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affordable banner stand

New Retractable Banner Stand

We have just introduced a new retractable banner stand that is both affordable and attractive. We call it our standard banner stand.

It has an extruded aluminum base that has great eye appeal. It’s sturdy and good looking.

Of course, what you really want is for your customer to look at the graphics, and this one has what you need. The roll up graphic is 35.5″ wide and extends to 83″ tall. We print on an 11 mil poly film that has a light blocking layer

Price is $339 if you buy one, and we can sell them for $299 when you order 10 or more. They are in stock, so lead time is usually a day or two.

Try our new standard retractable banner stand- you’ll love it!

About Jay Buckley

Owner of MegaPrint Inc.
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