Installing Wallpaper Yourself

self installed wallpaper

Wallboard Vinyl

One of the questions we hear a lot- “Can I install this wallpaper myself?”  The answer- it depends.

The picture at the right is wallboard vinyl, and I put it up in our booth at Neocon in a few minutes. You pull back the first 2-3 inches of release paper and fold it back. Then, get the piece lined up, and use push pins or tape to hold it. Once you have it lined up, and that can be tricky, stick the top 2-3″ down. Now, work your way down, pulling the release paper back a foot at a time and smoothing it down. It goes pretty fast.

If you are installing regular wallpaper, it’s a lot like doing it at home. In fact, you are usually doing straight walls, and it goes pretty easily. The most important thing is to get your plumb line done for the first piece so it’s on straight. Start crooked, and you’ll have a tough time!

Wallboard vinyl comes off the wall easily, leaving no residue. That can important if your landlord wants you to leave no trace. Regular wallpaper is pretty easy to remove as well if you use stripable paste, although it will leave some paste on the wall which needs to be sponged off.

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