Installing Custom Wallpaper

custom wallpaper installation

Installing Wallpaper

Doing the installation of custom wallpaper is sort of like any other wallpaper job. Except- we are doing a large image, like the background at the right, and every piece of custom wallpaper is different. So, what you get from us is strips of wallpaper about 4 feet wide, numbered from left to right.

Each strip overlaps the last by an inch. Once you have the second piece up and lined up, you cut though both layers in the overlap, and pull away the excess from above and below. Brush it all back down, and you have a butt joint that’s very hard to see. Since you cut through both layers at the same time, they match perfectly, even if you didn’t cut a very straight line.

Other than that, it goes up like any other strip of wallpaper. When you are done, you have a beautiful mural that gives your space the exact look and feel that you want!

About Jay Buckley

Owner of MegaPrint Inc.
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