CNC Routed Signs

letters cut from sintra

CNC Cut Sintra

The industry tends to call these die cut letters, but they are really cut from sintra sheets with a CNC (Computer Numerical Control) router. We print on the sintra with our flatbed UV curable printer, and then cut the sintra out with the CNC router.

All sorts of possibilities exist for this kind of work! A music venue might put up the show schedule in the shape of a guitar. A ski area might have the tickets prices on the shape of a skier. Whatever you do, they are so much more dramatic than a simple rectangular sign. One of our customers found that CNC custom cut signs in a medical facility were four times as likely to be remembered.

Custom cut signs are just another great way that new computer technology allows us to make memorable signage that is truly more exciting than what could be produced in the past. If you have an application for custom cut signs, give us a call to discuss your job. It’s not that expensive, and the results are dramatic.

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