Digitally Printed Signs

Building layout sign for fire egress

Fire Exit Floor Plan

Digital printing is just about the only way to make a way-finding building plan sign. We flatbed printed this one on DiBond, which is a sandwich of aluminum and tough plastic. Given that the signs would be in harms way in a middle school, that seemed sensible.

We printed four of these building plan signs, identical except for the “you are here” location. They look terrific, and since they are printed with our UV curable inks, are very durable. If the kids write on them with magic marker or spray paint, they can be cleaned without dissolving the UV ink.

Evidently these had been produced years ago with cut vinyl- man what a tough way to do line drawings!  We had these off our machine in less than an hour for all four pieces, and they were beautiful- and  affordable. They can be done in four color this way too.

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