Restaurant Wallpaper

restaurant wallpaper

Custom Wallpaper in a Yogurt Shop

When you are planning the wallpaper for a restaurant, there’s a lot of new technology that lets you do some pretty exciting things. In particular, digital printing of restaurant wallpaper allows you to have the exact look and feel you want in your restaurant.

You don’t have to look through rolls of wallpaper and hope to find something you sort of like. You can find a photo or use digital art to produce exactly the restaurant wallpaper you want.

In the photo at the right, our customer used digital art of swirls to give the feeling they wanted in a yogurt shop.

The other fun thing with our restaurant wallpaper is that you can do murals. You are not restricted to 30″ repeating patterns like you are with store bought wallpaper. You can have a picture that takes up the whole wall!

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