and exciting. Strut your stuff 24 hours a day!



Banner Stands in a university welcome center

Welcome Center Banner Stands

Our own Plymouth State University uses retractable banner stands in their welcome center in much the same way. The advantage of a banner stand over custom wallpaper is that they can be moved around and the graphics can be easily changed.

The limitation is the size, about 7 feet high maximum. Athletic custom wallpaper can go up to very large sizes, and gets much of it’s excitement from the very large size of the images.

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